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Although we must honour and love our cardigans, we must also check out their versatile possibilities. But, remember, when it comes to those colder months, the silver lining to the bitter cold is the chance to pull out your stylish sweaters & hoodies. It is difficult to think of anyone type of clothing that has had a quite as colourful history as these humble hooded tops.

The word ‘hood’ derives from the Anglo – Saxon word ‘hod’ which has the same root as the ‘hat’. Very few clothing style evolutions have been as remarkable as that of the hoodies. From its origin in Medieval Europe to its compelling presence in the present fashion world, the hoodie has become both a style icon and a statement piece. Many ministers and designers name-checked them. They were also banned in many parts of the western world for brief periods. However, looking back at the history of these unique pieces, you’ll realise why this has long been essential for many sportspersons, especially in the runner’s wardrobes.

Five hoodies that will make a style statement this season

Today, hoodie fashion is enjoying a golden era of acceptance. Just as pieces of denim, electronic music and all other aspects of youth culture that initially made grown-ups nervous, the hoodies were no exception. However, everyone has now calmed down and said collectively, ‘you know what? Maybe a sweatshirt with a hood isn’t such a bad thing after all. They now come in several designs to select from and are made from different materials such as cotton and woollen. They give warmth to the body and keep you comfortable in frigid winters. Here are a few excellent pieces of cool hoodies for men and women that’ll add a charm to your winter wardrobe.

Zip-up hoodies

These are essential one among the two main types of hooded jackets the other being pullovers. These come in several sizes, designs, styles, and colours, so whether you want a black one or one that is shiny red you will find one. These hoodies allow you to zip your jacket halfway if you like, or you could also zip them all the way up to your neckline. They are ideal when you need to breathe in some air when you are very warm. You need to unzip and wear them. This will keep you cool yet warm in the right areas of your body. From thick to thin, you’ll find them with all kinds of zippers. Some are brightly coloured while there are others that are simple. Typically, these zippers come in front of the hooded jacket, which makes it easier for you to use them.

Pullover hoodies

Many people go for these men’s pullover hoodies to avoid zippers. Men who do not like a zip-up look will most probably prefer these kinds. You needn’t wear a garment underneath with these on since it eliminates that possibility of an itchy zipper line. However, picking out a good pullover with a hood is like styling your hair up after dressing. These come in various materials. Fleece and cotton materials are most popular among men who want to keep themselves toasty warm. Apart from this, most pullovers come with long sleeves. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll not find other types. There are 3-quarter sleeves, cap sleeves and even sleeveless hoodies in the market.

Black hoodies

The black sweatshirts and hoodies need to be placed in a different category because they are so unique and trendy. Black is a timeless and classic colour, so there is little wonder that these types of hoodies are purchased very often. In addition to their ability to match any outfits, they also come with various designs on them. This accentuates the overall look. Some of the most popular black hoodies and sweatshirts are those with shapes and mechanical designs. For example, prints such as moons and suns and even animals such as wolves and tigers on them. Pair these black hooded sweaters with darker pants or jeans to look great. And the best part? They look great on anyone because black is such a classic colour that tends to make anyone look good.

Fur hoodies

Unlike other hooded shirts, these hoodies have a thick layer of high-quality fur around the hood itself. Many manufacturers include the fur lining inside the jacket as well. This provides you with a soft and luxurious feel. Most of the fur is faux fur, as the original fur tends to be quite expensive. These types of men’s hooded sweatshirts can come in any style, design, or colour. But they are specifically made for the cold winter months and for those people who want to stay warm while looking stylish.  The fur covers both the hood and the neck region. They usually have a special lining underneath that adds extra warmth.  Some of the popular colours of fur include purple, maroon, red and a few neutral colours such as beige and even black.

Slim-fit hoodies

Made with less elastane these hoodies look thin and make people look like they weigh less than they do. Unlike the regular hoodies, the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the hoodie tends to have a little more grip. They have a long zipper, which enables the hoodie to look even slimmer. They essentially elongate your body and cling onto it more than the regular ones. This gives an overall slimmer look to your body. Other than elastane, they are often made of different materials such as cotton or polyester. Though they are clingier than others, they are not uncomfortable if you buy the right size. These slim fits are both comfortable and attractive to the wearer. 

Tips on how to buy Hoodies online

The hooded jackets are indeed versatile and practical because there are extensive choices of them available in fashion. You can wear dark colours in winter while you can wear them in summer if you choose a lighter coloured version. They also come in various fashionable designs. Now, this makes it very hard for you to select the one that best suits you. Therefore, we have enlisted a few factors to consider before you hoodies for men online. Keep reading to find them out.

  • Choose various colours – There are hundreds of choices when it comes to hoodie colours. To narrow down your choices, decide if you are looking out for solid colour or one with the patterns like tie-dye, real tree or a sleeve stripe. However, we suggest you go for neutral tones such as black, grey or navy. This way you can pair anything and everything with your hoodies.
  • Look out for the weight – Typically, a hoodie weighs anywhere between 6.5 oz to 10oz. However, decide on what kind you want. A heavyweight hoodie is generally an ideal one if you are planning to wear them outdoors. While you can go for lighter ones if you’re going to layer them or would want to wear them in summers too. Usually, the lighter weight ones come in polyester materials while the heavy-weight ones come in cotton materials.
  • Assess the fabric – Fabric is considered the heart and soul of any outfit, and a hoodie is no exception. There are three types of hoodie fabric, namely – cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends. Considering the kind of occasion or climatic conditions will help you narrow down your choices. For example, the polyester ones are lightweight, and you can wear them in summers while the one that comes in blends are ideal for harsh winters.
  • Choose the right style – As mentioned earlier in this article, there are numerous types of hoodies available in fashion. From zippers to pullovers, their kind is endless. However, you need to understand your style preference to choose the one that tickles your fantasy. Though the most popular style is a pullover, the others are also prevalent in the current fashion trends.
  • Know your fit – They do not come in a skinny fit, but if you want to wear a jacket with hoods under a regular fit, look for the relatively form-fitting one. For example, a slim-fit hoodie will be apt in such scenarios. Otherwise, you could also go for a maxi with an oversized one that nods to the street culture. After all, the street look made it cool in the first place.
  • Look out for the price – Of course, you need to consider the price as it is a crucial factor while buying any garment. Spending a few extra bucks on a good quality hoodie is essential. However, remember that not all of them that are priced high come in good quality ones. Asses all the factors and then purchase one. Also, always look out for online deals and offers. This way, you can secure yourself a hoodie that is both economical and durable.

Hoodies epitomise streetwear because they are functional comfortable and stylish in equal measures. They have risen again and again as one of the prominent items of clothing in fashion. Whether you are aware or not, they are a great example of how the world of high-end fashion affects us all. From the neglected pieces in the past to the best style icons ever, there is no doubt that they are an essential closet staple.

Question & Answer

Can you wear hoodies in summer?

Usually, these are considered winter pieces, and the inhibition of wearing them in the summers is so inherent that they get limited to the gym only. However, those of you who know their versatility and functionality very well know that a hoodie can complement your summer attire. Yes, there is always this fear of overheating, but that is avertible. All you need to do is to select the right materials. Cotton, rayon and linen are the safest materials. Team them with the right counterparts, and you are good to go.

Are hoodies still in style?

Though their origin dates centuries back, the term ‘hoodie’ was coined in the year 1990s. Although they had a rough start, with being associated with criminality and some aspects of marginalised sub-cultures, they have not been accepted as a style icon in the fashion industry. Most people have accepted them as an effective way to stay warm and guard themselves against cold winters and rain. They are now very much in style and do not seem like disappearing anytime soon.

Are hoodies business casual?

You cannot count all hoodies as business casuals, but there is one that can be. Indeed, cashmere is prized for a reason. In the hoodie form, they are not only comfortable and breathable, but they also make you look rich by association. They give you both a lazy and formal look; it depends on how you layer them and the outfits that you pair them with. For example, you can wear grey colour cashmere hoodies and pair them with smart trousers to look chic smart. But make sure you do not look out of the place when you wear one. Make proper predictions about the place and theme you are going to.

How did hoodies become popular?

Though during their initial times, the hoodies may have had an infamous reputation, they are now one of the best pieces of clothing on-trend. The popularity of them nowadays is such that we can’t simply eliminate them. Many celebrities and famous personalities have chosen to wear these funky pieces many a time for various occasions. Their popularity is solely based on the increasing demand for casual clothing. Buyers prefer comfort fashion that makes them look good as well as provide comfort. what could be better than a hoodie then? You can choose to style them however you want.

Why are hoodies not allowed in school?

A school is the student’s place for grooming and learning principles. Dress and appearance should also reflect this attitude. Most schools tend to ban hoodies in school because they could potentially be a safety hazard. This is because a hood obscures part of a person’s face and identity-making it harder to sport an intruder or to identify a student who has done something wrong. Most of all, hoodies are casual clothing and schools are not the place for such appearance. You must look prim and proper at school, not someone hunching down the corridor in his hoodie.

Where can I buy hoodies online in the UAE?

So, if you’ve been thinking of buying a hoodie by now, we suggest you choose the right one. But where to buy hoodies online? Well, have you checked out yet? It is the finest retail search engine in the town. You’ll find some of the best hoodies for sale in UAE from 500+ online shops. So, the next time you are cold and freezing, remember that there’s a warm high-quality cuddly option waiting for you only at our site, that too from popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger, Moncler, Under Armour, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, and North Face. Embrace it you all – the hoodie!

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