About T-shirts

Have you ever wondered how a staple wardrobe essential like T-shirt came into existence? And how did it becomes a must-have for everyone around the globe? It might surprise you that the t-shirt was initially designed as an undergarment. However, over time it transformed into a universal and sturdy item in apparel.

According to historians, a t-shirt dates back to the American- Spanish war when the US navy used it as an undershirt. These t-shirts featured crew necks with short sleeves. The resemblance of the shirt gave it the name we use even today – “T-shirt.” This initial version was made of lightweight and cheap cotton. It was easy to clean and thus became a top priority for the dockworkers, miners, farmers, and people in the construction sector. Later it gained popularity among mothers for their sons while playing in the field. In the 1960s, printed tees became a medium for advertisement, social and political campaigns, etc. Today these shirts can be seen everywhere from fashion walks to common bedtimes. Let’s explore how we can use these shirts now.

Different types of T-shirts and how to style them

To say the least, the evolution of classic t-shirts has been impressive. Right from the prototype of union suits that were developed in the US the shirts have gone under significant transformations.  As a result of all the time and efforts invested in the style, these shirts are not known as the most versatile and staple men wear. From its 100 years old tradition that started as workwear to its current role as a style stamen; there is much to talk about. With no doubt, this quintessential garment has a prominent place in every men’s wardrobe and heart. Let’s explore the product features and style specifications in detail.

Custom t-shirts with scoop neck

Any t-shirt that comes in a solid colour like white or black and that certain pattern throughout the shirt is called a basic t-shirt. It can be either for men, women or unisex. Generally, it comes in a round neck and different lengths of sleeves. These shirts are great for layering or mixing and matching with other clothing items. These shirts are versatile, and you can pair them with dressy or casual clothes. Likewise, you can use them for a wide range of occasions. Some standard and must-have colours of a custom t-shirt are black, white, navy blue, or grey. Although the scoop neck is not essential for a t-shirt, many people still like it. A custom t-shirt with a scoop neck is versatile and can do well with every style.

Graphic tees – A medium to communicate

They are unique, creative and available in a wide range of colours, graphics, and styles. These are simple tee shirts with printed images. These t-shirts are extremely popular with both men and women. However, a large number of wearers include young and teenagers. You can see these t-shirts with lyrics, quotes, logos, abstracts, and what is not printed on them. They are best to have a funky, relaxed, and casual look. These shirts look best with sneakers. Another major reason for their popularity is that you can print them in your way. You can pick any plain t-shirt and print it in whatever you would like to wear on it.

Sports t-shirts for athletic activities

Occasionally these shirts are also known as tank tops. And yes, you can use these simple tees as sportswear. The t-shirts are waterproof, breathable, stretchy and comfortable. This is the reason why they are perfect to use as sportswear. Sports t-shirts are also available in materials like polyester. You can pair and style them in different ways. Consider buying a unique pattern t-shirt with a logo, short sleeves, or go sleeveless or a sporty look. These t-shirts are comfortable and thus suitable for all kinds of sports like running, jogging or water sports. These shirts are generally baggy and airy and are perfect for muscular bodies. So, if you want to show off your upper torso with panache, here is your pick.

Girls t-shirt to wear with leggings

As discussed already, the style is equally popular among men and women. There are brands like Fendi, Levi, and Versace that offers an exclusive range of women t-shirts for women. They come in different shapes, including wide neck off-shoulder, yoke neck and most popular boyfriend t-shirts. You can style all of these t-shirts to wear with denim skirts, jeans and leggings. Today, women of all ages are using t-shirts according to their taste and other preference. However, to style perfectly, women need to look for a high-quality item that they can wear in most situations. Another suggestion is to avoid using prints, statements and logos on them. Additionally, they must stick to simple round-neck styles.

Tips on how to buy T-shirts online in UAE

Although a t-shirt is the simplest of all the clothing items for men and women, buying is tricky. Especially if you are not willing to risk your money, time and efforts invested in the shopping process. The first thing you need to do while shopping for a t-shirt is to kill some myths. The most important one is that “buying a t-shirt is all about the colour – nothing else.” Doing so will end up as a disaster. To the fact, you need to consider the size, neckline, sleeves length and style, fabric, fit and colour of a t-shirt while buying. Today we will share some tips with you to consider next time you go out shopping. With these tips, you can be sure of buying a perfect fit cheap t-shirt in design.

  • Consider the needs – The most important thing is to know the purpose you need the t-shirt. Wearing a plain white t-shirt at a concert can be fine. But a graphic t-shirt in vibrant colours is the best suitable option. Likewise, sharp graphics and colours are not suitable to use with a blazer for a casual look.
  • Check the size – When it comes to clothing, size is always of core importance. A wrong size can never be of any use for you. Too much big and you will look like a cat in the sack. Too tight will also end up as a disaster.
  • Check the fabric – Time has changed. The t-shirts are available is much more than simple cotton. Now you can also find them in polyester, linen, Rayon, tri-blends and blends of cotton and polyester. You must pick a fabric according to your skin and seasonal conditions.
  • Check the neckline – Most commonly used necklines in t-shirts are crew neck, V-neck, and Henley. Meanwhile, polo t-shirt with a collar and scoop neck are also in trend — both men and women equally like these styles of t-shirt you need to buy for you.
  • Check product details – Online shopping has its pros. Here you can explore as many articles as you want and spend as much time as you need to know the products in detail. You can visit the product description section to read all the details about size, fabric and style.
  • Check the price – Are you sure you are not willing to play the budget game? Staying within budget is always a good idea. Here at you can search for t-shirts according to price. It is better to spend some time on search rather than paying the price of two for one.

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Question & Answer

Why do t-shirts shrink?

The t-shirts are normally made of pure cotton or have a percentage of it. When washed in hot water, the cotton strings break down, resulting in shrinkage of the shirt. Luckily, you can easily avoid this contraction of fabric. The best way is to read the product description. The manufactures always mention the material used in the shirt. Moreover, they also mention the washing instructions and care of the shirts. If for any reason you miss the information, you can consult the tag on the back of your shirt. It gives you the washing instructions that are must follow to avoid shrinkage.

Are t-shirts casual?

Yes -t-shirts are casual. You can easily pair, mix and match them with different styles of tops and bottoms. Meanwhile, you can easily couple them with different styles of blazers, jackets or coats for different occasions. Such as basic blue jeans and white t-shirt are bread and butter. However, to make a truly casual look, you need to be careful while paring. Additionally, both the top and bottom must be clean and of a perfect fit. Moreover, the colours should be according to the occasion.

What t-shirts are the best quality?

It is always better to buy a branded t-shirt. Brands make t-shirts with high-quality fibres. This is the reason why they last for long. Best brands that are selling a wide range of t-shirts online in Dubai include Nike, Adidas, Levi’s and Fendi. While others in the competition are Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and fila, all these brands are selling t-shirts for all occasions and styles. Here you can find products for both men and women of all sizes and body shapes.

Where to buy the best t-shirts in Dubai?

Here at you can find the most variety of brands selling high-quality t-shirts online. With top brand Adidas, you can also compare and explore products from leading stores online. These also include the top selling brands and the world most trusted stores in clothing and fashion accessories. Here you can buy shirts in single as well as deals. Meanwhile, you can also see a perfect pair of bottoms to complete your look from head to toe in one go.

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