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The best way to experience the pureness of Norwegian nature is to wrap yourself in Norwegian wool, and what better way to achieve that than wearing Norwegian sweaters. Now, if a country like Norway has traditional sweaters & hoodies , that thing must be very cosy and warm. The Norwegian wool sweaters or the “Lusekofte” are that and more – they are durable and beautiful.

These Norwegian style sweaters also are known as the “Setesdal sweaters”. This is because these pieces of awesome clothing originated in the Setesdal Valley in southern Norway sometime in the 19th century. This was also when knitting became popular in the country. The term “Lusekofte” literally translates to “flea sweater”, as one of the motifs used throughout the garment is bug like dots. However, the original sweater features a black and white design, the name referring to the isolated black stitches. Sometimes, they also come with a selbrose design. Apart from these, these Norwegian sweaters also feature bands of geometrical designs and stars. Usually, only two colours – white and black, are used on these sweaters.

Keep yourself warm and cosy with these types of Norwegian sweaters

What makes these Norwegian sweaters unique and lovable from other sweaters are the unusual, embroidered cuffs and necklines. The neckline usually has metal clasps to close them shut. Also, the sweaters come in wool that breathes and keeps off moisture. Besides, it isolates and regulates temperature and self-cleans too. After the inception of these Lusekofte in the 1920s, they became prevalent. Today, you can find them in several patterns and colours, in addition to the traditional sweaters. These days, you can find the Lusekofte as pullovers, cardigans, jumpers and more such Norwegian sweater patterns. A few of them that are worth owning this winter are listed below.

Norwegian ski sweaters

As a skier or an outdoor enthusiast, you tend always to admire the wool that a sweater is made of. Well, the Norwegian sweaters are undoubtedly worthy of praise. Norwegians have knit for centuries. That’s because they needed a practical yet stylish solution to keep them warm for the Norwegian climatic conditions. Coincidentally, it so happens that few popular apparel companies started their offices in similar climatic conditions around the world. The sweaters produced are cosy and warm inside even when it is damp and cold outside. They are naturally sweat-wicking and somehow do not absorb odours. Now, this means that you can wear your ski sweaters throughout the activity day after day and do not stink. These Norwegian sweaters are made of wool – super soft merino wool that is incredibly versatile.

Norwegian cardigan sweaters

Generally, a cardigan is a 3-season piece of clothing. However, there are thicker varieties, such as sweaters, that can readily replace a coat on chilly days. There are several types of cardigans, and these Norwegians sweater style cardigans are the best to get through the cold fall season. These cardigans come with soft knit that allows great flexibility. They are an insulating layer that you can wear over a long-sleeve shirt or under sports jackets and coats. These types of sweaters generally come with a front button-up, which makes it easy for you to put them on and off on chilly mornings and night and take it off in the heat of the day. The thickness of Norwegian wool is highly crucial when it comes to traditional Norwegian wool cardigans. They keep you toasty warm and chic trendy both at the same time.

Knitted Norwegian sweaters

Knitted sweaters are the best because they are incredibly comfortable to wear, and it is no different for Norwegian sweaters. The knitted Norwegian sweaters have a soft texture and excellent breathability. They can stretch according to your body type. Besides, it can keep you warm and cosy in the coldest of cold climates. Also, they come with a higher tear strength. This makes them highly durable. But the best part about these Lusekofte is their knitted patterns. The “lice” pattern sweater from the Setesdal in Norway has one of the most knitted and varied sweater designs. From geometric snowdrops, Selby roses and bold, natural colours, there are several types and styles.

Plus-size Norwegian sweaters

The oversized sweaters are cute and cosy. The baggier they are, the better they look. Of course, everybody wants to stay warm in those shivering winters. But nobody wants to feel all cramped up. The loose structure of these types of Norwegian sweaters gives you more room for movement. This structure also keeps you fresh and cool even when you are all toasty and warm. Moreover, they make you look stylish rather than making you look droopy or duvet. However, remember that these plus-size sweaters tend to make you look larger than you are. Therefore, always try to pair them with form-fitting bottoms. This way, you can balance your overall look and look trendy effortlessly.

Tips on how to buy Norwegian Sweaters

“There isn’t bad weather; there are only bad clothes”. This is a well-known Norwegian quote, and this especially stands true for tourists who visit Norway. It is important to invest in good quality clothes that protect you from the cold and let you emanate a cosy sense of style. The Norwegian sweaters are one of a kind and emit beauty, style, durability and functionality correctly. However, there are a few factors when you need to consider when you buy Norwegian sweaters online in Dubai. We’ve enlisted them for you. Read on!

  • Know your requirements well – A sweater is an essential item for your winter wardrobe. Indeed, the Norwegian sweater is even more important if it comes to frigid winters. However, before buying them, understand your requirements. Do you need them to be heavy? Or do you want stylish prints? Know your style and preference to buy the one that best suits you.
  • Check out various styles – There are several styles of Norwegian sweaters, From traditional to the one decorated with snow crystals; many offer a style statement. However, before you purchase one, remember to consider the occasion you are wearing them for. For example, do not go for the ones that are highly embellished if you are attending a formal event. Instead, you could get yourself a traditional one.
  • Assess the material – Indeed, the Norwegian sweaters come in world-class wool lustre. They are indestructible and unusually lustrous. The thickness of the wool works well for harsh winters, which is why, while buying them, always assessing the wool quality is essential. This will help you buy one that is of good quality wool and offers you the desired warmth.
  • Pair them wisely for maximum comfort – There are many styles and types of Norwegian sweaters. Therefore, you must ensure to buy the one that matches your existing wardrobe. For example, if you are purchasing an oversized one, ensure that you have a skinny bottom to pair with the sweater to create a balanced overall look.
  • Define the size – Size is the key to offering you comfort. Since you can use these Norwegian sweaters both as an undergarment and the ones that you can wear outside, always pick the one that best fits you. Do not purchase the one that is too baggy for you; neither pick the one that is too form-fitting. Always analyse your body type first to get the right fit.

Undoubtedly, the world of Norwegian sweaters is both huge and surprising. Why? Because there is a plethora of them in fashion. From various patterns, styles and cuts to knit patterns and colours, they are all over the place and are durable, stylish and chic all at the same time. Extracted from nature as the main inspiration, the designs on these sweaters are unique, vibrant and colourful. Indeed, they are one piece of clothing that every one of you must own in your winter closet.

Question & Answer

What are Norwegian sweaters called?

Norwegian sweaters or Lusekofte are also known as “Setesdal Sweaters”. This is because they originated in the valleys of Setesdal in southern Norway. Initially, only natural colours were used for these sweaters until the first two coloured models were knitted in the 1920s. They’re namely two evergreen classics – Setesdal and Fana. Later, in 1953, a pattern inspired by the Setesdal charmed the entire world – the Marious pattern.

Why are Norwegian sweaters so expensive?

Originally designed to wear for skiing and while fishing in North Atlantic, the Norwegian sweaters are one of a kind. They are very heavy and woven to last a lifetime by offering you immense comfort and warmth as desired. Well, this indeed makes it quite clear as to why these Norwegian sweaters are so expensive. However, with such unique features and smart winter-friendly functionalities, there is no loss in spending a few bucks to own one. Moreover, the way they are designed makes them highly durable and have a longer lifespan.

How to knit Norwegian sweaters?

Knitting yourself a sweater is fun. It becomes more enjoyable when you are knitting a Norwegian sweater. The knitting pattern of the Norwegian sweaters conjures images of cosy nights by the fireside. The traditional Norwegian knitting methods and patterns use stranded knitting. It creates two-colour designs with floating strands that help add an extra layer of warmth. Today, the knitters combine traditional designs with modern ones to create accessories and garments that pay tribute to Norway.

Are Norwegian sweaters appropriate for work?

Do your sweater-centric apparel not extend beyond those boots and skinny jeans? Well, then you aren’t putting an effort to use that cosy topper to the fullest potential. A Norwegian sweater makes significant formal wear, provided you style them smartly. Try pairing them with the right bottoms and avoid colours that are too flashy to wear for formal events. Instead, you can pick neutrals with an apt bottom. So, now you know the versatility of Norwegian sweaters. It is now time to get one for real. If you are wondering where to buy Norwegian sweaters and searching every nook and corner, then your search ends at the best product search engine . It features some of the best Norwegian sweaters online from brands such as Gucci, Dale of Norway, and more.

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