Fleece Sweaters

About Fleece Sweaters

Whether we reach for it when we are running out the door or are living in it when the cold front comes, a classic sweater – we all have one. But how about adding a furry twist to it? Well, we are talking about the fleece sweaters! It fills our hearts with nothing but that cosy feeling, and there are undoubtedly many reasons why the fleeces are a wardrobe staple.

It all began with Maiden Mills – a company that manufactures textiles for a variety of clothing. They started making wool bathing suits, sweaters & hoodies in 1906. They, in their later years, eventually moved towards more modern textiles with advanced fabrics. With the progress of fabric technology, the company invented nylon and spandex in the coming years. Maiden Mills took the opportunity to rise above their competitors and spun plastic into yarn, creating their fleece products from polyester and recycled products. This manufacturing method became more sustainable and improved the appeal of these recycled products. Nowadays, many popular brands are stepping up their environmental initiatives and switching from regular polyester to recycled polyester.

The best fleece sweaters to help you stay cosy this winter

The new high-tech fleece was not only popular among outdoor enthusiasts but became a trend on its own. Today fleece is a popular fabric used in a variety of garments from cosy apparel and outwears to accessories, blankets and sweaters. The fleeces provide lightweight warmth and are exceptionally breathable. This makes them an ideal choice for many activities. From bold red hues to perfect cream fleece sweaters, there are many different types of them nowadays. Here we take a look at some of the best fleece sweaters that’ll help you stay warm and cosy this winter.

Fleece cardigan

Cardigan is a knitted jumper that opens in the front. A cardigan is indeed a great fashion item to own due to its versatility and ability to suit a variety of looks. Whether you are opting for an elegant and formal outfit, a cool and casual style or even something office appropriate, a cardigan can make an excellent option. They are perfect as a layering essential in winters or simply a comfortable jacket that you can wear in autumn. The classic style comes in many varieties, and a fleece cardigan is one of the best choices when it comes to the frigid winters. They are soft on your skin and are offer the required warmth.

Pullover fleece sweaters

Knitwear encompasses a wide range of garments, and within these types of garments are pullovers. From cotton knit Christmas designer cardigans to fleece woollies, these pullovers are unique. The knitwear can be a great versatile piece in the casual setting, especially when they are made of fleece. They are ideal for keeping you warm when the weather turns into the cold. However, they are not something you might be able to wear the whole day. This is because you mostly wear them as secondary layers, usually over a t-shirt to shirt. A fleece sweater of pullover design can be removed much like a coat when indoors and put on when you step out. Some of them also come with hoodies that offer your head more warmth.

Fleece sweatshirt

A sweatshirt blurred the lines between sportswear and fashion, half a century before a few marketing executives coined the word athleisure. It was the first item of clothing to be emblazoned with logos, turning all of us into walking advertisements for the brands we wear. These sweatshirts come in a variety of materials, and the fleece is the best among the others. They keep you toasty warm in cold climatic conditions and are stylish too. Like white sneakers, a clean-cut fleece sweatshirt is a piece of sportswear that plays nice with smart-casual looks. Try wearing a slim-fitting grey colour style with chinos.

Tips on how to buy Fleece Sweaters

With their voluminous and tactile finish, the fleece sweaters are arguably the best statement piece. The fabric is naturally a little showy, as it is made of sheepskin, so embrace it. You can also go down the chunky road or slightly padded fleece sweater and say goodbye to the cold forever. But with so many varieties out there, how would you choose the one that suits you the best? Well, fret not! Here we have compiled a few fundamental factors that you need to consider before you buy fleece sweaters online in UAE. Read on, and you’ll be a winner when it comes to fleece buying.

  • Assess the material – Quality materials and construction are the crucial factors when it comes to making an excellent fleece sweater. Long gone are the days of those itchy, scratchy fleeces. Today fleece sweaters are made of multiple fabrics, and all of them provide a soft non-itchy feel. Some of the common fleece materials are synthetic and merino wool. Remember that the warmth of the fleece sweaters depends on the quality of the fleece.
  • Keep an eye on the style and design – Being such a versatile piece of clothing, it is evident that there are many varieties of fleece sweaters available in the market. From cardigans to long fleece sweaters, their variations are endless. No matter what the occasion is, you’ll find a fleece sweater for yourself and that too in various styles, designs, colours and patterns and even knits.
  • Pick your colours – Of course, there are so many different types of colours when it comes to fleece sweaters. From soft grey colours to vibrant yellows, they come in all sorts of colours and patterns. However, always remember to choose ones that’ll go well with your other outfits in your already existing winter wardrobe. This is because you usually wear these fleece sweaters as outer layers, and you might have to match them with various inner layers.
  • Check out the warmth – One of the main reasons why you buy fleece sweaters is because of the warmth it offers. This is why most people tend to purchase the warmest fleece among the lot. However, when active, your body temperature tends to rise, and you may find yourself overheating if the fleece is too thick. Therefore, always look out for fleece sweaters that you can easily layer. By the way, the weight of the fleece usually determines the degree of warmth it offers.
  • Look out for the weight – Weight is one of the essential factors when it comes to fleece sweaters because it is the weight of the fleece that determines the degree of warmth a fleece sweater offers. A lightweight fleece sweater is ideal for high-output activities or as a mid-layer. However, the mid-weight and heavyweight fleece sweaters work well for cooler temperatures but can also be incorporated into the layering system during frigid temperatures.
  • Check the breathability – Another critical element that you need to look for when buying fleece sweaters is their breathability. When active, your body temperature rises, and sweat is produced to cool your body down. Having a breathable layer means that this perspiration is wicked away, and this ideally keeps you dry and warm at the same time. Breathability has a direct correlation with the weight of the fleece sweater. The lighter the fleece, the more breathable it will be.

From fun-loving frat boys to preppy squash players, the fleece sweaters are undoubtedly a wardrobe staple for all. But it also has a deep hold on many men and women in the fashion world. In fact, if you style them smartly, you’ll find these fleece sweaters a covetable version of high-end fashion. The fleece sweaters offer a fresh respite from other fur jackets. A piece of clothing versatile enough to make a cool sartorial statement and, at the same time, keep you warm while you chug your beer isn’t something you want to miss out on.

Question & Answer

How to wash fleece sweaters?

Unlike other sweaters and winter wear, you can easily wash the fleece ones. If you are looking out for a quick and easy option, then opt for a machine wash. Fling your fleece sweaters into your washing machine and wash them. Make sure that the machine setting is kept to winter wash, which is usually gentle washing. You can just simply set the wash for the minimum time that is possible and take it out for air drying. If you have time, hand washing is possible and possibly a better way to ensure a longer lifespan of your outfit. Remember always use powered detergent than liquid and avoid hot wash since it damages the fleece.

Are fleece sweaters warm?

Fleece sweaters are made of fleece, and this is a synthetic fabric made of polyester or a blend created to imitate wool. Since the warmth originates with the heat of your body, a better way to interpret that question is whether the fleeces insulate you well. Fleece protects you well. But the degree of warmth depends on the weight of the fleece. The bulkier the sweaters are, the more warmth they offer. Overall, the quality of the product is something you should consider the most when wanting a warm fleece. You can check out reputed brands on our platform, to get the best buy.

Are fleece sweaters appropriate for work?

They are versatile. Hence, it is apparent that you can wear fleeces to work. But make sure you choose them wisely, especially their style and colour. Moreover, you also need to consider the way you style them as it makes a lot of difference. For example, you can pair them with jeans and a t-shirt when you are heading out for casual walks. But go for flannel shirts and chinos when you are heading out for business meetings. You could also layer them with turtlenecks and snow pants if you have to go out on frigid winters.

Where to buy fleece sweaters?

Everyone can put their spin on what they think a modern fleece must look like, which is also the reason why they are a wardrobe staple. Check out the leading retail search engine . You’ll find some of the finest fleeces online from 500+ online stores. Also, do not miss out to explore an extensive collection of women’s fleece sweaters and men’s fleece sweaters from high-end brands like Nike, Adidas, North Face, Marks and Spencer, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret, and Timberland. You will find them all or even more upon your visit to our online platform –