About Bolero Shirts

Fashion is something that everybody loves, and it is also one thing that is continually seeing changes and growth. An outfit that you brought just a few months ago will no longer be “in style”, and that’s precisely how it works.

One of the things that do not change is fashion and keeping it classy. A few vintage clothing styles haven’t lost their charm over the years and are popular even today. This, however, doesn’t mean that you don’t look into what new is out there. If you’re a stylish person and love adding to your wardrobe, you can never run out of choices! The best thing, however, is that today you have so many brands and stores that you can get something new every time and never have a shortage of choices. The important thing here is to determine your style statement and stick to it. Changes are significant but having something that works wonderfully for you and something that you can modify as need be, is the best thing ever.

Various types of bolero shirts to add to your collection

Trends change, fashion sees highs and lows, but something that works for you will continue to do so if you can manage to carry it off. Among so many choices, one that works on almost every woman is the bolero shirt . Commonly known as a bolero, this unique style works on the lines of a shrug. However, it has been in wardrobes much earlier than shrugs even made an introduction and women love it just as much even today! It is undoubtedly one of those pieces of clothing that never seem to go out of style! If you haven’t heard about bolero shirts, hop online and check some options. The style is delightful and extremely versatile. Bolero clothing goes well with many add-ons like blouses, halters, spaghetti’s, tube tops and more. Check out this unique style for yourself today!

The favourite bolero shrug

Nothing is better than adding a shrug on something to make it a whole lot different almost instantly! The bolero shrug is a style that never goes out of fashion, and the best thing is that you can easily team it with so many outfits. Wear it with a pair of jeans and a simple tee, with a shirt, shorts or any pants. Layering makes it look like you’ve played around with the look without you having to do much. The best look, however, is to keep it simple if you include a shrug. Both shrugs and boleros can add a ton of character to one’s look in an instant. So, it helps to tone down everything, so it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. A bolero in itself makes a big statement and helps to make a simple look work wonders!

Shrugs and boleros for evening dresses

Another fabulous way of using shrugs and boleros is to include them as part of your evening wear attire. Here, you can go with two options, and you can either have them as part of the main dress or take it off after reaching the venue. Both ways, it helps to have a shrug or bolero for your evening dress. The cover-up works when there is a little nip in the air. If you’re planning to use it as part of your outfit, take time to choose shrugs and boleros that complement your dress. There are styles like sequinned, lace, silk, georgette and many more that you can easily team with your outfit in the best way. If you plan on doing this, it helps to keep the rest of the look simple.

The bolero cardigan

Well, the bolero shirts don’t always have to be to add in a style quotient. You can very quickly wear a bolero cardigan for when it starts to get chilly. For this, the best pick is to go for something made of wool, corduroy or similar material. It is perfect when you’re going on a trip in the winter. Another good thing about it is that you don’t need a jacket or sweater additionally. So along with it looking good, the cardigan also keeps you warm. It is a good idea to choose a cardigan of this type in a single bold colour. Solid shades make it better to team up with a different outfit. This way, you don’t have to invest in many and can use the same one with different attires, as and when required. Same way, you can also opt for warm short sleeve shrugs.

The lace bolero jacket

For those who don’t like anything essential, the lace bolero shrug is the best thing for you! Lace is lovely; it is beautiful, feminine, and so versatile. With a lace shrug, you can merge it with dresses and skirts and end up looking fabulous. Depending on how the bolero seems, you can choose to wear it for a party or a casual gathering as you wish. The best part is there are no restrictions with this one, and the thicker lace boleros are also great when it gets slightly chilly. A cute short sleeve shrug or lace bolero looks amazing with skater dresses. Try keeping the rest of the outfit simple so your bolero catches everybody’s attention. You don’t need to add too many accessories or any other add-ons once you get the perfect bolero!

Tips on how to buy Bolero Shirts

Bolero’s look fabulous; however, it is also a style that is slowly getting washed away due to so many new additions. If you love it, there’s no better time than today to invest in a few pieces. This is definitely one of those outfits that look good on anybody. It is surely a classic style statement. Sadly, people forget about it. But, if you still adore the style and would love to add one to your collection, here is what you need to keep in mind.

  • Choose the right one as per the occasion – Although a bolero works well on just about anything, if you’re buying it for a particular event, it helps to keep that in mind. If it isn’t, then opt for a solid colour and a simple style to start with.
  • Pick an outfit – Pick something that will work well with the bolero. A good start is to check out outfits with minimal sleeves and neck coverage. This is a good thing as it avoids feeling “stuffy” while wearing the shrug.
  • Short or long sleeves – Be it a plus-size bolero jacket or some other variation, deciding on the sleeve length before going for purchase is a good idea. While short sleeves are suitable for everyday wear, long sleeves are better when it’s a cold country.
  • Formal or casual – With a lady’s bolero jacket, you can have so many variations. To make it better, first, think if you’re looking for something casual or formal. This helps to zero down quickly and easily.
  • The material is crucial – Again, whether it is a regular or plus-size bolero jacket, choosing the right material is very important. Here, you can decide between cotton, cotton blend, rayon, polyester, silk, lace and many more.

Once you work out these few things, getting the perfect bolero is just one step away. The bolero looks perfectly with most outfits, and you can make the most of it if you know how to style it well. What is important here is to not change the originality of the good old bolero shirts. Of course, adding to it to make it a better outfit is also important at the same time. With a little bit of experimenting, you’ll be able to nail the look.

Question & Answer

Why do you need to wear a bolero?

Although you don’t need to wear it, a bolero or shrug adds a little extra bit of style to your regular outfits. They’re fabulous to wear along with a skirt and top, blouse, pants or even a jumpsuit and evening dress. The style looks fantastic on women of all body types and is excellent to keep you warm as well. Wearing a bolero makes the outfit stand out. In this case, one can work with a fancy bolero or a cute outfit, so anyone stands out. It is also useful over strapless and single strap tops. You can find them in a wide range of colours and fits.

Which accessories can you wear with a lady’s bolero jacket?

A nice bolero jacket, if it is sequinned or has patchwork etc. on it, does not need any accessories. In case it is a simple one, then you can choose some bracelets or a neckpiece, all the way making sure it does not dampen the charm of the shrug or bolero that you’re wearing. Cute shoes as well, make the look work incredibly well. It is important to make sure you don’t sabotage the originality of the look by including too many things. Hence, your selection of accessories depends a lot on the kind of bolero you are planning to carry.

Which are the best bolero shirts for casual wear?

For casual wear, nothing works better than a pure cotton number. These are easy on the skin, light and comfortable and look great. It goes with a lot of different bottom wear, and you can wear it as a formal or casual outfit. Try to keep the complete look casual and straightforward. Crocheted boleros also look fantastic, and you can go for it if the temperature is low. However, for hotter countries, lace, sheer or cotton boleros work well. If you are in search of the best options, you can find many varieties here.

Where can you buy bolero shirts online in the UAE?

There are endless online stores that can give you the best deals while picking up a bolero shirt. With so many brands today, you’ll be spoilt for choices as to which one to pick. The best way to get over this confusion is to use this online search engine , It is a fantastic option to make online shopping simple and gives you the best prices in a matter of minutes! For the best online stores, you can choose from Newchic and more.