Pocket Square

About Pocket Squares

Nothing spells “S-T-Y-L-E” like a pocket full of silk. Yes, we are referring to pocket squares – a small clothing item that is tucked in your suit jacket. Surprisingly this tiny piece of cloth plays a significant role in boosting the elegance and class of your outfit and personality.

Historically speaking pocket squares were a necessity for people while attending dinner parties. Meanwhile, it was equated to carrying with you on formal engagements. This rule exists for the smart occasion even today. However, now, this pocket square speaks a lot about you. Thus, they have their own settlements and understandings. It incorporates how and when to wear it? What should be the colour, print and cloth of your pocket square? Moreover, it demands attention for pairing it with other accessories like a necktie or bow. In brief, now a pocket square is as important as the suit itself. Thus, today, we will spend all our efforts on clearing the basic understanding of this staple suiting accessory.

Important pocket square and handkerchief equities

Remember guys a well-tailored suit does to women, what lingerie does to a man. A pocket square is all about adding spice and sensuality to your suit. Whether it be a casual, formal or business suit or a luxury tuxedo, this pocket square is becoming a must-have.  Generally, pocket squares come in different types of fabrics, like silk, cotton, or linen. This small, patterned piece of cloth is placed in the outer breast pocket. Smaller than a pocket handkerchief this piece of cloth is now entirely decorative in use. For both pocket square enthusiasts and dabblers in menswear, we are here to guide how to decorate it nicely. Let’s explore how this small accessory can add spark to your overall outfit.

Consider the size of your suit pocket square

When we speak of a pocket square, the size is of great importance. It plays a significant role in the folding of the piece. Hence, have an impact on the style you wish to achieve with this fashion accessory. Likewise, it will change the feel of your outfit when tucked into your suit pocket or jacket. For instance, a silk square is lightweight and soft. Thus, it will easily slip down in your pocket if less than 40cm. As a result, you will be busy adjusting to it the whole time. This is nothing less than a sexy strapless gown that looks sensual but does not stay in position. As a result of such exercises, you will also lose the impact you intended to create. Thus, avoid squares less than 40cm in silk and 30cm in sturdy fabric (tweed).

Consider the occasion while wearing a suit handkerchief or square

For a regular square wearer, going out without one is just like going without shoes. As a rule, you can wear it anytime if you know how to pair it gracefully. For example, if you want to go for a conservative look, choose square two shades lighter than the jacket. Otherwise, go for a little contrast with a small texture like polka dots. Likewise, monochromatic tones work well will black and grey suits. On the other hand, you can pick variants of red for crisp blue suits in summer. However, if you wish to use a white square, keep it for a formal occasion. Here you can also consider options of white with coloured edges. At the same time, a light pattern in white offers a conservative look that works for all business meetups.

Consider shades of tie and pocket square set

Neckties and bow ties are rudimentary for styling a suit. Hence, if you opt to add a square to the outfit, it necessary is to consider these basics first. Thus, after the colour of the suit, check the pattern and shades of tie you are going to wear. Though previously matched, the two must have different shades now. Hence now you need to pick a square that harmonies your overall outfit and accessories. Even if any store offers you a pair of tie and pocket squares in the same print and colour, avoid it. However, if a deal of the duo is economical, you can buy one. But, never use both pieces at the same time. Another ground rule is to use a square with one or two shades lighter or darker than the suit.

Considerations for pocket square clothing material

Another important point to consider is the fabric of the square.  Here silk will always be the most recommended and appreciated type of fabric. Silk not only gives a luxurious feel but is perfectly luminous. Hence when light hits from different angles, it pops vibrant colours. As a result, the wearer enjoys a lively feel and outlook. This is what adds genuine interest to any outfit. Moreover, the intricate fabric gives you the freedom to try different folds and styles. However, there are occasions when the silk square does not compliment your suit. Especially when you are wearing a winter suit with sturdy material or a sports jacket. In such cases, it better is to go for a square made of tweed etc.

Tips on how to buy Pocket Square for suits

This simple piece of cloth – by most accounts – is at least a few centuries older than the modern suit itself. According to some historians, it dates to Shakespearean times. It was the time when these hankies appeared as a crucial plot device in “Othello.” Meanwhile, many claims that this accessory has its root in “Richard II’s” countries. Although back then it was purely used for the practical purpose of nose blowing, the idea changed with time. Hence now they become a sartorial staple of contemporary suiting for men. This is the reason why we can find a variety of fabrics and prints in pocket squares. With such a variance, men need to pay a little more attention to the texture and cloth while buying. Below is the simplest checklist to buy a good pocket square online in the UAE.

  • Choose your suit – Remember a pocket square for a tux is different than the one for a common suit or blazer. Thus, before you head to buy pocket squares online in Dubai, decide on the suits & tuxedos accessories you are planning to wear.
  • Consider the colour of the suit – Here you can find endless possibilities and combinations. Thus, worth is it to start by stocking up on some essentials so that you can get something outfit appropriate. Here, plain colours can work well with different shades and styles.
  • Consider the colour of the tie and bow tie – Here matching the tie and square is a big no-no. Modern man suiting is not about matching but rather harmonising the look. Thus, pick a colour and print of a pocket square different from a necktie. Make sure it is adding some interest to the outfit.
  • Go online – By this point you have had enough brainstorming to buy a pocket square. To get a little more inspiration, you can go to social media to check the latest trends. Otherwise, explore our product search engine where you can view products from different brands with just one click.
  • Check price – Here at, you will find thousands of options from hundreds of brands online. Here you need to consider your budget limitations. It important is not to invest too much in the square. Keep a margin to buy other accessories for suiting.
  • Check the fabric and size – After getting the price idea and finding an economical option, it’s time to check the quality. As mentioned earlier, the square must be a minimum of 40cm in silk. Likewise, there should be weight and size considerations for different fabrics of the square you wish to use.
  • Learn to fold – Just having a quality pocket square in your suiting accessories is not enough. You need to learn to fold and use them the right way. Consult fashion and style blogs online to know how to fold a square in different shapes and styles.

We at have more than 500 brands that are dealing with quality men’s clothing. Here you can search for products from brands like Hermes, Gucci, Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Newchic, Eton, and Paul Smith. While Burberry, Zara, Asos, Ralph Lauren, and Armani are also on the list. With us, you can compare and search for products according to the price or brand you wish to buy. Remember, a pocket square is a timeless style rule. Thus, if you are wearing a suit, must pair it with a quality tie and pocket square.

Question & Answer

Are pocket squares in style?

One great thing about the pocket square is that they are versatile. Thus, they can easily be incorporated in any suit, tuxedo, or sports jacket for men or blazers. This is the reason why they are still in style. In modern men’s fashion, we can see these squares as a part of men’s clothing. As a result, they are impressively polishing men’s outfits from streets and office style to evening and wedding parties. However, apart from men’s suiting squares have become essential for women suiting as well. Hence you can find ladies rocking squares just like men.

When to use pocket squares?

According to modern style guides, you can use these squares anytime. You can use them in your blazer or sports jacket for a casual meeting, or a corporate lunch. Meanwhile, they are also a must-have on special evenings. Here we can name events like prom night, dinner dates, an elite dinner party, or wedding parties. Although the squares can be paired well with any style of men suiting, they are a must-have for tuxes. Thus, if you are wearing a tux, go no further without adding a sophisticated pocket square to complete the look.

What pocket square to wear with a tuxedo?

Universally speaking, there are two main rules for choosing tux pocket squares. If you are wearing a tux at a formal black-tie event, it better is to put it in a pure white pocket square. Here you must consider the presidential pocket square fold, also known as a flat fold. You can also go for two tire presidential fold for the added finish. Otherwise, you can consider a conservative puff fold. Else than a formal event, you can use the square with a pop of colours. Here you can use vibrant colours in silk fabric to stand different in the crowd.

Where to buy pocket squares?

Here at, you can have more than 500 top brands dealing with men suiting. Apart from necessities, these brands also offer an entire range of men’s accessories, including belts; cufflinks, shoes, pocket squares, and ties. Thus, explore the website to search for products from top stores online. Additionally, you can enjoy finding products according to brand and price preferences or limitations. The key to successful shopping is to look for different products from different sellers and compare them for price and material. This way you can find the best deal for the money invested.