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About Skater's Sweater

Skater’s sweaters used to be 90s street look if you remember. You can look at some old images online, and you will find there is not much difference in modern skater sweaters. It is just that they are now structured to adapt to mainstream fashion. All high-end brands now have skate apparel and accessories in their sports collection. But the twist is sometimes you do not shop sportswear for the actual purpose but as loungewear or when you simply want to wear comfort. Keep your purpose in mind while buying these sweaters online.

Skater’s sweaters are as the name says related to the action sport, skateboarding. The story behind this sport is quite interesting. In short, the sport started out of boredom when surfers were trying to find something interesting to do when waves are flat and are not good for surfing. So, they started sidewalk surfing on concrete that is named skateboarding. The skater’s sweater’s apparel then came out, which was previously only worn by skaters. But they are now common as sportswear as well as activewear; take it as you want.

Difference between activewear and sportswear

Nearly every sportsperson like to wear their sporty comfort wears all day. If not, they just like to wear their tracks. And that’s why the activewear clothing line came into fashion. It is a perfect combination of style and comfort. So, after a rigorous activity at the gym or ground, you can slip on your activewear all day without minding them being socially acceptable or not. As activewear garments adapt to modern lifestyles, their style is perfect for casual outings. You can even count them as loungewear. So, this is pretty much the functional difference between sportswear and activewear. However, there are a lot of differences in the material and the properties you can choose based on your purpose. Thermal properties, fabric weight, sweat absorption are a few features you can think of.

Choose the right skateboard hoodie

You may already understand that you must choose comfort and style in a single product. In that case, you should scrutinise certain factors, and the first is material. You will find differences in the material in various hoodies meant for skating. There are pure cotton skate pullover hoodies to keep you warm and comfortable during the activity. Also, the blend of synthetic fibres and cotton does a good job of releasing moisture. The next thing to look for is the print and patterns on the material. For skater apparel, it is mostly the big logo printed on the front. However, back and sleeve prints also exist, and some more unconventional places like cuffs if you like it that way. Once you decide on material, print, and size, you are almost good to go with the product. We have some skater’s sweaters for sale if you would like to explore.

Skate sweatshirt and accessories

If you do not like hoodies or you already have that style in your closet, you can choose a skater’s sweatshirt, t-shirts, or skate jumpers. Crew sweatshirts are in trend always. You can also choose to have raglan sleeves with the neck style. Besides that, collar style with a small zip is another style to grab. You can also explore skate accessories like caps and shoes, not just sweatshirts. For example, Vans skate shoes can hit the trend for retro sneakers so well. Even some high-end brands have incorporated street-style t-shirts into their seasonal clothing. So, you can also opt for loose fit t-shirts or graphic ones. The most favourite one has to be those comfy cargo skate trousers. And accessories are not just limited to baseball caps. You can also find wallet chains and thick sports socks counted mostly as embellishment.

Figure skater’s sweater knit pattern

Figure skating is a sport of lots of flexibility. And that’s why their apparel is usually thin and body-hugging. If the sportswear does not have these features, the ones wearing them cannot do most of their stunts like a backflip, take bracket turns, butterfly jumps, and lots more. The garments are adorable yet comfortable because that’s what the sport is all about. It has to look ravishing while players show their skills. Many brands understand these needs precisely. You can explore them all under one roof on our shopping platform, You can find dresses in knit patterns in various colours that will suit your personality. Further on this page, you can read tips to buy the best skater’s sweater.

Tips on how to buy Skater's sweater online

You might want to buy a skater sweater as loungewear, sportswear, or activewear. Keep your purpose in mind while shopping for one. And apart from this, there are certain factors you can go through. Although they are common for sweaters & hoodies purchases, you can make an informed decision if you list your preferences well ahead. We leave the design choices for you to choose from, here are some functional points to notice.

  • Manoeuvrability – This is the topmost feature of any skater’s sweater as this is the only reason the product is called as such. While skating, you need to manoeuvre your upper body in order to cut through the air to get the speed and agility. Therefore, the clothes you wear must adhere to your requirements. Even if you are buying this sweater for casual purposes, you will like them if you are fond of baggy styles. They are not baggy, but they got loose sleeves and regular fit otherwise.
  • Size & fit – When we say an appropriate size, it means the garment’s measurements are up to the mark. However, when we say fit, it means to choose from the different options like slim fit, baggy fit, or regular fit. We hope you understand the difference and choose the product scrutinising both these factors accordingly. Sometimes we make a rookie mistake of choosing oversized clothing to be worn as baggy clothing. These are also two different fitting styles.
  • Choose fabric – Fleece black or loopback cotton are two common fabrics for skater’s sweaters. They are easily washed, comfortable, and hard-wearing. There are some high-end brands experimenting with merino wool and cashmere material if you would like to explore more budget options. You see, material, quality, and brand’s reputation are the top factors for a higher price tag of any product. You should focus on them first to get the quality you deserve.
  • Aesthetics factor – Winter garments, especially sweaters, are commonly bought in dark colours to eliminate the factor of washing. And when it comes to sportswear, that is more like a necessity. Grey, navy, black, and khaki are the popular ones that you will find in every skate brand hoodie. You can explore more varieties in colours nowadays. Although solid colours are more popular, you can still find beautiful patterns and styles.

Many of you choose a hoodie to avoid zippers or any sort of open front. Other than being comfortable, these are warm and very snuggly. You can explore style and brand options on our product search engine. A few names you will find on the platform are Nike, Adidas, Vans, H&M, Zara, and Versace. Check out more upon your visit!

Question & Answer

Do you think a skater sweater is appropriate for work?

Skater sweaters & hoodies are streetwear styles that you can wear casually. And mixing up streetwear and office wear is not appropriate. Our straight answer to the question is just No. You should not wear skate sweaters to your workplace unless it is a casual Friday or any occasion where you think it will fit. Apart from sweaters, skater trousers are somehow selected by workers as they are comfortable and look workplace appropriate. Other apparels like caps and t-shirts with big quotes are not worthy of your workstation.

What are skater’s sweaters?

Skater’s sweaters are the perfect sportswear for skateboarding. They offer manoeuvrability, which is the ultimate factor required for skateboarding. Not just sweaters, you can also explore skater sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, caps, and shoes. Also, the clothing line of skateboarding sports blends perfectly well otherwise. You can wear them on casual outings or as activewear as well. You must explore and buy any product by keeping your purpose in mind whether it is to find products for playing or for idling around.

Why wear a skater’s sweater?

Although skater’s sweaters work perfectly when skateboarding, you can wear them around any casual time. If you like shopping for activewear or athleisure, you can consider skater’s sweaters as one. Top of all, their style is unique and come with various neck and sleeve options. You can choose a unique style that is missing in your closet. You will be amazed by the products list, especially if you love street style, baggy clothing, or just comfort wear in general.

What to wear with a skater sweater?

Skate pullover hoodies have always been a skate staple, but you can try mixing the pieces for balanced aesthetics. You can throw a hoodie on with smart cropped trousers and sneakers for a casual day out. Remember your outfit can help you blend in and not look out of the place. So, choose your outfit according to the place and theme. You can experiment with the shoes because they have been synonymous with the sport ever since. Well, slip-on shoes can make the day more relaxing than laces. Coming to the t-shirts, some of you like big logos and some are just happy with plain solid colours, so we leave this choice up to you.