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About Woody Rope Jackets

A duffle coat or a woody rope jacket is a unique style of coat made from duffle.  It is a coarse, thick, woollen material that is effective in keeping the body warm.  

Initially, the coat can up in Belgium and was made of duffle fabric styled with a hood and toggle fastenings. This style became popular, and the coat spread across Europe by the 1850s. Today we can find many variations in duffle coat style, length and other features. The basic British style duffle coat features a double weave woollen duffel fabric lined with toggle and leather fastening. It also has two large outside patch pockets covered with flaps. Originally these coats are knee-long but are also available in shorter and longer versions.

Everything you need to know about duffle coats 

Duffle jackets basically came from a military setting. However, over time the unique aesthetics and practical aspects of the design won points for versatility. As a result, this is one of few coats that look good when worn with formal or casual clothes. With just the right length and cosy yet comfortable fabric, you can style this coat in any season and with any dress code around the year. Although it will look as good on jeans and sweatshirts as it flaunts your image over a casual suit, you need to make sure that what you are putting on is actually a duffle coat. To help you, here is some basic information about the coat that you need to know before you buy and wear one. 

What is a duffle jacket?  

A duffle jacket or coat has the most recognizable features. The very first thing that you can notice is the front toggles and a large hood on the back or neck. A traditional duffle coat will have toggles that are made from buffalo horns combined with leather straps. However, it can be an expensive item to buy for many. Luckily, today we can find many animal-friendly substitutes in these toggles. A traditional duffle coat for women or men also features coarse, heavy boiled wool. This technique tightens the fabric and makes it water-resistant. These coats also feature two large patch pockets and a square shoulder yoke. Here the length ranges from knee-length to mid-thigh and is about the same as a pea coat.  

It’s all about finding the right fit

A duffle coat will always pair with other clothing items, so it is of great importance to find the right fit for you. The original navy duffle coats were too much buckler as compared to what we can find now. Also, you will need a greatly streamlined fit in duffle jackets, but they will remain a bit boxy. It is important because you will need sufficient room to layer the jackets and knitwear underneath comfortably. With a snug fit, your coat will overpower the body and make you extra bulky and uncomfortable. A perfect fit is one where you can move your arms comfortably and without any creases or wrinkles on the clothing.  

About styling a duffle coat at work  

Duffle jackets are a stylish addition to your business formal and business casual dress code. They can make your winter commute more cosy and comfortable. With the right option, it can easily cover your jacket or blazer while matching the slack. For an outdoorsy look, you can pull a pair of matching boots, oxford shoes or brogues. Also, try to stick to neutral colours like camel, navy, or black. For a more relaxed look, you can also pair it with sweaters, sweatshirts, or slacks. A turtle neck or additional scarves can offer your neck all the needed protection from freezing wind.  

Styling duffle coat casually  

These jackets look very neutral with many casual outfits while dressing them up at the same time. This is why it is considered to be the best of both worlds. Hence you can surely wear them for your relaxing days out on the streets. Casually you can pair it with some jeans, chinos, a sweater, or a pair of sneakers. Such a combination will make a perfect outfit for occasions like bar/pug hangouts, sports games, casual dates, lunches or everything in and around. Moreover, you can add versatility by wearing different types of sweaters with one coat to stock some smart sweatshirts, cardigans, crew or V necks and turtlenecks with the coat.

Tips on how to buy Duffle Coats online in the UAE

No matter how many options you choose to keep your wardrobe up to date, a duffle coat will always make its special place. They can mix and match with any dress code and give you all sorts of style perks. Our favourite duffle coat for sale is favourite because of its colour, durability and make. However, technical features such as number pockets, hemlines and more are essential too. So if you are planning to buy one, you must first know how to buy a perfect duffle. The tips below will help you find a quality duffle coat.

  • Assess the colour, seams and zippers – The   colour of the coat plays a vital role in the visibility. We always recommend picking suitable subtle colours. Neutral colours will help you mix and match the coat with as many dresses as you want.
  • Look out for the fabric and durability – These coats are evergreen, but you can save money only by investing in quality fabric. Fine quality fabric with smooth touch will help you enjoy the coat for years. So read the product description section to know about the material of the coat.
  • Know the size and fit – The coat’s fit is paramount; as you will be wearing a River layer of clothes and a sweater, you should not opt for a snug fit. Rather look for a loose fit that can allow enough space in the coat. Here you can consult the sizing chart for help.
  • Set a budget – Setting a budget when buying them is very important. That’s because the price will vary with the material and style. The quotes might surprise you. Plan to spend less than $100. If you search for branded jackets, you may want to keep a more considerable amount handy.
  • Look out for design details – There are many other details you might want to consider when buying them, as all of them determine the quality of the jacket. For example, the hood size, pocket and pocket flaps, wrist closures, armpit vents, and placement of pockets contribute to a good coat.

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Question & Answer

What to wear with a duffle coat?

Styling a duffle coat entirely depends on the season and occasion. You can pair it with slim or straight-leg jeans and a thick knit jumper as casual winter wear. But in the warmer month, you can use a spring-summer duffle with chino shorts or a pinafore dress. You can also style this contemporary tech fabric with other sportswear like sweatshirts and joggers to make complete streetwear. For formal occasions, long-line duffels are ideal for putting on with cocktail dresses and suits.

What are duffle coat buttons called?

These buttons are known as toggles and are probably the most distinctive feature of a duffle coat. In the past, they were made of hemp cords in combination with wooden toggles. Today most of the toggles are made of plastic. Generally, four toggles are attached to each coat, but three can also do just fine… These types of buttons are easier to close and open with a glove on and, therefore, a must-have for your winter coats.

Can I wear a duffle coat with a suit?

Yes, you can style the duffle coat with suits. And in many parts of the world, duffle coats are believed to add perfection to a businessman’s or service member’s look. This coat will not only keep you warm and stylish but will also cause no harm to the ensemble of your classic suit, expensive watch and strict shoe. But, on the other hand, it can also add some casual charm or strength and confidence to your suiting. Also, out of the office, a duffle can be combined with informal velveteen trousers and a classic shirt with a soft jacket and pullovers.

How should a duffle coat fit?

Due to the design and thickness of these coats, they are streamlined to offer a boxy fit. You will also need enough room to layer knitwear or jackets underneath a duffle coat. With a snug fit, the coat will be difficult to put on and will ruin the crease and press of your innerwear, probably adding wrinkles to your jackets or shirt within. The shoulder seam must also end right on your shoulder tip, and sleeves must not be longer than knuckles. But the standard length of the coat depends on what you need, but a mid-thigh length duffle coat is considered flattering.

Where can I buy a men’s duffle coat online in the UAE?

Well, shopping for duffle coats is rarely an easy process. But keep the above points in mind and browse through to find the finest product. It features an extensive collection of duffle coats from online shops.  Also, you can find some of the best and most cheap duffle coats in UAE. Do not miss out to shop from famous brands such as Burberry, Gloverall, London Tradition, Auralee, Marks & Spencer, or Zara. Explore our product search engine now and buy the best selling and latest trending products from top brands.