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About Pyjama Top

Fashionistas or not, everyone is looking for something cosy to sleep in. Well, nothing beats pyjama top and bottoms when you want to cuddle up in your bed and have a sound sleep. But, with the rise in technology and evolving modern society, these night-time items have become an upcoming trend. This has led the fashion designers and entrepreneurs to capitalize on consumer’s desire to feel comfy wherever they go. 

Worn by men, women and children alike, a pyjama top and bottom are a nightly ritual for most people to slip into these clothing before calling it a night and heading off to bed. Whether it is for cold winters or sweltering summer nights, everyone has at least one pair of their favourite PJs. Most western adults and children slept in long pyjama style top and bottoms until the late 19th century and into the early 20th century. Today, it has become acceptable in many circles for women to leave the house wearing this sleepwear, especially when dropping off their kids at school in the morning, shopping or while running errands. Therefore, it is evident that the pyjama tops are a trend that’s here to stay both in the bedroom and on the streets alike. 

Look chic and feel comfy in these Pyjama tops 

Pyjamas are comfortable, effortlessly structured and cosy as hell – true. They are versatile and come in sets and individually as pyjama top and bottoms. This gives you the freedom to mix and match your sets and experiment with your looks when you are out for a random errand. Plus, being able to toss on one of these tops with a skirt or a pair of capri pants takes the stress out of planning what to wear each morning. You can tuck in these pyjama tops, add some accessories and go. Below are a few types of pyjama top that you can also wear to work. 

Long sleeve pyjama top

If you want to experience more coverage and comfort, then look no further than these types of pyjama tops. You get to experience the most pleasant feel by wearing this fabulous collection of light pyjama top. The top generally covers your entire arm and usually comes with a broader neck for the ease of wearing. They come in various vibrant colours and also in neutral tones. These come in handy when the weather is slightly cold and when you require more coverage, especially when you are out for some work. Generally, they come in sets that include a bottom that compliments the top. However, you can wear each of the pieces separately or as per your convenience. 

Fleece pyjama top

Who doesn’t love some extra warmth in the bed, especially during those winter months? Getting through cold night calls is difficult without proper attire to sleep in. Well, there is nothing better than a fleece PJ top in such cases. They are thick, soft and cosy. Although such materials are carefully detailed on the label, most consumers fail to understand their benefits. Fleece is human-made fibre derived of polyester. This makes it smooth and soft, giving a comfortable feeling to your skin. Also, this remarkable material does not wear out easily and gives the pyjama tops more life span. Apart from this, they are economical and stylish. 

Smocked pyjama top

 If you want to spice up your night, try wearing this pyjama top. They generally feature short sleeve knits with pretty smocked yoke. You can easily pair them with your Capri bottom with an elastic waistband. These tops usually come in materials such as cotton and polyester. Also, they come in soft colours such as lavender, baby blue and pinks. The smoked design on the pyjama top makes it unique, which is why you can wear them even when you are doing some works outside. They also come in pyjama sets, which are comfortable sleepwear.

Tips on how to buy Pyjama Tops online

Choosing your pyjama top may seem like a piece of cake, but the truth is, finding one that suits your needs can be as tricky as picking an evening dress. After all, a night of good sleep is influenced by good sleepwear. You want something functional, comfortable yet chic; add to that luxurious. If you are shopping for pyjama top, we invite you to look at this list to narrow down your options and help you make the right purchase. So, how do you pick your pyjama top? Here are a few things that you need to consider when you set out to buy pyjama top online in Dubai.

  • Check out the fabric – Pyjama tops come in different materials — some of them in mixed varieties. So, you can select the one that best suits your lifestyle. Cotton is the most common material because they are lightweight and breathable. However, keep in mind that this fabric does not insulate heat very well. It can lower your body temperature during colder weather. Therefore, in such cases, you can go for flannel or fleece materials pyjama top.
  • Pick a comfortable top – You would not get those peaceful nighty snoozes, if you are continually adjusting and fussing over the collars, popping stretching out elastics on cuffs. To avoid that, make sure what you want in your pyjama top. Do you want pockets? Collars or round necks? Your pyjama top is going to be part of your sleep routine so, comfort is your top priority.
  • Get the right fit – Fit is paramount when it comes to the sleepwear. You do not want to be topping and turning the whole night wearing these pyjama tops. When buying online, take time to review the size chart and ensure that you’ve checked the measurements before you make the purchase. Since men and women both have different body types, you may want to select a pyjama top and bottoms that compliment your style.
  • Consider the longevity – Always, invest in pyjama tops that will stay for a long time, something that wouldn’t wear off that easily or go out of style. Scrutinize the entire items. Look for their make, especially the seams and ends where the threads usually fray. Also, avoid synthetic materials and choose handmade. More attention is given to handmade pyjama tops can is carefully checked to perfection.
  • Experiment with colours & styles – Who says you must ditch your style for good sleepwear. With so many fashionable pyjama tops with various prints and patterns, you can pick out the one that best suits your style preference. However, remember that your pyjama top reflects your personality in different ways. Therefore, be classy and opt for solid-tone colours. Or pick patterns in fun geometric shapes for a youthful twist.
  • Pick a versatile model – Of course, you do not have to look stylish in just one style, instead of purchasing coordinates by a separate pyjama top and bottoms. And, no, your pyjama top doesn’t have to stay indoors. You can add versatility by reusing your pyjama top as a regular blouse. You can go for modern prints, that way you can pair them with a nice pair of denim and flaunt your lazy look for casual outings.
  • Consider the caring methods – There is no denying the fact that a pyjama top needs regular washing, and you want it to be easy as a breeze. A pyjama made of regular fabrics will require a machine wash, but you might have to hand wash or line-dry items made of delicate materials such as silk or satin. The amount of time you put in caring for your sleepwear is equivalent to the quality of its make and its overall life span.

The right pair of pyjamas with the right pyjama top and bottom are a luxury to your sleep routine. There is something about good pyjamas that soothes your soul. Paying attention to a few such details will lead you to the best choices in terms of fabric, pattern, style and fit. No money will amount to getting a good night’s sleep, and much better good mornings. With the comfy pyjama top and bottoms, you’ll wake up refreshed and refined as your charge into the day.

Question & Answer

How to make pyjama tops?

One of the essential and most essential things in a human’s life is a good night’s sleep. Why not make it one the most comfortable things, too? Having the right sleep attire is the key to this. If you are someone who doesn’t like buying one, you can make one of your own. Just make sure the type of pyjama top that you are aiming to create. Study the seams, and stitches to create a perfect one. Also, go for fabrics that best suits your skin type. Ensure that, at no point, the pyjama top feels uncomfortable. Make sure you cut and create one that makes you look stylish and offers a good night’s sleep. If you are unsure, you can always head out to the expert tailors.

Are pyjama tops in style?

What just started as sleepwear, is now the new trend. The pyjama top and bottoms are no longer just for the bedroom. They have made their way to the red carpet and beyond. Thanks to those super chic satin pyjama tops and sexy and stylish counterparts. They have evolved to such an extent that even celebrities flaunt themselves in these pyjama top and bottoms. They pair it with cool coats and cute handbags to make them appropriate for more than just eye-catching.

Where to buy pyjama tops?

Since pyjama tops and bottoms are the new trends; they are indeed available in both stores and online shops. However, we recommend you shop online, as it is much easier than running around shop after shop to get that perfect pyjama top or bottom. When you buy online, you get the benefit of searching multiple brands and stores, all just sitting and browsing through your system.

Can pyjama tops be altered?

Even after careful considerations and endless searches, you often end up purchasing pyjama top and bottoms that do not fit your right. Well, in such cases it is best to alter them. Of course, you can do that! You can either do it by yourself if you are an expert tailor or hand them over to someone who does the job better than you. Also, in either case, make sure that the seams and stitches after the alteration is strong enough and will not wear out quickly.

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