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A.P.C. short sleeved polo shirt - Black
A.P.C. short sleeved polo shirt - Black
Black cotton short sleeved polo shirt from A.P.C. featuring an embroidered logo to the front, a c...
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About Polo Shirts

Leonardo Da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  We assume that you can achieve it effortlessly with a collared t-shirt. Yes, we are talking about polo shirts that are conveniently versatile and available in a huge variety.

We at have a wide range of men’s clothing out of which polo shirts are the most admired and sold items. The reason for this fame is obvious – the versatility and variety that it brings to men’s wardrobes. A men’s polo shirt works in a variety of settings. You can wear them on a day out on a golf course or can style them for a meeting with the client. Standard features of the style include a collar, a few front buttons, and even a hem and sleeves in both short and long lengths. Customarily these shirts come in collared designs and vibrant solid colours. The front buttoned collar is the feature that makes these shirts a versatile staple in men’s wardrobes. Today, we will help you understand some style possibilities with these shirts and how to pick one for you.

Beginners guide for polo shirt styles

A polo shirt is undoubtedly a timeless and simple piece of clothing popular among both men and women. A polo t-shirt is a classic alternative to common tees. They can easily be styled up or down with the help of just a few key pieces that can complement them well. The distinct collar, highly breathable fabric and buttons make them ideal for every occasion. It’s a surprising fact that since the introduction these shirts never went out of style. Whether there is drop-in mercury or the temperature rises, here are some fantastic ways you can mix and match polo shirts in style.

Styling your long sleeves polo shirts

Commonly we see polo shirts in warmer months, but that does not mean they are only for summers. The long sleeves alternative to polo shirts looks terrific when there is a drop-in temperature. The polo shirts in long sleeves can be layered and styled in many ways. Let’s say you are wishing for a casual feel and look. Consider a combination of full sleeve polo with sneakers and chinos. Adding a layer of the leather jacket can do wonders. This is a timeless combination that looks good on everyone. Even a beginner can carry this style like a pro. It is easy to dress and can be pulled in any season. You can replace the jacket with a button-down sweater or blazer or carry it on its own.

Styling your short sleeves polo shirts

Are you willing to show off your muscles? Do it in style with a classy short sleeves collar t-shirt. The classic design behind this clothing is timeless and works well if paired with chinos. Here you can also consider jeans or even can go with suit pants. Pick a pair of jeans if you need a street look but don’t forget to replace them with suit pants for flawless office attire. You can dress it up by donning loafers with a blazer. But if you want to keep the look relaxed, opt for jeans and sneakers. The options do not rest here. There are many ways you can wear this stylish item. All you need is confidence and a little sense of style with creativity, style and know-how about the latest trends.

Styling your classic cotton polo shirts

Polo shirts were introduced in the late 10th century. They are the first-ever clothing items with a button-down collar. This classic shirt is revolutionising men’s wear even today. And now it is your turn to wear it with pride. This traditional wardrobe essential is best for both casual and smart-casual occasions. Here key to success is finding the right fit. Additionally, make sure that the buttons don’t make it too low. Luckily, polo shirts are where you can pick bold colours like burgundy or eggplant green and purple. However, if you still want to stick to a classic white cotton polo shirt, dare to go with checkered white and black bottom and oxford to enjoy a classy look.

Styling your knitted polo shirts

These polo shirts work well for both summers and winters. They are available in the market in wool and cotton materials. Knitted polo shirts are softer and have a cushier feel as compared to any other types. Most men love to pair these shirts with suede jackets and slim tapered trousers. The knitted polo is believed to be the one that swaps out the typical cut and sew cotton shirt. Its relaxed sweater-like look work well with straight trousers, oxfords or suede shoes, and folded sleeves. When wearing the combination, you must think less of a country club man and more like a “Mad Man” on vacation in California.

Tips on how to buy Polo Shirts outfits online in Dubai

Shopping for clothes is one of the things we do out of necessity. This is because most men do not enjoy shopping. But all of us enjoy dressing well and getting the confidence that comes when we know that we are looking good. Even then shopping is not high on the list of favourite activities of guys. One primary reason for this lack of interest is the traditional model of online shopping. It works somewhat like having some vague ideas, visiting multiple stores, browsing prices, doing a bargain hunt, rinse and repeating. It takes hours, mostly fruitless in many ways. However, it is time to move on to something innovative and easy. But before heading to a hassle-free shopping option, here are some points you must keep in mind while searching for a polo t-shirt online.

  • Buy stuff that you love and know (and it fits) – This is a brainer. If you already have something in your wardrobe, it looks good on you, and you love wearing it, go for it once more. In the case of polo-style shirts, this time try a new variety and material of the shirt.
  • Don’t buy anything that cannot be exchanged or returned – Beware! Not all stores and brands offer these policies. Specifically, when you are about to buy from clearance or end of season sales. These are final sales, and you might not get any return facility on these products.
  • Shops from stores that offer free shipping and return – Almost all the big retailers offer free shipping services and return policies in a pre-defined time frame. Online shopping becomes risky at times. Thus, it better is to buy from a retailer or brand that offers such services.
  • Wait for discounts or sales – If it is not urgent, don’t buy it during regular hours. All brands offer discounts and sales on their products. These offers come around all the time. Hence, it’s better to wait a while than pay extra bucks for what you can get at half price or less.
  • Buy different versions and return what doesn’t fit – Yes, here is the kick of online shopping. When you head to buy something, always order more than one size and colour of the same product. Try them on and return whatever doesn’t fit you well. Just don’t remove tags!

However, above all, important is to adopt the right mindset to get used to and style any clothing items. With the right mindset, even a cheap polo shirt can work wonders for you. Surprisingly the polo style shirts can blend into any personality if you allow them to. You can opt for a proper haircut, pants, belts, jackets or blazers and shoes to complete the look you wish for. With, we offer the opportunity to explore as many styles as you wish to. So, be a man to dare a change in your outlook while playing with the best polo shirts online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

What to wear with your polo shirts?

Polo shirts are versatile. They can easily be paired or mixed and matched with any style of bottom, shoes or upper layer to complete the look. You can pair your button-down polo shirts with sweatpants to get a cool and relaxed look. Here you can get a polished look by using a snapback, sneakers and a duffel bag.  Likewise, polo shirts with shorts are also famous among men. Meanwhile, blazers are also appreciated when it comes to layering with polo shirt outfits while some styles appreciate using chinos with polo shirts for men.

Are polo shirts smart casual?

We never saw polo shirts going out of style. These are one of the best style options for a business casual look for men. Polo shirts for women works wonder the same way. To get a casual business look with polo shirts you need to keep the top buttons done. It creates a polished troupe. For such a look, the t-shirt must not be too tight or too loose. Hence, pick a shirt in which you can move comfortably. If you are heading for a formal event, tuck in the shirt and add a layer to the blazer.

Can I tuck in my polo shirt?

Yes, there is an occasion when you can tuck in the polo shirts to get the coveted look. These shirts have an even hem that can be worn untucked. But there are occasions when you need to get a dressier look as business causal, or for golfers. At such times you can tuck these shirts into your trousers. Likewise, if you are adding a layer of jacket, coat or blazer over the polo shirt, tuck it in. However, for a relaxed look where you are wearing half sleeves polo with jeans or chinos, a tuck-in is not needed.

Where to buy polo shirts online in UAE?

You don’t need to go any further. Here are the you can find the most variety of polo shirts that exist in the fashion world. We have top brands like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and Gucci. Meanwhile, we are also showcasing products from Burberry, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Prada, Armani, and Nike. Hence, explore what you need and compare the price and products before you buy. Additionally, with the price comparison facility, you can also look for the product in your budget with just a few clicks. It is time for you to try your luck and upgrade your style with the variety of polo shirts on a product search engine. Try your luck now!