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About Imprime Shirts

Think of the world’s most iconic t-shirts. What do they all have in common in Bob Marley, tuxedo or even the Three Wold Moon? What is in these shirts that they have become world-famous? Well, it is the t-shirt design that has been custom made and etched onto the t-shirt. These types of t-shirts are usually known as imprime shirts .

These printed shirts are an icon of pop culture, a real foundation of the decorated apparel industry and the epitome of cool casualness. The roots of this clothing item are as interested as the look. The imprime shirts date back to ancient China. It was during those times that the technique of stencil printing was popular. This was sometime during the Song Dynasty. Initially, this process used silkscreens, hence the other common name silk screening. Over the years, this technique transformed and spread to other Asian countries like Japan. However, the printing of t-shirts came together only in the 1950s. This was when several companies started to decorate t-shirts with characters and company names. As the t-shirt became popular, the screen-printing techniques became even more improved. Being versatile, they now have become one of the best garments and a method to establish a specific brand in the market.

Five reasons to buy imprime shirts

Whenever you think of starting a business, you think of marketing your brand in every possible way. But custom t-shirt printing is by far the best idea to put your brand among the audience. Why? Well, customising your shirt is fun and cool. Imagine designing your t-shirt, having your t-shirt designed and selling them with your label—that’s happiness. Isn’t it? But there is more to this. The imprime shirts can achieve much more than just being a brand label. Here are a few advantages of having your imprime shirts, especially if you are a business owner.

Reach audience with custom shirts

Every single year, thousands of businesses get started. This makes the marketing of your brand a little tricky. It becomes a daunting task to divert the attention of your target audience to your brand. This is when these imprime shirts come in handy. Have you ever thought about why car companies put their logos on the front and back of their cars? It is for branding purposes. Placing a logo and other information about the brand on the imprime shirts helps companies create awareness about the brand, thereby drawing the audience’s attention. They can communicate the brand message in a friendly way so that you can wear them anytime and anywhere. And the best part, there is no chance that the person wearing them goes unnoticed.

Gain customer loyalty

If you are an owner of the company, you know that making a mark in this highly competitive world isn’t an easy job. This is probably because most competitors are just a few clicks away. It takes months or even years to gain the desired customer loyalty. Many types of research have shown that customers are willing to stick around with those companies that have built a great experience. Websites and promotional events are great tools to market your brand. However, instead of just depending on them, you could give out these imprime shirts as a freebie on a minimum purchase of any product. Well, people usually love such gestures and come back for more. This way, you could retain old customers and make new ones unique.

Go eco-friendly

Of course, amidst all this environment is also the primary concern. Rather than using bulk pamphlets and leaflets to spread the word about your brand, you can opt for these imprint shirts to trumpet your business. You could also print some awesome quotes about environmental protection that’ll motivate people to protect the planet. They also use minimal energy and carbon. You can consider them as an off the clock marketing tool. A well designed eco-friendly imprime t-shirt will encourage all the employees to wear them anytime and anywhere. Thus, helping companies build brand identity without intervening in the works of mother nature.

Cost-effective marketing

Financial constraints while the onset of a business is quite apparent. However, for this reason, brand marketing cannot be put aside. But what if we tell you that these imprime shirts are one of the best economical options to promote your name among the target audience. Compared to other advertising methods such as hoardings and TV ads, imprime shirts are one of the most cost-effective solutions to promote your business. With the advancement of technology, there are even online t-shirt maker tools to easily design your perfect printed t-shirt. In addition to this, a good quality imprime shirt will have a longer lifespan, thereby helping the brand get more visibility for an extended period. This has increased the demand for these shirts.

Boosting the team spirit

A friendly environment and a healthy team relationship are imperative for companies to succeed in what they do. This is also one reason why boosting your employees’ team spirit from time to time is essential. Over the past few years, many organisations have started realising the importance of creating an influential company culture. What can be better than a company t-shirt that makes you feel the oneness and uniformity of the company? There is no denying that the imprime shirts are a great way to develop a strong emotional bond with the company. They unite the internal teams, thus accentuating motivations and commitment among the employees of cultural diversity. This, in turn, increases the chances of success and helps achieve the company’s goals efficiently.

Tips on how to buy Imprime Shirts online

Do you have a family get together? Or perhaps you are in a club with a specific t-shirt budget. Either way, imprime shirts can be the best choice to wear. Despite people having variable views about the likes and dislikes of these shirts, they are still famous and loved by creative people. And for the same reason, you can find several options online. Many brands and sellers also give online services to order customized shirts. But if you are heading to buy a premade style here are some tips to keep in mind while doing the purchase.

  • Create a good design — It is now quite evident that these custom-made shirts are a great promotional tool. Therefore, they are a piece of clothing that is sure to attract some eyeballs, which is why a neat, sleek and creative design for your t-shirt is essential.
  • Choose good quality fabric — Once you’ve finalised your design, next go for the material. Remember that all of your employees might, at some point, wear these shirts. Therefore, go for materials that are comfortable and suitable for most seasons.
  • Opt for suitable colours — Do you think colours do not matter? Of course, they do. Usually, try and get t-shirts that best suit their body types. However, in the case of imprime shirts, the brand colours are essential. Try and purchase t-shirts that impart the primary colours of your brand.
  • Check for a digital printing press — Your next step after deciding on the colour and fabric must be to choose an appropriate printing press to print your design and create your desired t-shirt. There are many of them available online. You could check out various options.
  • Know the different printing techniques — There are many different printing techniques. Each of these techniques creates a different quality of imprime shirts. Therefore, before you give out your t-shirt for printing or even purchase it online, know and understand various types of t-shirt printing technologies. Some of them are screen printing, dye sublimation, heat press printing and many more.

So, now you know how printed t-shirts are made and know that they are very versatile elements. They allow you to modify them in pretty much any way your mind can think of. This is probably one of the prime reasons why the imprime shirts make great canvases for prints, but they also can be modified by cutting. While there are different printing techniques, all of them have various requisites. However, printing them is a straightforward process. With so many features, they are indeed an item worth owning.

Question & Answer

Where to buy printing shirts?

Indeed, a custom-made shirt is a wardrobe staple, if you are a loyal employee, a huge fan, a couple in love or even a member of a particular club. Well, essentially, all of them require imprime shirts. You can purchase this printed t-shirt online. You can find a wide variety of online stores that offer such services. There is some online shopping site that even offers online tools to design your shirt and place the order then. After confirmation, the company prepares your order and delivers it to your doorstep.

What to wear with printed shirts?

Choosing the wrong pair of clothing with printed shirts will lead to devastating consequences. It may even mark you as ‘that guy in the comedy clobber. Therefore, you always need to be careful when styling printed shirts. As an example, you could always wear your printed shirts with a pair of dark denim jeans. You could also pair them with lighter shades of denim. Both look dapper. As for tops, you can wear them underneath a plain suit. It gives a classy vibe.

Why printing shirts are popular?

These graphic tees always look attractive and are visually appealing. Moreover, they can be handy when it comes to attracting the attention of other people. Wearing imprime shirts with a beautiful image is the easiest way to make yourself stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, they are also a reflection of your personality and taste. And the best part is they are easy to wear and are quite comfortable too.

Where can I buy Imprime shirts online in the UAE?

One of the easiest ways to purchase the imprime shirts is to visit a reliable shopping search engine that offers customised tees. This is where you can find products from several brands and sellers from around the globe. Well, our online shopping platform offers a wide range of printed t-shirts from various brands like Polo, Ralph, Lauren, Gildan, Disney, Vitruvian, Dior, Hugo Boss, Calvin, Klein, Louis, Philippe, and Nike. You can also tailor them to suit your personality. So, go online shopping for printed t-shirts today!