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About Feeding Shirts

Flat footwear paired with breathable loose fabrics is not a boring personality at all. A lot of manufacturers understand the conscious mind of all new mothers concerned about their new figure and old clothes that don’t fit. Well, you can still make a fashion statement and look elegant if you spend a little time choosing the best products. By saying the best, we mean something that complements your style along with making your feel comfortable. Feeding shirts or food shirts, in this regard, is the purchase you should not miss. There is plenty of styles, budget range, and brands that have listed their unique products in the online marketplace. Check them all before hitting the buy button.

Feeding shirts have a flap or slit on top of your breast area for feeding convenience. So, you do not have to pull your entire garment up or down for that purpose. You can buy different styles, colours, and patterns for a particular time and place. Also, you do not have to worry about them being useless after your breastfeeding time is over. There is no way you cannot wear them afterwards. The flap or slit is just a style like any other garment may have. You are not wasting your money and time on this shopping spree. So, explore the online marketplace before you pick your food shirt style.

Advantages of nursing shirts for breastfeeding

Due to their changing size and figure, the mother often feels conscious all the time. It happens especially when it is time to go out and be social. It is possible that your old clothes do not fit you anymore or they are not comfortable enough to let you gain your confidence back. On the other hand, nursing blouses are made to tailor all your needs. The fabric, comfort, breathability, size, and everything else will complement you just the way you want. However, not all food shirts would have these features. For that, you have to scrutinise the details and read the features before buying nursing shirts online in UAE. Even the tiniest detail of buttons, hooks, elastic, everything matters for your and your child’s safety.

Lactation shirts for public discreetness

You should never get embarrassed when breastfeeding your child in public. You are a proud mother and let that feeling stay tight. While we stock nursing clothing collections, including food shirts on our shopping platform, we have been aware of society’s feelings. Sometimes, people may raise their eyebrows looking at you breastfeeding. On top of that, that expression may go weirder if your body part is exposed unknowingly. It happens in this world of humans, and we are equally ashamed of that. We are pretty sure that any breastfeeding t-shirts would make you feel comfortable in nursing your child. And that too without being conscious about onlookers.

New Look nursing blouses

New Look is the brand focused on making new mothers look beautiful inside out. You can pick your style, a fabric that complements you in every possible way. Some styles include peplum blouses, V-neck florals, ruched design, ribbed one, or lots more. For those not aware, ruched is a pleated or gathered strip on a garment that gives a slimming effect. This design is popular among nursing mothers as they want to hide their fat. It has nothing to do with fat shaming, but we understand the feelings of mothers about the changes that are happening inside and outside their bodies. Thus, we welcome their insecurities as it is and have got plenty of food shirt choices to let them feel cool and chic.

H&M nursing shirts

H&M is one of the premium brands you may want to look for while searching for the best feeding shirts. Their products are limitless and unique. You can even stock a whole lot of different designs only from H&M that can be sufficient for your entire breastfeeding time. Loungewear, party look, formal attire, or even the best nursing nightshirt, you can expect everything here. You can even continue using them afterwards. But usually, mothers crave to go back to their original figure so that these feeding shirts may have their presence for a few more months in your wardrobe. Besides the positivity of the H&M brand for mothers, you can rely on many other brands. Explore them all at our shopping platform –

Tips on how to buy Feeding Shirt

You should not feel embarrassed to breastfeed your baby in public. But it is indeed reassuring when you prepare yourself for what you may confront. It doesn’t mean your everyday front open clothing is not appropriate in any way. However, these special clothing are not just about stitching a flap but are made to tailor a mother’s needs. It makes them look confident and go out with their baby without feeling conscious. Although there are things you need to consider during your purchase, we have compiled some fine points here for you.

  • Comfort – Your body undergoes many changes inside out. While you embrace these changes, you should choose comfortable fabrics over tight clothing. The other aspect of comfort should be from your child’s perspective. In this regard, you should avoid clothing with sharp objected stitched in the name of style.
  • Time & place – Just like your regular shirts vary when you step outside or relax at home, nursing shirts go with a similar logic. You may layer a tank top or nursing bra underneath when stepping outside but sit comfortably with just your nursing shirt at home or a tank top at home. Also, the nighttime is crucial because your child often wake you up in the middle of the night. Therefore, you can have a nursing blouse or shirt as loungewear, nightwear, outdoor, or even for a get-together.
  • Durability – Because your nursing clothing confronts regular pulling and stretching, they are more prone to lose their shape. You may also change your weight during that period. So, not all clothing may accommodate your increasing breast size and other body areas. Scrutinising all the reasons, durability is indeed a feature you should not miss looking for.
  • Style – There is no way you should opt out of wearing your style just because you are nursing. At our shopping platform, you will see optimum style results with nursing flaps and all other mandatory maternity stitching in the right place. Mothers often love overlapping blouses as they give a feeling of warmth and comfort, which is why you see these styles mostly on every other platform. If this isn’t your choice, you can pick from various styles upon your visit at
  • Breathability – A breathable fabric is for both mother and baby. Your purchase nursing blouse should have adequate ventilation since nursing is an activity that may cause a lot of sweating. Also, it should not suffocate the feeding baby as you try to cover your feeding breasts. Apart from breathable wearable fabrics, you should buy products based on how you practice breastfeeding. You may want a separate shawl, cover, jacket, or anything else. If that is the case, make sure they have the same quality and match your shirt’s style.

We hope the tips will help make a quality purchase. Along with that, we would also like to name a few brands to give you a good start. Some of them include ASOS, New Look, Jojo, and House of Napius. You will find them all or even more on our shopping platform that is You can also begin your shopping drive with our discounted section, wherein you will get nursing shirts on sale online in UAE.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a feeding shirt online in UAE?

You can rely on many brands when it comes to buying feeding shirts online. Let’s list a few of them here. First of all, H&M is one of the premium brands that offer both online and in-store services to Dubai’s residents. Here, you can explore stylish variants of maternity shirts of different colours and sizes. Likewise, there is another brand ASOS with a similar approach. They provide a wholesome product list with uniqueness in each one of them. You can explore more such brands and their product on our shopping search engine . Visit it once, and you will be a click away from buying the best feeding shirt available.

How to use a feeding shirt?

There is no way any manufacturer could have made a feeding shirt complicated. The primary objective is to make it take less time. And especially when your baby is super hungry, you don’t want to unbutton fabrics that can take a longer time. So, a usual feeding shirt has a flap that you can unclip from the sides or one side and pull down for breastfeeding. Even if you are wearing a bra or tank top underneath, breastfeeding starts more quickly than usual. It’s an easy and more convenient way than pulling your entire shirt from the bottom – one of the reasons why feeding shirts are so popular among mothers.

Which is the best fabric for a feeding shirt?

Polycotton, viscous cotton, any other cotton blend or even rayon is perfect for feeding shirts. Typically, any fabric would be good if fulfilling one condition that it must be breathable. Breast leaks are common while nursing, so your material must be able to absorb a little without making you feel uncomfortable in public places. You can have a shawl or jacket at hand to cover any stain that may have occurred in these situations. Even if you haven’t, there is no need to feel embarrassed for something natural that has happened. So, when you choose clothes, keep in mind that you can wear any colour, pattern, style, design, and fabric.

How much does a feeding shirt cost?

The cost of these unique shirts is almost equal to your everyday clothes. You can buy one at the cost of AED40, AED100, or even go higher. It all depends on the fabric, brand, style, and many other features. Visit our retail search engine, and you can explore a flexible budget range. Upon your visit, you will find more filters other than budget, so you can get the list of suitable options only. We have plenty of variants under one roof, which makes your shopping a seamless experience in every possible way. Check them all and see what interests you the most.