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Do you know there is a difference between a sport and a dress shirt? We are sure you won’t have an idea about the fact. Most guys believe that a very button-down top with long sleeves and collar is a dress shirt. The lines are blurred with exceptions on both sides of the fence. Dress shirts are conservative in style and colours to suit any formal occasion. But when it comes to sports shirts, “playful” is the best term to define it.

Initially designed for sporting pursuits now the sports t-shirts come in several styles. Since the early 2000s, these shirts were incorporated into a broader category of leisure and informal wear. Now it is almost impossible to discuss a man’s wardrobe without listing a sports shirt. With a decline of suits at the workplace, men started looking for other options to dress and meet the sartorial standards while displaying their taste. These shirts have a dual purpose and are perfect as both casual and sports dress items for men. Readily available and easily accessible, these shirts demand a little attention while coordinated with other items. Let’s know more about the style in detail.

The ultimate guide to sports shirts for men

With slight differences in the two styles, there has been a lot of confusion around what is a sports shirt and what it is not. The button-down front and collar are some of the reasons why men mix dress shirts with long sleeve shirts. I, by myself, have seen this so many times. A guy comes out of a workplace wearing a silk tie with a check shirt. It looks awful and weird. A guy must let go of these myths. It is not necessary that if a shirt has a collar, buttons, and long sleeves, you can or must wear a tie with it. There are exceptions. There is a clear difference between a tie perfect dress shirt and a sports shirt. Let’s unfold the mystery of this unique men’s button-down shirt, one by one.

Sports vs dress shirts – Understanding the difference

The line between a sport and a dress shirt is very blurred. However, there are some subtle differences that every man must understand if he doesn’t want to make fun of him. Here one major difference is that these shirts are more whimsical. Unlike dresses, these shirts are available in different combinations, prints, colours and patterns. Moreover, these shirts have detailed features like pockets. On occasions, you can find these pockets made of different materials, including denim. When it comes to wearing them off the hook, consider casual business settings. However, even in such times, you need to let go of the tie. As a business casual attire, you must pick jeans or khakis to enjoy dressier looks.

Understanding the fabric of your sports shirts

The sports shirts are available in different materials. It includes synthetic, miracle microfiber, spandex, cotton and calico. All these fabrics are sweatproof, breathable and comfortable to be used in any weather. Here what you cannot find is a sports shirt in silk, twill, broadcloth, pinpoint oxford, dobby or chambray etc. Hence if you get confused if the shirt is a dress or sports shirt, pay attention to the fabric. It is important to keep in mind that these shirts are meant to be airy and give you a look and feel of sportsmen. Thus, they will come in materials that can help to maintain body temperature.

Styling sports shirts for work

The time had gone when a men’s business look or office attire was all about a dress pant coat and a tie. Today many professions like Information Technology, Art and Sciences have moved to entirely different dress codes. It would be better to say that the business suit is left with the commerce field, majorly. Although suits are still a preferable option for high-end business meetings, these shirts are considerable as well. You can wear a carefully selected shirt with a blazer and straight jeans to a casual business meeting or brunch with the client. Likewise, a subtle checkered button-up sports shirt with jeans is completely acceptable for a casual day at work.

Sport t-shirts designs

Sports t-shirts are available in many different styles. You can find them in V-neck, crewneck, or collar style. These sports t-shirts come in materials like polyester and cotton. The flexibility of colour, style and design is what makes them a versatile option to be used any time of day and night. With the advancement in technology, these shirts are available in different styles of printed logos, graphics or phrases. Available in both short sleeves and sleeveless, these shirts are great for layering with sports jackets and thermals. These t-shirts are comfortable as the material used is breathable. While their water-resistant capabilities make them a perfect choice for sports like running, jogging or water sports.

Tips on how to buy Sports Shirts online in UAE

The sports t-shirts stand among the most versatile clothing items in men’s wardrobes. Going to a physical store cannot earn you as many benefits as you can enjoy in online shopping. Here on our shopping search engine you can find hundreds of brands displaying thousands of products online. However, for a significant shopping experience online, it is necessary to be able to pick the right option for you. Unfortunately, not all men can deal with the process efficiently. As a result of which they end up buying the wrong colour or size of the products. Today, we will share some generic tips for men to do online shopping. These tips can help them understand where to start, what and how to look for.

  • Do some brainstorming – Important is to know what you need to look for. Before you head to an online shop, know your needs. Recall your existing wardrobe and find what it lacks. Once you are clear with your need, pick your smart device.
  • Go online – There are thousands of websites claiming to offer different products. It is important to shop from a trusted platform like ae. Land on the search bar and type “sports t-shirts for men.” With just one click you will see dozens of products you can explore from.
  • Do some price comparison – At we have more than 500 brands and stores selling sports t-shirts online. Your budget should be your preference. To find the right products according to budget and needs, search based on price preferences and limitations.
  • Check product details – Here you need to pay attention to some really important details of the product. Go to the product detail section and look for fabric material, size, and colour. Here you must also check the collar and cuff size and washing instructions before you buy.
  • Check return policies – Always try to be on the safer side. You can look for as many products as you want to but, pick the one that comes with easy return policies. With easy return policies, you can order more than one product and return the one that doesn’t fit well.

We at offer a wide range of men’s clothing online in the UAE. Here you can explore products from top brands like Lacoste, Nike, Polo, Reebok and Puma. Other options you can look into are’ Adidas, Oakley, Fila, Slazenger, and Tommy Hilfiger. It is better to explore more than one store before buying any specific product. Our product comparison site has made the price-based search easier for you. Here you can search for products from the different brands by looking according to price. Go live now to make your choice.

Question & Answer

What are sports tops made of?

Mostly these shirts have breathable and water absorbent materials. It includes materials that can absorb a moderate amount of sweat from your body while allowing an airy and fresh feel to it. The most common materials used in these shirts include synthetic fibres, miracle microfibers and cotton. Meanwhile, you can also find shirts made of calico and spandex. Each of these materials works well in different situations. For example, you can use a cotton shirt as office wear. However, a shirt made of spandex is better for athletic activities.

How do these shirts fit?

The design and purpose of this shirt are the reason why they must have a moderate fit on any body size. It must neither be too tight to show off your muscles nor too loose and baggy. There are times when you might need to add a layer of clothing below or above these shirts . So, make sure the size allows enough space to do so. Meanwhile, if you are looking to wear a sports t-shirt, you must consider the movement of your muscles. Specifically, if you are using them for athletic activities. At such times you will need to allow freedom to your muscles. So, pick a fit accordingly.

Are sports-specific shirts popular?

At times when business shirts and suits were the only options for men at work, these shirts got fame. The reason for overnight fame is the versatile nature of these shirts. The fabric material, as well as the print, patterns and colours of the shirt, make it suitable business attire. Meanwhile, they are the most natural and flexible option for leisure time, sporting activities and sports. For all the said reasons, these shirts have gained huge popularity since the early 2000s.

Where to buy sportswear shirts?

Here at you can find the most astonishing variety of cheap sports shirts online in the UAE. We have top brands like Lacoste, Nike, Polo, Reebok, and Puma. Explore and find the best price of the most desired options of sports t-shirts for women and men. Above all here, you can explore and compare products from the most desired stores online. Just like a polo shirt and a pair of quality denim jeans, sports shirts are also important. They are somewhere at the top of the list of wardrobes essentials for men.

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