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Womens Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater  Burgundy
Womens Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater Burgundy
womens long sleeve pullover sweater burgundy

About Pullovers

Pullovers can be the middle or top layer of your outfit in the winter season. You can wear them anywhere, but the sophistication of the place decides the fabric, fit, design, style, and colour scheming of your outfit. We suggest looking at these factors and some more while buying the winter wardrobe. Your consideration will make the clothing more versatile, and you appear with a style statement of your own.

Let's break down the terminology of winter garments. Most of the products are called sweaters in the general sense. However, something with open front is a cardigan and closed front is a pullover. But both of these products have sleeves because if they have not, you should call them sweater vests. On this page, we are talking about pullovers and their versatility considering different places. We will also list down brands and online shop every now and then for you to grab the best pullover sweaters.

Necks and sleeves of wool pullovers

By looking at different variants, you can differentiate them through necks and sleeves. V-neck, Crew neck, and turtleneck are some popular styles. You can easily make them work with denim, skirts, trousers, palazzo, or any other bottom you would like. Talking of sleeves, it can be a raglan sleeve or set-in sleeve. Considering both, raglan is a bit casual because it has got fewer seams and stitches. Despite neck and sleeves, patterns and colours also come under appearance. However, these can be your personal choice, depending on the place and purpose. We think this information would help in buying pullover sweater online in Dubai, but there is more to know. So, read on.

Spot the tiny details of a wool pullover

There are some tiny details which you often neglect—for instance, waist shape, shoulder-length, and hem. However, you need to see whom you are purchasing for because pullover for men might need less of detailing. To be frank, they are good to go by just checking the perfect neck and arms. Coming to the ladies, you all need to decide if you want to define your waist or not. If yes, go for waist shaping, A-line, or empire waist. Now, shoulder-length must be long enough to hide the underneath layer or enough to show the collars. And you again have an option for hem styling. These include ribbed hem, garter hem, folded, or split hem. You can watch most of these styles at Tryano shop. We suggest glancing all of them at our retail search engine.

Short versus long pullover sweater

First of all, you should not determine the length of your sweater by saying short or long. There are four different lengths that exist, and the first one are the tunics. These ends mid-thigh but can also end anywhere past the hips to the knees. These are those long pullovers sweaters for leggings. Then, you have mid-hip that ends in the middle of the hip or just below it and high hip that ends at the top of the hip. We also have cropped lengths half-serving the purpose of a sweater. Not just the overall length, you should also check out sleeves length as they can also make or break our appearance. We would love you for exploring our collection of pullovers for sale. You will be amazed to see the price filters and diversity of products.

Cleaning the wool pullovers

The best thing about quality winter garments is that they don't need cleaning. If you are stowing them neatly after use and rotating them properly, there is actually no need of cleaning. Just once after you take them out of storage and one right before when they go back to storage till next winter. You can also follow the instructions written on the care tag about whether you should dry clean or hand clean. If it is hand clean, make sure your use cold water and dry them out naturally. And because women's pullover sweatshirt sometimes adorned with lots of accessories, you need to take special care of those by using mild detergent only. Well, that actually goes for all the winter garments. You can now go ahead and read out the tips to further narrow down your pullover purchase.

Tips on how to buy Pullovers online

Thumb rule while shopping for any clothing item is that you need to balance your focus on functions and looks. Functions consist of fabric, fit, & care, whereas looks consist of design, style, brand, & lots of other factors that you may or may not want to include. We think the first thing you should notice is fabric followed by fitting, looks, and maintenance. Thereby, we have compiled different kinds of fabric to give you a good start for the best pullover's shopping.
  • Sheep wool pullovers - Merino, Shetland, and Lambswool, are the most common. They have different degrees of smoothness out of which merino wool is the softest, and it is thin too. And the sweater that your mother made at home in your childhood was Shetland. It is the same order of expensive to affordable as we have mentioned them.
  • Cashmere fabric - These pullovers come from goat and are one luxurious item. That means you have to pay a hefty amount for the purchase. They are also divided into grades based on the fine quality. Grade A is thinner going as low as 14 microns width per hair, whereas grade B is intermediate with 18-19 microns width per hair. And the construction includes perfect insulation properties, and durability as well. Overall, you get what you pay.
  • Cotton material - Another durable, lightweight, and a trendy material good for to ward off the late-night chill. You will be bone cold if worn in chilly weather. This could be the most-loved material for casual dressing. But if you wear it appropriately, they can be multi-functional too.
  • Silk sweaters- Not 100percent silk, but you will find blends that look spectacular. 50% cashmere 50% silk and 50% cotton 50% silk are some common blends you will find online. If you want to flaunt something lowkey, this is what you want. Silk blends are classy, subtle, and out of the box.
  • Fabric blends - You can actually work on your affordable budget by seeking blended products. There are fabrics that put together high-end materials like cashmere, silk, and wool to produce a more refined product. On the other hand, combining low-end fabrics like cotton and linen will product rougher, lighter, and durable product.
Well, your half work is done when you know what fabric you should go for. Choose the fabric, think of the place you want to wear it, and contemplate the design accordingly. Well, is an excellent platform to start exploring the perfect kind of pullovers or even sweaters & hoodies that suits your personality. We would like to suggest some brands to go with: Nike, Chanel, Loft, GAP, Lacoste, Tchibo, Kenzo, and Jachs NY. You will find more on the platform though.

Question & Answer

How to style pullovers? One of the best looks that we think is spectacular is by showing off the tails and sleeves of your button-down. You can make the outfit two colour or three colours depending on the place you are going to. You can even replace your jacket with an oversized pullover. Likewise, the versatility of a pullover can let you pair it with your skirt, trousers, hot pants, or even a palazzo. There is almost no outfit where a pullover won't fit. So, a single pullover can create multiple outfits look adorable. When to wear pullovers? As a secondary layer, pullovers can be removed when indoors and put back on when you feel cold. Thus, this versatility has made pullovers casuals and smart casuals both. You can wear them almost everywhere, including your IT workplace, but the style of knitwear worn should match the sophistication of the place. For that matter, you can have different neck styles, colours, and knitwear materials. However, formal attire may not accept pullover because it is heavier as a middle layer. Other than formal wear, we think you can carry a pullover conveniently. What are pullovers clothing? Basically, pullovers are those garments pullover over your head to be worn rather than buttoned, zipped, or otherwise worn. The different styles you see primarily change the neck area or sometimes sleeves design too. It is also known by other names, such as a jumper, sweater, and jersey, and comes under the category of knitwear. Out of the three, the term sweater refers directly to a pullover, and it is sometimes used in a general sense for a variety of other knitwears. Are pullovers appropriate for work? Pullovers are only appropriate for work when you wear the right style. First and foremost thing you need to understand about office aesthetics is that you need to wear your size only. Not the oversized and definitely not undersized. The colour of your sweater can be bright or subtle as you like, but make sure that is a solid colour or max two colours. The patchwork or embroidery or quotes do not work well in the office environment. Overall, pick the subtle pullover having thin material, and these would be the best fit for work. No matter you want your pullover to be versatile or not, you should make up space for some in your wardrobe. You can start your shopping with online shops like Brands for Less, Ounass, Bloomingdales, Nisnass, Newchic, where you can find different brands in one place. Else you can also be brand-specific and filter them as per your needs. Some of the brands that we would like to suggest are New Balance, Pepe Jeans, Puma, Asics, Ultra Flirt, Bebe, and Alpine Stars. We have tried to include brands of variable price range and collection hoping that you will find what you want. You can also filter the brands, price, colour, and gender once you are on exploring the products.