About Ponchos

Ponchos are one of the top picked apparel during the winter season. It is snuggly, comforting, warm, and top of all, a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Whether you adore patterns in your winter clothing or solid colours, this top layer is made to flaunt in every possible design. Even if you think ponchos do not suit you well, take a look again. It is sure enough that you will find something of your liking.

Every other style we see today has its traces in history, and so does ponchos. They have been traditional clothing for both men and women in various parts of the world, such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil. However, many believe that this style was first seen on the grounds of native America, which is now the region of Bolivia and Peru. Besides, they had served their purpose in the American civil war too. Soldiers, at that time, utilised the customised version of ponchos as raincoats and groundsheets. The basic structure of this garment still remains the same. Bell-shaped apparel with an opening in the middle to put your head is how you can explain a basic poncho style. To this day, there exist many upscaled variations, but gender-wise, women are fond of this garment more than men.

Present-day ponchos

Till this day and age, demands from customers have altered ponchos in many stylish ways. And some products look like a blend of shirt and poncho. For instance, ponchos with sleeves or an open front. You can check out Fendi’s online shops for that. These are also blended with a wrap top. You can find such clothing in Zara. Stylish products with tassels hanging at the trimmed edges are as amusing as it sounds. Well, ever since customisation and personalisation have started, style accumulation is a legit thing. And that is what present-day trends are all about. You can find many such variations listed in popular brands. With all these brands being available on our platform, you can rest assured of finding your style statement under one roof. 

Disposable poncho

Disposable ponchos are most commonly known as rain ponchos or raincoats. A basic design is one size fits all, so you do not have to worry about choosing the right size. A basic rain poncho may or may not have arms, hoods, closures, and pockets. The traditional design does not have arms, but you can opt for that. Also, drawstrings hoods in raincoats are must-haves as they can fit snugly and fit every head size, something that you want in the rainy season. Closures in the raincoats are mostly snap buttons, which eventually make the garment more protective. Pockets can be stylish add-ons or a water-proof space to hold your gadgets or wallet. You can check one of the premium brands North Face to explore all the features we mentioned. You will find more variants upon your visit.

Women’s ponchos and capes

Now you may see many other products that look like ponchos and capes are one. These are open front stylish all-season garments. In short, this clothing product is multi-functional. Be that you want to dazzle at a party or want to look subtle in a casual luncheon, capes can suit every look. On the other hand, women ponchos are winter outfits with different neck styles. This is the basic difference between these two similar styles but different purposes product. You can even explore the blend of these two products online such as winter capes for party wear. Check out the Burberry capes and ponchos collection for that. You will find cashmere, wool, and silk material coupled with geometrical patterns that can beautify your overall appearance.

Ponchos and wraps

Wraps are another all-season clothing product, whose style is very much different from ponchos. Wraps consist of two triangular segments overlapping each other with a strap closure. And when you blend wraps and ponchos, you get a V-neck poncho with a strap or drawstring enclosure over the garment. A small sleeve compartment at the wrist-end is optional. You can replace your cardigan, scarf, or overcoat with this poncho based on what size, material, and length of the poncho you own. Apart from that, you can be creative and come up with outfit ideas. Get on our retail search engine to create those ideas into reality as we enlist multiple brands and shops under one roof. 

Poncho versus Ruana

You already know what a poncho is. Now, a ruana is another version of a poncho-like winter outfit. But the difference is the open front or slit in the front in many products. Also, a ruana is more heavy and warm than a poncho. If you are buying for a freezing temperature, you should probably go for ruanas over ponchos. You can think of them as similar to your thick and warm sweaters & hoodies that you specially buy and store for cold days. Plus, ruanas are more stylish with multiple variants laced with dazzling features. Fur necks, asymmetrical lengths, various patterns, and colours – you will find all options. Brands like Ralph Lauren and Debenhams are a few names to explore. Find more on

Tips on how to buy Ponchos online

If you choose to buy a clothing item, you need to keep in mind the whole outfit that will go with it. Ponchos is a perfect layer of style in winters and probably for all seasons. It is so versatile that you can even style it as a dress or as a top. Most of the influencers we see online are experimenting with ponchos. If you too want to make your style statement, we suggest looking at the detailing and accessorising the whole outfit. A few specifications to note down have been compiled here for you.

  • Sleeves or not – There are three designs you will get here. The one is the traditional one that is without sleeves. There is not even a single stitch between your arms and waist. Then, the second one is the split sleeves. These are the one that has stitches only in the upper portion between your arm and waist. And then there are fully constructed sleeves. But still, they have poncho-style overall. You can choose any based on the outfit you plan to wear with it.
  • Select the length – Knee-length, ankle-length, waist-length, or cropped? Knee-length and ankle-length are more of a dress to be worn alone or with leggings. Waist-length and cropped also looks perfect when you wear a one-colour outfit underneath the poncho. You can also create a monochrome look or sheer look with these styles. There are multiple outfit ideas you can create with any length of your choice. You can either filter the length you want to buy or you can explore all lengths and then decide which one you want to add to your shopping cart.
  • Choose neck style – Neck style in winter matters because you may be wearing layers underneath. If your underlayer peeks out from the neck hole, it may look odd, especially if you haven’t colour-coded your outfit. In that case, consider neck style as an accessory and then shop for it. You will make the right decision then. You probably know which neck design suits you the most. You have options to go for high-neck, turtle-neck, funnel-neck or simple round or V-neck. All in all, do not forget to notice the neck style and its size.
  • Closure or not – Traditionally ponchos only have a neck hole to be pulled over without buttons, zips, drawstrings or any other closure. There may be buttons that are stylish add-ons, not with the purpose. However, you may opt for a modern outlook with an open front and closures. For example, drawstrings are one fancy item with big tufts in the end. You can go for snaps to get a formal look or regular buttons would serve the purpose as well.
  • Asymmetrical or straight – Remember your purpose when choosing the length and symmetry of the clothing product. You may want to have a clean and subtle look for office wear and casual luncheons. Asymmetrical lengths give off casual vibes, but let’s not tag them like that because a lot depends on the overall style and material. That’s why we said keep your purpose in mind before choosing the style.

We think these specifications will make buying a poncho online in Dubai simple and convenient. The selection of colours, patterns, or embroideries is upon you and your preferences. We would like to mention some brands for you to give you a good start. You can check out Zara, Louis Vuitton, Debenhams, Ralph Lauren, Asos, Adidas, and North Face. Just hop on and you will see these brands right in front of you.

Question & Answer

Are ponchos out of style?

There is no chance a poncho can go out of style with such versatility. We suggest you look at the brands like Fendi, Burberry, Zara and you can see some wholesome designs. You can explore ponchos to replace your dresses, blouses, overcoats, cardigans and typically every outer winter layer. Traditional ponchos have always served as that bulky layer during winters. They can still be a prominent addition to your closet if you opt to adapt them well in your outfits. Even though style, design, and patterns change over time, ponchos come up with customisation as per demands. So, there is no way you will see poncho out of the fashion fraternity.

Are ponchos business casual?

Ponchos can be business casuals but you have to be careful while choosing the right material and design. So, the answer is a positive yes, ponchos style collections cover the business closet too. For instance, you can layer a cropped poncho of solid colour with your formal undershirt and bottom. Some of the styles can even replace your blazers by having shoulder pads but split sleeves. This style has become very prominent as business casuals. If you are looking for exactly what we just described, go explore Fendi’s and you will find many products like these. Or, you can find other styles and brands as well. Business casuals carry a subtle approach and that’s what you should aim for.

Can you wear ponchos in summer?

Ponchos are usually winter clothing, but capes are another variant available in cotton and linen materials. So, yes you can wear a poncho-style no matter what season it is. There are ponchos with wraps as well to create a style statement. It is a stylish ready-to-wear garment for the party, casual evenings, and casual summer days. Other summer variants are serape, chamanto or African tradition of wearing a dashiki. Some more include an open front poncho worn as a shrug, bolero, and even scarves wrapped that way. You have multiple style options for all seasons. All you can do is explore just enough. Our shopping platform can serve you well here.

What are rain ponchos made from?

Earlier raincoats were made of muslin with latex because that makes waterproof clothing. Now, they are made up of polyurethane, which is one upscaled version. Some are also made up of water-resilient polypropylene, which is light and breathable. A rain poncho of high-density polyester fabric has a 3000mm waterproof index making it an excellent waterproof system. Poncho made up of paratex dry material is another product specially invented for hiking purposes. Therefore, you can choose different materials based on your purpose. However, look-wise the ponchos may be all alike. Keep your purpose and weather conditions in mind before buying a rain poncho so the product will be durable.