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Womens Long Sleeve Knit Sweater  Dark Red
Womens Long Sleeve Knit Sweater Dark Red
womens long sleeve knit sweater dark red
Womens Juniors Marled Cable-Knit Sweater  Peachbeige
Womens Juniors Marled Cable-Knit Sweater Peachbeige
womens juniors marled cable-knit sweater peachbeige
Womens Marled-Knit Crewneck Sweaters  Pink Combo
Womens Marled-Knit Crewneck Sweaters Pink Combo
womens marled-knit crewneck sweaters pink combo
Mens Jax Hooded Knit Sweater  Harbor Grey
Mens Jax Hooded Knit Sweater Harbor Grey
mens jax hooded knit sweater harbor grey
Womens Juniors Marled Cable-Knit Sweater  Tawny Port
Womens Juniors Marled Cable-Knit Sweater Tawny Port
womens juniors marled cable-knit sweater tawny port
BB Crewneck Sweater in Wool Knit
BB Crewneck Sweater in Wool Knit
Elevate your knitwear essentials with this minimalistic yet statement sweater by Balenciaga. • It...
Gym Wear Crewneck Sweater in Cashmere Knit
Gym Wear Crewneck Sweater in Cashmere Knit
For its new collection, Balenciaga takes cues from athleticwear, with the introduction of the "Gy...
Womens Fine Knit Sweater  Charcoal
Womens Fine Knit Sweater Charcoal
cuddling up in fashion is very easy with this fine sweater. its stylish v-neckline and the cuffs ...
Womens Cotton Textured Knit Sweater  Intrepid Blue
Womens Cotton Textured Knit Sweater Intrepid Blue
womens cotton textured knit sweater intrepid blue
Womens Fine Knit Sweater  Yellow/White
Womens Fine Knit Sweater Yellow/White
cheerful stripes and a lovely little collar at the back make this womens sweater a favorite wardr...
Zip-up Sweater in Ribbed Knit, Fleece & Jacquard Patchwork
Zip-up Sweater in Ribbed Knit, Fleece & Jacquard Patchwork
This zip-up sweater is the newest addition to Balenciaga’s logo-centric collection. • It's rib-kn...
Mens V-neck Knit Sweater  Teal
Mens V-neck Knit Sweater Teal
mens v-neck knit sweater teal
Womens Knit Sweaters  Blue
Womens Knit Sweaters Blue
womens knit sweaters blue
Mens Waffle-Knit Sweater  Navy
Mens Waffle-Knit Sweater Navy
mens waffle-knit sweater navy
Womens Knit Sweater  Anthracite
Womens Knit Sweater Anthracite
slightly trimmed shoulders side slits and the glitter sequin trim on the front give this knitted...
Womens Knit Sweater  Chalked
Womens Knit Sweater Chalked
this knit sweater can take on any blouse in its lightness! it lies loosely on the body is comfor...
Womens Fine Knit Sweater  Black
Womens Fine Knit Sweater Black
sophisticated elegance: the fine-knit sweater in a fashionable layered look is crafted in soft fl...
Cotton Cashmere & Mulberry Silk Knitted Sweater
Cotton Cashmere & Mulberry Silk Knitted Sweater
This sweater from Ermenegildo Zegna's latest collection will be a go-to when styling refined edit...
Polo Bear Knitted Sweater in Cotton
Polo Bear Knitted Sweater in Cotton
A decidedly snuggly choice for baby girls, this soft knitted sweater is styled with Polo Ralph La...
Lamb Wool Blend Knit Sweater
Lamb Wool Blend Knit Sweater
This refined sweater by Lacoste will be a sophisticated addition to any cool-weather selection. •...
Addison Knit Marine Sweater Dress
Addison Knit Marine Sweater Dress
Knit dresses are having a moment, and Merlette's Addison Dress is an easygoing version. Crafted i...
BB Crewneck Sweater in 3D Logo Jacquard Knit
BB Crewneck Sweater in 3D Logo Jacquard Knit
Add subtle luxury to your cool-weather selection with this minimalistic sweater by Balenciaga. • ...
Allover Script Logo Crewneck Sweater in Wool Knit
Allover Script Logo Crewneck Sweater in Wool Knit
This Italian-made sweatshirt from Balenciaga is destined to play a starring role in your off-duty...
Mens Cotton Knit Sweater  Charcoal/Blue
Mens Cotton Knit Sweater Charcoal/Blue
mens cotton knit sweater charcoal/blue
Mens Knitted Crew Neck Sweater  Black/White
Mens Knitted Crew Neck Sweater Black/White
mens knitted crew neck sweater black/white
Juniors Shine Striped Rib-Knit Sweater  Navy/Pink
Juniors Shine Striped Rib-Knit Sweater Navy/Pink
juniors shine striped rib-knit sweater navy/pink
Mens Tricotosa Knitwear Sweater  Teal Blue
Mens Tricotosa Knitwear Sweater Teal Blue
mens tricotosa knitwear sweater teal blue
Sweater with "Dolce&Gabbana" 3D Lettering in Virgin Wool Blend Knit
Sweater with "Dolce&Gabbana" 3D Lettering in Virgin Wool Blend Knit
Dolce & Gabbana play with monochromatic contrasts and unexpected textures for this new-season swe...
Round-neck Sweater in Cotton Mix Knits
Round-neck Sweater in Cotton Mix Knits
Dolce & Gabbana brings textural interest to this sweater with contrasting knits that hint at the ...
Womens Dolman-Sleeve Ribbed-Knit Sweater  Pink Rain
Womens Dolman-Sleeve Ribbed-Knit Sweater Pink Rain
womens dolman-sleeve ribbed-knit sweater pink rain
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About Knitted Sweaters

If the increasing dip in the temperature hasn’t already informed you, the winter is coming. You may have already stocked up on every sweater you need for the cold and frigid weather. However, of all the different styles on the market, nothing feels entirely appropriate as the knitted sweaters. With a statement-making classic such as this, you can never go wrong with their styling. 

Since the beginning of humanity, people have clothed themselves in all kinds of clothing and knitting is one of the oldest methods, the knitwear has been with us for a long time. It was in the 18th century when the first circular knitting loom was built in England, promoting new ideas for knitwear. By the early 19th century the commercial production of knitwear grows to fashionable outerwear. The knit sweaters became a popular choice for a new fashion by the 20th century. The knit sweater patterns started being accepted as an exquisite garment that helps you get through the cold and frigid climate. 

The five types of knit sweaters that’ll keep you toasty warm this winter 

The knit sweaters are all that is modern, informal, comfortable and anti-tradition. Both youth and adults embrace knitwear alike. Be it chunky knits or light ones; they have indeed become a winter wardrobe staple. They are now affordable and mass-produced and have become iconic fashion wear. Both men and women love knitted sweaters because there are huge varieties and designs on-trend right now. They provide you with extreme comfort, and you can layer them with any attire. However, to know which one best suits you, you need to be aware of their various styles and types. We’ve here listed some knit sweater types that are prevalent during the winter seasons. 

The long sleeves knit sweaters keep your hands and legs toasty warm

Knitwear is primarily winter clothes, which makes it evident that most of them come in long sleeves to offer extra warmth. The long sleeves give a perfect fit with its form-fitting pattern. They not only give you a look that is more formal but also provides better coverage. The long sleeves knitted sweaters is more susceptible to cold and protect you from other elements from outside. Undeniably, they are one of the finest options for players and people who love playing icy sports such as skiing and skating. Therefore, you needn’t sacrifice style for functionality. You can wear these knit sweaters to flaunt a classic look. 

Make a fashion statement knit sweater dress  

If there is one fashion statement that always comes back is the knit sweater dress. These sweater dresses are versatile, to say the least, as they easily transition from day tonight. However, depending on how you style them, but also from winter to spring depending on the type of knitting. Whether you are a sweater dress lover or not, they are an essential wardrobe staple to get through your winters stylishly. Cute with both sneakers and thigh boots, this knit sweater dress is warm, cosy, and stylish. This means that it is just the perfect option for the upcoming long and cold winter days.  

The chic crop top knit sweaters to pair with summer outfits

Those who think that crop tops are just for summers are sadly mistaken. While, of course, sleeveless slinky belly-baring tops might look best with summery pair of cut-offs you can still wear your crop top during colder months if they are made of knit materials. The crop top knitted sweaters are comfy and sexy at the same time. Cropped knit sweaters are a great way to layer for winter. If you want to add a little sex appeal to any of your outfits, you can pair them with a high-waisted skirt or layer them over a button-down shirt. And the best part? You can wear them year-round with the right outfit. 

Oversized knit sweaters for plump figures

The oversized knitted sweaters have always been in fashion. Why? Because they are cosy and cute. The bigger and baggier, the better. Of course, nobody wants to wear that make you feel cramped up. Their loose structure gives you more room, which in turn helps you keep yourself fresh and cool even when your body is heated up. Moreover, they make you look chic and trendy, rather than making you look drowning in a duvet. However, like it or not, the truth about the oversized knit is that it tends to make you look bigger than you are. The easiest way to tackle this problem is to pair them with form-fitting narrow bottoms like skinny jeans or leather pants. 

The comfiest turtleneck knit sweaters  

If there is one essential garment for cold weather days, then it is a knit turtleneck sweater. This is the comfiest clothing in the world. Why? Because they keep you toasty warm for the neck to toe. You can pair these high-neck items with ankle-length trousers and classic black leather loafers to achieve a relaxed look. However, if you want to keep things contemporary then the best pairing might be cropped cosy turtleneck knitted sweaters teamed with a semi-sheer white t-shirt. Hop in a pair of ankle-length black velvet boots to complete the chic look.

Tips on how to buy Knitted Sweaters online

Hot cups of tea, cosy moments with loved ones, will wouldn’t be the same without your perfect knit sweaters. This knitwear makes your cooler months extra comfy. From chunky cardigans to luxurious knitted sweaters, there are a plethora of them in fashion, which is why choosing the perfect one for yourself can make you go bogus. Here are a few tips to consider when you buy knit sweaters online in Dubai. These will guide you to your winter hero – the knit sweaters that best suits you.

  • Consider the material – One of the most important things that you need to consider while buying knit sweaters is their material. Some make you feel smooth and soft while others don’t. Therefore, choose them smartly. Usually, the knitwear comes in woollen materials. However, sometimes they might also come in cotton blends. Therefore, consider the place and weather when buying one.
  • Define the size – The size of your sweater puts a significant impact on your look. That’s why it is essential to get them right. When you are searching for knitted sweaters, it is important to get measurements done similar to a dress shirt. At the minimum, ensure that your sweater hugs your body but does not restrict you in any way. It should look slightly fitted but should never make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Understand the knit patterns – Undoubtedly, knit sweaters are one versatile piece of clothing that comes with many knit patterns. It is knit patterns that define the style of the knit sweater. There are many types of knit patterns. However, the most prevalent ones are the cable and waffle knit because they offer more comfort and style. Therefore, always check for the knit patterns before you purchase yours.
  • The style and design are important – As previously mentioned throughout this article that there are many varieties available for both men and women. However, each style has its place with some working much better in specific environments as compared to others. There are styles like turtlenecks, crew neck and V-neck knitted sweaters that make you look dapper on any occasion. However, the key is in wisely picking out their counterparts to get that perfect look.
  • Experiment with colours – Both the men’s knit sweater and women’s knit sweater are available in various colours. They add life to your sweater and allow your personality to shine through them. However, we strongly recommend that one should stick to functional colours initially before branching off to more vibrant colours. Blue, green, brown and grey are a solid colour that generally looks best and provides the most versatility to your knitwear wardrobe.
  • Go for branded knit sweaters – Quality is something that you cannot afford to overlook when it comes to any clothing. Any substandard quality will perish within a few uses. Besides, they might not offer you the required warmth. Therefore, always pick a knitted sweater of premium quality. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Polo, Cable Knit, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Givenchy, Forever 21, Calvin Klein, and Burberry bring you an excellent collection of top-rated and stylish knit sweaters online.

In addition to being the ultimate fashion icon for winter comfort, knit sweaters are becoming a significant player in the fashion field. For those of you who live in a cooler climate, it is indeed a perennial wardrobe necessity. However, this doesn’t mean that it needs, or should, be frumpy to be practical. Therefore, the time has come to trade your tees for something with more thermal support that will be protecting you throughout this winter season.

Question & Answer

Are knit sweaters in fashion?

It is in the late 1920s that knitwear took place in the world of fashion. Since then till it has never really fallen out of style. They have evolved continuously and have now become synonymous with the winter season. Today, knitted sweaters are heavily used both in high fashion and in the DIY scene. That is probably why they are a winter wardrobe staple. You can pair them with anything and everything in your existing closet.

How to wear knit sweaters?

The coolest thing about the following knitwear is its versatility. This allows you to wear them from home to work without looking weird. The best way to get inspiration is to follow fashion bloggers. You can pair them with straight fit skirts, leather pants, preppy minis and sexy thigh-highs. You could also layer them with other tops. For example, you can top your plain white tee with a vibrant coloured cardigan. Also, make sure to consider the occasion when you wear your knitted sweaters.

How to style knit sweaters?

Of course, they are a unique piece in the fashion industry you could own when just a tee doesn’t cut it. You can wear them as layers if you want to give depth to your look. You could pair these knitted sweaters with nicely fitted denim and boots for a formal look. And when it is time for some layering, you can throw in a bomber jacket over it. Pair a dress shirt and tie, and you have one hell of a handy garment.

Where to buy knit sweaters?

Considering their uniqueness and popularity, they are available all over the world. But we get it – finding a perfect one that best suits you are tricky! But not anymore. Check out, the best product search engine. The search engine offers you some of the best-knitted sweaters online from popular brands. Better yet, it also features 500+ brands and best-knit sweater online shops for you to buy from, with just a click. Also, while you’re here, do check out various other sweaters & hoodies here on!

If you are serious about buying something that curates your wardrobe, then the knit sweaters must surely be added to your wardrobe. Regardless of the weather. So, will you buy knitwear this winter? You certainly will. Such is their charm.