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About Work Jackets

Work calls for some right outfits. The reason why so many brands have specialised “work attire” sections in their collection is that so many people insist on buying clothing that particularly suits the office. Here, casuals are a strict no-no. Although work attire can be of many types, getting it right always may not be as easy. 

It may not always be the case that you can walk into a brands’ formal wear section and easily pick some work clothing. These days it has become more difficult than ever to zero down on good choices because of the variety available. When it was only trousers and shirts earlier, today you can select from chinos, dress shirts, blouses and tops, coats and jackets, skirts, dresses, work jackets and coats and much more. This can be seen as both a good thing and a not-so-good one because although it gives you so many options, it also makes zeroing down on one very difficult. Sometimes, even stressful. Always ensure you pick the best winter jacket for working outside too if your job calls for it. 

Types of jackets to wear to work 

Workwear is best kept to formals, however, if you have the charisma to carry off a semi-casual look with panache, then why not? A lot of office cultures now encourage their employees to dress casually or in semi-casuals, since it makes them more comfortable, and it all adds to more productivity. Workplaces no more have dress codes either, eliminating a few. It has, thus, become increasingly easy to make a choice when it comes to workplace attire. The only thing to bear in mind is to wear something that looks good, is comfortable and suits you especially if you’re in a customer service or sales role, where you need to meet prospective clients, company owners etc.  

The classic blazer jacket 

Now, who doesn’t love a great number? Definitely one of the oldest and best work jackets, it is a favourite amongst both men and women, the perfect blazer never seems to go out of style. This jacket is never restricted to pants and shirts or blouses. You can wear it with a skirt or dress and still look great. Men can also team it with chinos or corduroy pants. For the daring, some go one step ahead to match it with capris pants, but, that’s a whole other game. These offer a different look than any casual work jackets. You don’t need to do much to make the blazer stand out. On its own, it’s a stunning style statement. Only make sure that the rest of your outfit works to complement it. It is perfect for days when you don’t want to overthink about what to wear. 

The belted jacket 

A modern take on the classic coat, this one has a large statement–making belt along the torso. The thicker the belt, the slimmer your waist looks. It’s one of the best work jackets and an excellent choice for plus size women too, however, don’t opt for a coat that is too fitting. This one also doesn’t need much to work. A pair of trousers in a solid colour and good shoes will complete the look. Depending on the type of jacket, you can omit the blouse and wear a slip or camisole inside it, which looks beautiful. A short skirt with this type of jacket also works wonders. However, restrict this jacket to some days only because if the belt is too tight, it can make you uncomfortable if you’re wearing it throughout the day. 

The cardigan 

Taking us back to school, there is a reason why cardigans have been around since such a long time. Call it a coat or jacket or just a cardigan; it is unique in its way. The simple layer is perfect for keeping you warm and does not interfere with your outfit either. It’s great for daily wear too, perhaps in the winters. The cardigan is available in different shades, types and patterns. You can have one to go with practically any outfit you wear because they’re inexpensive compared to other kinds of jackets. Men can also opt for the sleeveless or full-sleeved cardigans with pants and a shirt. You don’t have to rethink your outfit when you’re planning on wearing a cardigan because it goes with pretty much anything. It’s the best kind of best winter jacket for working outside. 

The lightweight work jacket 

This type can comprise of many coats. Some of the best winter jacket for working outside is light and comfortable, making them easy to carry and store. A lot of jackets that are not made from heavy base materials are light and great for working indoors and outdoors. They are also wonderful while travelling to work.  You can store this at the office itself to wear when the temperatures fall a week bit. More on the lines of a windbreaker, this one is not the best pick to keep you warm but works well to eliminate that little nip in the air. The bomber, hoodie, zipper and most long and short-sleeved jackets fall into this category. They’re least expensive of all types and super convenient, especially if your work calls you to travel and move around frequently. 

The shrug or kimono 

How about something a little stylish? These, of course, don’t help with the dip in temperatures but look stunning as an added layer to a regular outfit. Ideally, you cannot categorise them in coats or jackets since they’re a type on their own. Both of these are wonderful with skirts, pants and blouses, and best if combined with a simple camisole. A shrug can be half or full length, whereas the kimono is mostly the waterfall type. There are so many choices today – with sequins, embroidery, plain, knitted, woollen, and so on. You can choose anything you like as long as it works with the outfit you wear. Unlike coats and jackets, it is essential to remember that these merely add a layer to your clothing and not categorise as an outfit on their own. 

Tips on wearing  formal jackets 

Buying an outfit for work does not have to be a stressful attire. A lot of people look at it that way because they’re often confused as to what will look good in a corporate scenario and then end up picking the wrong clothes that they don’t end up wearing. It can be daunting if it is your first time buying a formal wear jacket, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. A simple way to look at it is to know what works for you before going shopping. 

  • Keep them simple – Jackets and coats add to your everyday style factor along with shielding you from the harsh weather. However, not all of them are for the cold. No matter the type, try keeping them simple, so they blend in with the workplace attire. Unless your workplace calls for a chilled-out outfit as acceptable, be modest in your choices. 
  • Go for comfort – Considering that you will be wearing this jacket the whole day, it won’t be the best if it isn’t comfortable. Always choose comfort over style when it comes to office attire, and you’ll be glad you did.  
  • Check on what’s new out there – Don’t forget to experiment every once in a while. Although it’s a good thing to stick to what you know works for your body type, you’ll never really know what works even better if you don’t try the new additions. 
  • Don’t buy before you begin work – If it’s a new job or office, don’t go shopping before you join. A lot of people make this mistake and then don’t wear those clothes ever again. Work there for a week to learn their dressing styles and then come back and shop. You’ll be glad you waited.  
  • Not every jacket will be the perfect one – It’s okay if the coat you like doesn’t have everything you need. It’s still a good jacket if it works in most ways. You can always buy another one later.  
  • Take buddy along – It helps to make a decision quickly and makes shopping less stressful. It is even more helpful if you’re on a timeline or if you don’t shop frequently. Take along someone who has a sense of style that you like or whose style matches yours.  

Many variations like the construction work jacket, softshell work jacket and the lightweight work jackets are super comfortable and perfect for long-term use as well. It doesn’t mean you need to stick to the rules of fashionistas or bloggers. Instead create your own outfits that work well for your body type and personality. Along with these, the work hoodie jackets with a logo is something that companies go for to promote themselves. 

Question & Answer

How to wear a men’s cotton canvas jacket?

A simple type of jacket, the canvas on is casual light and looks fresh. Although it is not majorly recommended for workwear, it does an excellent job of keeping you warm and comfortable. Team this with a reliable pair of pants and a shirt or polo, and it’s a semi-formal workwear option. For shoes, both casual and formal wear works well. It is important to not add too many accessories and let the basic look stand out on its own. 

Which are the best brands for workwear jackets?

Shopping online is perhaps the easiest way to get your hands on the best workwear jackets with ease. There are so many products and brands to choose from that you’ll quickly find something that suits you. If budget is a problem, keep an eye out for those discounts and online sales that keep happening regularly throughout the year! You’re bound to save some big bucks with these great deals! Coming to the brands, you can pick from Dickies, Denim, Levi’s, North Face, Columbia, Wrangler, Carhartt, Cornerstone, and so many more. You can also choose from online stores like GAP, Lacoste, Newchic, OunassYoins and more.

What is the best way to shop online for jackets?

Well, firstly, you need to ensure you’re well aware of your size and the type of jacket that will look good on you. For starters, take a close look at the ones you own and see what you like and dislike in them. Keeping the negatives in mind, focus on brands and products that fill in those gaps. This is an excellent way to start. Next, you can use this remarkable product comparison site that will help you choose from more than 500+ online stores that sell the same product at varying prices. So, you don’t have to worry about paying extra when the same product is available somewhere else at a cheaper cost. Seems interesting? Check it out today! 

Can you wear work jackets while outside?

Of course, you can! Just style them well, and you’re done most work jackets can easily be worn as part of casual attire. Depending on the type of coat, you can team it with impressive sliders or flats, jeans, tees etc. to create a unique casual look without investing anything for a different jacket. Jackets are so multipurpose that it would be a sin to restrict them only for formal or casual wear or just for interviews. The trick here is to pick up the right kind that you can use anywhere you please. 

Don’t be worried about coming up with something different. Every new style should be given a try, and you never know what you can come up with. If you’re anxious, it also helps to take some quick advice from your friends or somebody in retail.