About Cardigans

Winters are all about staying inside, staying hydrated, sipping hot coffee, late-night talks near the fire pit and some comfy cardigan wrapping you. No doubt we all love winters and want to enjoy the most after burning summers. Because of the excitement, most of us start preparing for the winters far before they actually arrive. It involved taking out new coffee and steak recipes to decide what to wear on those chilly days.

Well, another fantastic thing that happens when the winters come knocking is that you can finally change that wardrobe scenario? Pack up all the summer clothing, shorts and skirts and bring out the warm wonders. Those who love to snuggle in front of the fireplace with a delicious bowl of home-cooked food will understand the comfort. You can step out at any time of the day without having to worry about getting tanned or sweating, and it’s a beautiful time of the year. With so many options, you want things to be warm and cosy and what better way to ensure than by putting a little thought into the clothes you choose to wear every day?

Types of cardigans to add variation to your winter fashion

Most people get bored or monotonous with cardigans. It’s because they feel that this is all there is to it. But this is not the fact. Cardigans can actually be a statement piece of clothing if you know how to shop and wear them. With spectacular choices, the simple sweater is not merely an add-on anymore, but you can do so much with it that it will leave you amazed! It is excellent for layering as a separate outfit and works with just about anything. Team it with a nice shirt, a pair of jeans, trousers or even a dress. It will surely make you feel warm and secure. The cardigan has also evolved into a clothing item on its own and has become a fashion staple in many cases.

The long cardigan sweater

Those who like to keep their look traditional and old-school will love those long cardigan sweaters. Also, many of you like changing your sweater & hoodie styles every season. However, when it comes to jackets, old is gold. Well, this humble choice of long outerwear is one of the few methods that hasn’t lost its charm amidst a heap of fashion and runway styles. You can flaunt the style with grace even today and know that it will look good on you. Wear it to the office for a meeting or when you’re meeting someone for a late dinner. It is perfect for keeping you warm when winters approach. The best part is that this kind of sweater is typically a blank canvas, so you can do so much with it without causing any harm to its base look. Wear accessories, fancy shoes and bags but remember to keep the cardigan the main attraction in your outfit.

The ladies’ cardigans

Women adore cardigans. They work well with everything, plus the style and fabric are always relaxed and comfortable. Today, you have a lot of choices in cardigan sweaters, and there wouldn’t be a better time to live with these clothing items. The ladies’ cardigan comes in many different colours and styles. However, one thing that is common among these is that they’re all full-length and have long-sleeves. For those who don’t like to keep it very casual, wear a delicate lace or light sequined cardigan over a skirt and blouse and see the impact it delivers. You can practically work a lovely cardigan any way, and it will always look amazing, given you style it appropriately. The best way to go about with it, however, is to go with an essential kind and to go forth, you can add to your collection.

The short sleeve cardigan

If you don’t like long sleeves, how about trying on a trendy short sleeve cardigan instead? Believe us, this style is so addictive! It is simple, casual, can be worked into a semi-casual form and looks fascinating. Not sure about your outfit? Wear them. Don’t have the right jacket? Wear them. Top? Wear them. Blouse? Wear them. Shirt? Wear them. Yes, this simple style is fantastic and one of the most versatile numbers when it comes to the humble sweater. You can also up this look with a pair of beautiful shoes, the right hairdo and other additions. Whatever you choose to do, don’t let the style be burdened with several other additions. If you don’t know the perfect time to wear it. For instance, you can start in winter and the end of the season is the apt time. This way, you feel warm without breaking out into a sweat.

The shawl collar cardigan

This unique style works for both men and women, although it is more popular with guys. The shawl collar cardigan is impressive in design and high on comfort, both at the same time. It starts as a regular cardigan; however, the neck part is full and folded, making it more spacious and comfortable. Thus, it is the opposite of a turtleneck. If you don’t like clothing, especially heavy ones like sweaters too high up around the neck, then nothing can be a better choice for you than this. The unique style came up a few years ago, and a lot of men still wear them. Depending on how the outfit pulls together, you can also wear a nice overcoat or jacket with it. Keep the look simple and allow the unique cardigan to stand out.

Tips on how to buy Cardigans

As easy as it is to pick this style, a wrong choice will stay with you for years to come. Sometimes, cardigans can be expensive, and one can’t afford to invest in more than one at a time. However, if you happen to love them, then going for a few choices is not such a bad idea after all. The best part is that are multiple options, colours and styles of cardigans today, so you have so many choices. Here are a few tips to get it right.

  • Buy the right length – Make sure the sweater is the correct length. Your half work is done after choosing the right length, as this factor can make or break the whole outfit’s appeal. Keep it to a moderate level, although the shorter ones have become a big fad in recent years.
  • Get an idea of what you’re going to wear it with – With so many options, there are endless choices to team with your sweater. However, consider your daily wear outfits to see what matches and then go ahead.
  • Look at colour choices – Don’t opt for vibrant colours right in the beginning. Always choose the reliable, universal shades and then pick more as you go ahead.
  • Don’t pick up something too vague – Designer choices often have some sweaters and cardigans which may have stones, embellishments etc. However, for daily wear, these may not be the best choice.
  • Keep a check on the budget – Some premium quality cardigans made of the finest wool can be pretty expensive. So set a budget before you go ahead with a purchase.
  • Focus on the quality – It is advisable to pick something that is a little pricier and is of good quality than going for a sub-standard one that’s cheap. These pieces can last years if you take good care of them, and they’re worth the investment.

Along with the usual, you can also opt for a beautiful summer cardigan. It is excellent if you live in a country that sees low temperatures all year long. This way, the summer cardigan will help to ensure you’re not left feeling too cold or too warm when a slight nip in the air arises. The oversized cardigans are thicker and specially designed for harsh winters. If that isn’t the case, go for a lighter one that is easy to carry too.

Question & Answer

Are cardigans appropriate for a job interview?

Although a cardigan isn’t a very formal choice of clothing, if the weather is cold and calls for one, you can wear it to an interview. However, the choice of sweater here is critical. Pick something in black or white, depending on if your outfit is in light or dark tones. You could also go with other standard shades like grey, navy blue and brown. However, if you plan to incorporate it into your attire, a shirt is the best option. Make sure your cardigan is V-neck and pull the collar and cuffs out. Team with a nice pair of trousers or a pleated skirt.

Why are cardigans so expensive?

A cardigan isn’t made from fabric. The high-quality wool that goes into its creation can sometimes raise the prices quite high. Cardigans cannot be produced in bulk, although with new technology, a lot of brands are capable of doing it now. However, with so many brands, offers and sales, you can get good deals on some of the best products as well. This is one of those clothing where you can shell out a little extra because you’ll end up wearing it for pretty long, given you take care of it.

Do people still wear summer cardigans?

Yes, countries that see a nip in the air even during the summers have people wearing summer cardigans pretty often. The best part about them is that they’re light but still keep you warm. They also avoid the need for carrying a jacket or shawl and want to be comfortable. You can wear one as an addon or only as the primary outfit, depending on your choice. Gucci, H&M, Forever 21, GAP, Ralph Lauren, Marks and Spencer, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi and Denim are great picks. It’s ideal to explore different stores and choose

Where can you buy cardigans online in Dubai?

Dubai has some fantastic options where you can pick up some fantastic styles of cardigans.  If online shopping seems too daunting, this amazing UAE search engine is the best thing for every shopper. The platform is highly recommended because it will save the time you spend searching for the right products across online stores so much easier. Along with that, you can get some fantastic deals and discounts during sales. With everything available under one roof, you will grab the best buy within a stipulated time.

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