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About Pansuits

If you think that there is no way to add excitement to your wardrobe, then think again! Step aside from the midi dresses and ruffles for a moment and shift your attention to the sleek lines and polished tailoring of the most coveted trend: the iconic pantsuit! Well, now you know that pantsuits aren’t a relic of past but are a whole new light among the fashion set. But what exactly are these?

A pantsuit, also known as trouser suits, is a piece of clothing for women that consists of pants and a matching coat or a jacket. These were introduced in the 1920s when a sect of women started favouring a masculine style. Since then, they have transformed tremendously over the years. From printed suits to summery pastels, pantsuit outfits are now making their way onto Instagram feeds. Such is their progression, which is why the beauty of a pantsuit is undoubtedly the girl boss ultimate aesthetic. Need a little more convincing? Or perhaps some ideas on how to pull off the pantsuit look elegantly? Well take a cue from us and be associated with some cool business suits for women.

Let’s explore a few types of stylish pantsuits

Once upon a time, the pantsuits were shoulder-padded, black and were reserved for political campaigns. But over the past few years, the designers have offered up more and more reasons to ditch this antiqued notion. The suits are not for only those who work in the corporate environment. Sure, you can pick up that 9-5 look with a trouser-blazer combo. However, now you can find many more options in playful patterns and springtime pastels. You can also couple them with spring blouses or colourful denim. They all have the charisma of a dress. So, have you made your choice yet? Nope? Then check out these types of ladies trouser suits that are chic yet comfortable.

Formal pantsuits

Do you have an interview coming up or a wedding, perhaps? Well, either way choosing an appropriate outfit is a crucial part of any event. Why? Because you have an intense desire to look glamourous and influence people around you. So, if you want them to admire you, you need to get yourself a classy dress that makes an iconic statement and creates your image. What can be better than a pantsuit.? Undoubtedly you can switch up your style at the next fancy soiree you attend with these women’s trouser suit. They are available in a vast range of cuts and patterns. For example, a three-piece ensemble of these suits includes wide-leg pants, a matching sequin tank top and a jacket. Wear them, and they’ll surely glam up your look.

Summer pantsuits

It is that sticky time of the year when we turn into a puddle of sweat about five minutes into our commute to work. Well, all thanks to our workwear! Yet we have to manage the look by the time we clock in at the office. But how? This is where the pantsuit, tailored just for summers kick in to solve this very problem. These women’s pantsuits for work go way beyond the expected shades of navy, grey or black. There is the buzziest shade of salmon rose and millennial pink that has completely enamoured both the fashion set and the internet alike. These are rendered in loose fits and lightweight fabrics to provide maximum breathability and easy layering.

Plus size pantsuits

As if choosing an appropriate dress for a particular occasion wasn’t hard enough, being curvy adds flame to this crisis. Undeniably, a pantsuit is your solution. Why? Because they are these iconic pieces of fashion that offer more room for plus size women and help you amp up your style. They not only provide you with more comfort but also enables you to walk out with confidence without being worried about continually adjusting your outfits. Moreover, you get so many varieties of them that you’ll always have one for every occasion. Furthermore, you can wear them round the clock, throughout any seasons. Hence, fat or fit, however you are, a pantsuit is a wardrobe staple.

Slim-fit pantsuits

Who doesn’t want to flaunt their slender bodies? Well, pantsuits for Petites do the needful. How? They are tailored more closely to your body and feels a little tighter than your regular ones. This type of pantsuits makes you look stylish in your skin. By the way, choosing for a slim fit suit does not require you to be thin. The name only refers to the construction of the suit and their overall appearance. However, there is a common notion that slim fit suits are less comfortable. Well, that’s not the case. A slim fit trouser suit can be highly pleasant and stylish to wear. Just remember to check that you can lift your arms easily while wearing them. If you can, then you are good to go!

Tips on how to buy Pantsuits online in Dubai

Pantsuits have been dominant in the latest trends. Whether you are searching for a power look to help you lean in at the office or a refined alternative get-up to a dress for any occasion, you surely need this suit for all. But with so many silhouettes and styles—in-store and online—and at varying price ranges, where to begin and what to choose will undoubtedly be your utmost concern. We are sharing with you a few tips that might help buy pant suits online in Dubai, the next time you head out for shopping this fashion quintessential.

  • Find the right silhouette for you – Try as many fits, styles and shapes as possible to figure out what trouser or jacket silhouettes work best for you. Choose the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident. However, our bodies and style preference are unique to us, so there’s isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to finding the perfect pantsuit. But you never know until you try!
  • Assess the quality carefully – Comfort is the key. Everyone wants a stylish pant, but the comfort factor should never be left out. And this is why the quality of a pantsuit is paramount. Law suggests first to check out the fabric details. Natural textures like silk and wool are ideal. Of course, that doesn’t mean that polyester or synthetic blends are a bad thing. Check the inner workings of the piece, that is how well they hold the shape and drape when you wear them.
  • Scrutinize every last detail when shopping online – We live in a universe of online shopping, and many places do offer cool and chic affordable pantsuits. But shopping online is always tricky. Especially when you want to get a pantsuit of the right fit. Well, take out your tape and measure yourself. It cuts down returns and will help you understand your silhouette, which ultimately will lead you to a wise purchase.
  • Find an expensive-looking suit, but on a budget – Pantsuits are usually more expensive compared to the other clothes. But most of us are probably on a slightly more accessible budget. Well, that’s not a crime! However, remember that you must purchase a pantsuit that looks posh and must yet be budget friendly. Do we have such suits? Well, yes! Always check out for deals and offers online. There are much top-class that offer amazing deals on such iconic fashion items.
  • Visit your tailor – You can buy a very inexpensive suit. How? — Have them tailored and look like a zillion buck. Just know what to ask before you visit the tailor. Remember to check the for the shoulder and hips. Of course, not everyone is blessed to have an on-staff expert tailor on a call’s moment away. If such is the case, ask around for word-of-mouth recommendation for your local area.
  • Make your suit worth for the investment – You could purchase a full pantsuit and wear them as separates, or you can wear them as a whole. You could also pair the feminine trousers with a printed blouse, a graphic t-shirt or a camisole. Do not forget the accessories, as they are a great way to combine some items to create a cohesive look. Either way, it is up to you, on how to use the fashion piece that you’ve spent worth a fortune.

What we love about these power suits is their ability to give a plethora of options in terms of form and function. You can wear them for work, to a wedding or even to brunch at a friend’s apartment. This is because the pantsuits are genuinely a form of art which should never be kept in the dark. Well, they undeniably prove that feminity can be just as strong and game-changing, by reclaiming the fashion style that was just a men’s fashion item—the suits!

Question & Answer

Can the pantsuit legs be narrowed?

If there is alteration that every guy should consider, then it would be hemming the pants. This is generally required when you get accustomed to custom clothing or buying high-quality garments where the pants are usually left unfinished. However, a pant can make or break your entire look. Therefore, if you have bought loose pants, you need to narrow them down. Tapering a pant can certainly be done by a trusted tailor. But before, that put the pants on and know how much you want them to narrow them. You could ask one of your friends to pin them to the right fit.

Are pantsuits in style 2019?

Pantsuits have been existent from as early as the 1920s. Since then, they have evolved to this trendy workwear that women swoon over. They love wearing it for various occasions, both formal and informal alike. Nowadays, fashion has progressed to such an extent that these pantsuits are available in a plethora of styles and patterns which you can wear for any occasion. Though they have been a controversial topic in the past, the women now fully embrace them.

Are pantsuits appropriate for weddings?

Worrying about the proper attire to wear in a wedding is conventional and natural. You do not want to wear the wrong style, colour and worst of all, end up looking like a bride. To avoid this, go for a smart move—opt for a pantsuit. They are the most versatile fashion pieces that are modest, stylish and comfortable and are excellent choices for formal weddings. However, remember to choose the right colour and pattern. Never go for flashy one. Pick neutrals.

Which pantsuit is perfect for blue blazer?

A navy is a closet staple that goes with anything and everything. Be it summer or winter; this blazer style will never go out of fashion. They can be worn as formals, semi-formals and even as casuals. It is just that you must know how to style them wisely. An exquisite combination would be when you pair your blue blazers with a black shirt. Alternatively, a white shirt will give a formal, proper look. By the way, apart from these if you want to go for a classic combination, then pair your blue blazer with khaki pants and a pale blue shirt. You could also wear a cream pant with them for your posh outings.

Indeed, there are plenty of suits & tuxedo styles to try now. But if you are going to commit to one look this season, then it must be the pantsuits. They serve up some empowering working girl vibe. So, don’t you want one for yourself? Of course, you do! But where do you buy one? Well, visit the best product search engine and buy pantsuits online effortlessly. It features a massive collection of elegant pantsuits from high-end brands such as Elliatt, Anatomi, Mimya, Denim, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Zara, Nordstrom, and many more. You can also shop for some economically cheap pantsuits from 500+ online stores.