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About Sweaters

Don’t you love winters? It’s genuinely one of the times when getting cosy and being at home sounds so much better than having to step out. There are countless things that you can do even while being home in the winters. It’s more fun with friends and family.

If you live in a country that experiences a relatively warm and tropical climate throughout most of the year, you’ll be able to understand how soothing the winters feel. It’s the perfect time to get those hot chocolates going, have warm clothing, hot soups and get to bed early. At work, you have your favourite sweaters & hoodies that you grab and then get started. Evening walks become less scarce; however, the thought of stopping at the nearby coffee shop gets you going. It’s a fantastic time to meet up with friends and family as it mostly includes warm and delicious home-cooked meals; plus, with most of the favourite festivities lining up during this time, it’s the best kind of treat. Winter is special and marks the beginning of a brand-new year. 

Different types of sweaters to keep you warm during chilly winters 

Whether you love them or not, we all have at least one sweater in our wardrobe for when the winters come. Be it wearing them to work or while lying at home, it becomes your go-to choice. It also gives you so much comfort when you get back home after a long day of work. It’s useful when you need something comforting. Or you get on the couch for some television time with your family, and it makes it so much better. Well, sweaters today, are way past the stage of being a necessity but are more of a style statement. Yes, it’s not only clothing that you can pick but some fantastic sweater options as well. So, if you’ve not invested in a few cute sweaters, maybe it’s time to do it now. 

The oversized sweater dress  

There’s nothing better than giving the good old cardigan a makeover. By transforming it into an outfit on its own! Yes, you no longer need to look at a sweater as a separate add on to your attire when it can replace one, right? Well, the modern oversized sweater dress is the perfect example of this. The classic style features on ramps and celebs love it! The best way to show off your style while keeping warm – that’s precisely what the sweater dress is all about. If you haven’t given it a try, check with your favourite brand. And they’re sure to have their variation of the oversized sweater dress with them. Give it a try the next time winter comes knocking, and it will surprise you with the fabulous job it does in keeping you looking classy while giving you warmth.

Women’s cardigan sweaters  

If you don’t want to take it overboard, sticking to the basics is not all that a bad idea. However, make sure you try out something new to ensure your wardrobe isn’t dull. A lot of types of classic women’s cardigan sweaters are there in the market, and they look fantastic. Wear them to work or even when you’re headed to meet your friends, and it is a simple, classic choice that you can’t go wrong with. A lot of types of cardigans for men and kids are also available. Always pick something thick and warm, so you don’t have to team it with a muffler, scarf, shawl etc., and the women’s cardigan sweater will be sufficient on its own. A lot of women also procure them in different colours to match their outfits.

Lightweight summer sweaters  

Some countries are blessed to have cold weather throughout the year. This means you get to wear a sweater even when it is “summer.” Without debating whether this is fortunate or not, the beautiful thing is that if you’re fond of cardigans, wearing them when the summers have a slight nip in the air is a perfect feeling. These lightweight summer sweaters have a thinner fabric, so they don’t provide as much warmth as the traditional ones but don’t leave you feeling uncomfortably chilly either. A lot of people are not big sweater fans, too and avoid wearing one until it gets freezing in the winters. For such folks, the summer cardigans make the best choice since they’re slightly thicker than your regular tee and you don’t end up feeling heavy or unformattable while wearing them.

The cable-knit sweater  

Another much-loved choice is the cable-knit sweater. Well, the name is derived from the way cables look, i.e. intertwined with each other. These cardigans have fabric made of similar yarns and are different from a regular sweater. They are widely sold by all leading brands and come in different colours, patterns and styles. Both men and women can use cable-knot cardigans. The unique knit style of this sweater looks fantastic and is the perfect choice for a modern, casual number. Team it with skirts and boots or a nice pair of warm corduroy pants for a house party or while meeting with friends. You don’t need any additional layering with his one as it does an excellent job of helping you keep warm. 

Tips on buying Sweaters

We have been wearing sweaters since childhood; however, with fashion, the humble sweater has seen a transformation over the ages too. Thus, sticking to the basics even today is certainly not recommended. You can do so much with a regular sweater and transform it in unimaginable ways. if you don’t know where to start, the internet can be a wonderful place. Here’s how to pick the best ones the next time you go shopping for them.

  • Dig in a little – Do your bit of research before you head out to buy a sweater the next time. You’ll know what’s new out there and will be better prepared at choosing as compared to style, colours, pricing etc.
  • Try and buy – No matter how much you’ve heard of a particular style or how amazing it looks on somebody else, don’t buy it blindly. Always try it before you decide.
  • A sweater on its own or as an addition – It’s your choice to decide how you like wearing a sweater. Whether you prefer a sweater dress or an oversize sweatshirt is more your style.
  • Team up with the right outfit – Wearing a bad cardigan is not as bad as wearing it with the wrong gear. If you need attention drawn to your oversize sweatshirt, pair it with a simple outfit and vice versa. Everything shouldn’t be “statement-making.”
  • Shoes to add to the look – You can make the best of your cardigan by adding some beautiful boots or shoes to your outfit. Knee-length or even ankle-high boots look fantastic with most sweater outfits.
  • Look for some inspiration – Check on the latest trend and see what your favourite fashion bloggers are wearing. Get some tips and inspiration from them before you head out to shop.

Try to incorporate different styles of sweaters in different outfits, and you’re bound to become a fan of them. Along with being comfortable, they’re pretty versatile in a way and look great too. The only thing that is important here is to make sure that the look works for you. While a sweater is a universal choice, the way you team it up with different bottom wear is where the trick lies. Always weigh your options carefully before investing in one.

Question & Answer

What are men’s fashion sweaters?

Today, like women, men too have a ton of fashion choices. The best thing is that this isn’t just restricted to clothing and shoes but also cardigans, jackets etc. Today, guys can pick from something called designer wear too. The origination of men’s fashion sweaters stemmed from this very aspect. A lot of fashion houses and designers launch a series of amazing sweaters each year. This goes as part of their winter and summer collections. These are termed fashion sweaters and are available for both men and women.

Which are the different kinds of sweaters you can choose from today?

Boleros, cardigans, turtlenecks, fleece and knitted sweaters, hoodies, Norwegian sweaters, ponchos, pullovers, poncho sweaters, sweat jackets and cardigans are some of the different types of sweaters you can choose from. In these, you can also see some fantastic options like the sweater dress and overcoats. Thus, there is no limit to how much you can experiment today with something as humble as the sweater. Gucci, Fendi, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, NIKE, Ralph Lauren, FILA, Polo, GAP and H&M are some fantastic brands.

Can you wear a sweater with leggings?

Yes, a cute sweater looks fantastic with a pair of leggings. Most people love the combination of a simple knit cardigan in a solid shade with printed or textured leggings. Ensure you wear the warm kind of leggings during winters. It is the perfect outfit while travelling or even being at home. You can also sleep in this one when it gets too chilly at night. At times like this, sleeping in a night suit while wearing an extra sweater can be slightly uncomfortable and may often result in breaking out in a sweat.

Which is the best place to buy sweaters online?

Dubai has some of the best choices of stores if you wish to buy cardigans. With so many brands across the country, you can be spoilt at the number of options. But do you know which is the fastest way to make the best of your budget and ensure you get a decent buy? Well, it’s online shopping. Without a doubt, this super Dubai product finder is the thing you need. It will help you filter, sort and access the cheapest website to pick your favourite products. If you’re still not too sure, how about trying these fantastic online stores?