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Do you know that during a game a footballer runs an average of 9.65 km? Now imagine them running without specially designed professional clothes and accessories. You can have an idea of the harm they can face if they go to the field in common shorts and tees.

Just like every other sport, footballer also needs to comply with the professional dress code while they head into the field. These football kits include items that can protect the players from injuries. This kit contains standard attire like custom football shirts and equipment used during the game. However, it has changed much over time. Back in time, the players used to wear plain cotton shirts, kicker blockers and sturdy leather boots. Now the boots become softer, and in a lightweight, the shorts became shorter with customised printing. Moreover, cotton is replaced by lighter synthetic fibres that offer different benefits. Let’s explore some essential elements of full football kits have been.

Football kit essentials before you step on the field

Turning up to the field and realising you have missed something is a true nightmare for any player.  Technically speaking a football kit is termed a pair of sports socks, shorts and a jersey. However, with the advancement in technology and sportswear, there are many new additions to these basics. Today we can refer to a kit to ass the essentials of a football player for increased performance and keep them secure on the field. Today we will share a checklist of modern football kit essentials. Just make sure you have everything in your hand before you step into the ground.

Personalised football kit bag

The first thing comes. First, you need a bag to keep all the items that you are going to gather after reading this article. Today, you can find customised bags with the name or logo of the team on them. Although regular bags could do the job, football bags are a way to go. These bags come with all the built-in compartments that a player needs. These bags have book compartments as well as small pockets to keep valuable essentials. From Christiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi, every player has customised football bags that are their companion every single time they step out of the home. You can visit brands like Nike, Puma or Adidas to get your favourite player or team inspired bags.

PST Tapping kit

One of the most common issues that are reported by managers is the players cutting socks. One reason why the player is seen cutting their socks is that they want to match their socks well. Another reason is that the nylon socks are rough on the foot and have the tendency to slip in the boots. Hence, after detailed research on the problem, the experts designed a solution. Now the players can use a complete customised kit. This kit has three parts that cover the foot to the calf without any slipping. It contains socks leg tubes and wrapping tape. These kits are available in 12 different colours. Hence you can find and match colours and styles according to your main course of clothing- shorts and a t-shirt.

The shin pads and base layers

The base layers need to be comfortable, breathable and highly moisture-wicking. These layers are meant to offer the support of the player’s calf while playing while giving an enhanced warmup. For a football player, it is important to keep his legs in good condition and offer them maximum protection. The shin pads and base layer are something that can offer both. They offer compression that can keep the blood circulation in a healthy state. These pads are available lightweight and help in dealing with skin irritations and issues like sweat. Most professionals prefer using these shin pads and base layers to focus on playing without any pain and discomfort.

The tracksuit bottom or cheap football shorts

A football kit is incomplete without a pair of tracksuit bottoms in your bag. It will ensure you stay warm while you are not on the field.  It includes slim-fitting training pants that you can buy with discount football kits online. Some of the famous styles include; Nike’s Park 18 bottoms, and Adidas Core 18 Training Pants. Apart from these optional, you will need to have some essentials in your kit. The options are; a base layer, waterproof jacket, and shin pads. While the essentials are shorts, shirts, boots and football socks. With all these items in your checklist and football kit bag, you are all set to start your next game on the football ground.

Tips on how to buy Football Kits online in UAE

As compared to buying traditional clothes that are more about aesthetics, colours and look, sportswear shopping is different. Here you need to look for a lot more than the colour or print of the outfit. Hence when you head to buy a football kit on sale in UAE, pay attention to details. Here important is to look at the clothes from a functionality standpoint. Always look at the performance of the fabric or the gadgets you are planning to buy. The best way is to look at the top brands like Umbro or Puma. Going online is the best idea when you need to buy cheap football jerseys in Dubai. Here are some tips to consider in mind while you start your next football kit in Dubai.

  • Check the performance of fabric – Time for cotton has gone; it is time to look for high-performance sports fabrics. These designs and weave of these fabrics help in increasing the performance. Moreover, they offer comfort and protection to the player in many ways. Hence look for sportswear that comes in Nylon, Polyester, and Lycra.
  • Check the size and fit of the outfit – Forget about how much you love skin fitted jeans or tank tops to showcase your muscles and upper torso. When it comes to sportswear, you need to look for comfort. While playing, you need to allow free movements of your muscles. Thus, you need to find sportswear of a loose fit. The rule applies on both top and bottom.
  • Check product details – Obviously, the name of football wear or accessory is not enough to know what the properties of the products are. To know about the product, you can read the product description section. Here you can find all the details about the material, size and performance of the product.
  • Look for accessories – A football player must never step into the ground with a proper outfit. You need more than just a pair of sports shorts and an athletic shirt. Additionally, you need a good pair of socks, sports shoes, base layer, shin pads and other accessories. Here at you can easily find all the accessories that you will need to complete your football kit.

Here at you can find more than 500 top brands selling sportswear and accessories online. Some to name here are Nike, Adidas, Umbro and Puma. Here you can compare and search for products according to price or brand. This is the reason why more and more customer is returning to make an efficient and economical buying decision. Here you can also look for cheap kid’s football kits. You can even custom mix and match them for your kids of any age.

Question & Answer

Why are football kits so expensive?

The football kits are highly customised. These kits consist of high-quality sportswear. This sportswear is specially designed with technological advancements. These constructions of these clothes take a lot of time, efforts and professional assistance. The expert input increases the manufacturing costs. As a result of which these kits, sports clothing and accessories are expensive. However, if you want to buy cheap kids, football kits or economical sportswear, visit online stores. There you can find smart deals and sales on sportswear.

Can you personalise baby football kits?

Football has got massive fame and fanned following with time passage of time. Moreover, the customised costumes and accessories have helped the fans of the sport to be prominent. Around the globe, more and more football lovers are coming up with uniquely designed kits and sportswear to show their love and enthusiasm in such times. Sports brands and retailers are offering their specialised services for personalised baby football kits. In the online market, you can visit different brands and stores to find and enjoy the ultimate possibilities that suit your kid’s needs.

When are new football kits released?

Normally the new football kits are released just before the sports season starts. New versions also come up in the months of summer. It is a time when more and more people are involved in sporting activities. Likewise, before the start of the European club football season, top brands introduced new sportswear and accessories into the market. May and June are the most important months when the sports club introduces new designs for their jerseys. Other important times are just before the start of a major event in football. These include World Cup, Copa America, European Championship, etc.

What temperature to wash football kits?

To wash a football kit, soak it into the jerseys in the bucket of water at room temperature. The water temperature must not be too high or too look. Let it soak for at least 48 hours once the time is up to take out the clothes for a machine wash. This is the time when you need to be careful about the temperature. According to experts, the best-recommended temperature for your machine is 40 degrees. With this temperature, you can not only keep the fibres of the kit safe, but the colours and the condition of the fabric will be secure as well.

Where can I buy football kits online in the UAE? is where you can find an entire range of branded and best selling sports suits. So no matter what sport you are in or what type of kits you are looking for, trust the fact that you have landed on the right website. Explore the clothing section now to buy the best sports suits from your favourite brands, in just a few clicks. We will suggest you explore products from different sellers and compare them. Comparing their price and features will help you find a more suitable item within your budget.

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