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About Winter Jackets

Who doesn’t love stepping out in winters? The wind is perfectly chill; you have a hot beverage as you’re walking, people are walking and sitting in groups, restaurants are welcoming people to come and sit near their fireplaces, ah! So much bliss. Its funny how sometimes seasons and the changes they bring about can give you so much happiness! 

However, at a time like this, which also makes a big difference is also having some warm supplies with you. A beverage, a stole, shawl or jacket or coat to carry or a steaming hot meal to complete the night sounds perfect. These small things make a big difference, especially during winters. A lot of folks also tend to stay up during the night to study or work and sometimes not having the right supplies makes it difficult to sustain for long. At times like this, you wish for clothing that is comfortable and soft. A lot of us have the habit of sitting with a blanket to give us warmth. But over time, it gets both inconvenient and slows down our work pace when we rely on a blanket, not talking about the fact that it also induces sleep. 

Different types of winter jackets 

Choosing a winter jacket is something that everybody does. However, most people don’t like shopping for this one as much because they’re often disappointed or confused with so many choices. The key here is to try to consider all of them before putting down your money. You may have some basic specifications when it comes to buying the perfect winter jacket, and it may not fit in when you go shopping. Plus, winter jackets for men are getting so common, increasing its popularity and thus, the number of brands selling them is also rising. A lot of winter coats for men today are available in online stores. Once you’re particular about your size, you can check all options at the click of a button and order hassle-free.  

The peacoat jacket 

One of the classics when it comes to winter jackets in Dubai is the peacoat jacket. A typical kind of outercoat, it is distinguished from other types of jackets due to its large buttons in the front. It was traditionally worn by European and American navy personnel. Slowly, the style blossomed into something more straightforward and was converted into a winter coat option. The double-breasted front is generally accompanied by a short jacket made of thick fabric, in a solid shade, with pockets and broad lapels. It is a popular and recognised style of winter jackets in DubaiIf you’re looking out for a coat that is great to wear while stepping out with friends, to grab a drink or even to work, then this is the perfect all-purpose jacket for you! 

The bomber jacket 

Smart for both men and women, some people would debate whether a bomber is really ideal for winters. So yes, while typically only leather bomber may not work, particular winter bomber jackets are really nice. They have additional padding inside, along with thick sleeves and a hood, to shield you against the cold. You can conveniently wear it while stepping outside, although being in it at home, maybe a tad uncomfortable. However, it looks great on just about anything, and you can conveniently wear it to work as well. The best part of owning a bomber jacket is that you get two benefits in one – along with keeping you warm it also looks great. 

The cocoon coat 

If only all winter jackets would sound so comfy, right? Well, just like its name, with a cocoon coat, you literally feel like you’re inside a cocoon. Think an oversized, body-hugging jacket made with the softest material, comfortable, quiet, that literally wraps you in a hug. Well, the cocoon coat is precisely like that. This one does not have a defined shape or even shoulders, but that’s what makes it unique. It is also great for plus-sized individuals. Although the style is prevalent amongst women, there are similar options now accessible to guys too. The thing to remember about a cocoon coat is to ensure that it feels comfortable, is of a decent length that suits you and something that feels very comfortable.  

The cape jacket 

A trendy type of winter jacket, this is perfect for someone who adores fashion! Just like a cape, the jacket does not have defined sleeves or a standard length. It is loose in the front and may or may not have buttons for fastening it. Ideally, think along the lines of a waterfall shrug to get an idea of this one. It secures around the neck and is generally loose from after there. Most cape jacket for winters are slightly long and may reach the knees. This style is growing popular because it looks great, works for office wear and can keep you warm. The fact that it does not have specific sleeves allows you the comfort of folding your hands under it. The style is great to wear even in an evening dress or a beautiful attire and will not make your appearance look shabby. 

Tips to keep in mind while buying a winter jacket 

A winter jacket is so important. Even if you live in a country that is dry and humid, the end of the year is a period when almost every place experiences some low weather conditions. Now that you have made up your mind about which one is the right one for you, let's get down to the next step. Merely selecting one is not the end of it, you also need to bear in mind a few easy but essential tips to make buying your perfect jacket a breeze. 

  • Take a pick from what you currently own – The kind of outfits and jackets you now own may be the best way to start. If you have coats, take a close look to figure out what you like and what you don’t, in them. This way, it will help you focus on the positives the next time you are thinking about buying a jacket. 
  • Focus on comfort – Unlike a trouser or top, if a jacket is uncomfortable, you’ll have to do away with it very soon. Considering that jackets are expensive than other types of clothing, this is not something you should even be considering. So always pick something that feels comfortable rather than it being stylish or of a particular brand. 
  • Determine its use  Where are you going to use the jacket frequently? At home? At the workplace? While travelling? Determining this factor will help you choose the right kind of coat. For example, you don’t really need a multi-layered cocoon jacket for business meetings, a blazer jacket or topcoat will look much better and be comfortable too.  
  • Have a budget before you get started  Knowing how much you’re okay with spending for the jacket will help you refine your choices further. Stick to brands and varieties that fit your wallet, and although shelling a little for something you like is fine, try not going too overboard.  
  • Know your options  Weigh all your options before making a decision. There are many websites and online stores that offer great winter jackets for men at relatively lower prices. Try analysing everything you have and then make an informed decision.  
  • Be okay with some imperfections  When it comes to winter coats for menyou may not get everything that you desire in one brand or jacket unless you’re willing to pay an excessive amount for it. In this case, strike out what is okay to let go and keep only the primary points in mind.  

Although a jacket is a once in a while investment, going for one after a year or two isn’t bad. This way, you’ll have at least two to three jackets, and in all, they will work on everything you wanted so that you can pick accordingly. You should always consider getting things like jackets and coats in universal colours like black, beige and grey. This way you can team and match them with multiple outfits without having to worry. 

Question & Answer

Which are the best winter jackets for women?

With so many choices, women have the sky at their feet when it comes to choosing a winter jacket. The main thing to remember here is to pick something comfortable and warm. These two are the quintessential of any coat, especially one for the winters. The quilted jacket, hooded, blazer, parka, trench coat, long down, knitted and woollen coats are all great options. Depending on their convenience and choice, a woman can pick the one that works best for her. A lot of excellent brands have started coming up with traditional and new variations of the winter jacket these days. You can also find a lot of brands that offer obvious choices like Columbia jackets on sale for women in online stores.  

Where can you buy cheap winter clothes in Dubai?

Dubai is home to some of the best quality of clothes. Winter clothing is no different. With a sea of brands to choose from, you can find pretty much anything you fancy right here. Some of the best men’s leather jackets in Dubai along with a selection of warm jackets for winters are offered by some reputed brands at great prices online and are worth shopping for. If you don’t know where to start, brands like Columbia, North Face, Adidas, ZARA, H&M, PUMA, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Timberland and Ralph Lauren are some great choices to start.  

How should a winter jacket fit?

Ideally, depending on the type and make of the jacket, you can determine its fit. In general, a winter jacket should be slightly loose and allow you room for movement. Lengthwise, it can be anywhere from your hips to our knees or sometimes even lower. Jackets for women come in varying lengths, whereas for men, leaving few, others are generally short. You can also use a broad belt or scarf to make a winter jacket better fitted and more appealing. 

Which online stores have the best ladies winter wear?

A lot of online options have great choices for both men and women. GAP, Lacoste, Newchic, Ounass,  Yoins are some of the best online stores that you can purchase from. Shopping online, however, can be done to some people, and some people may not prefer it because they’re not accustomed to it. However, with this fantastic Dubai Product Finder, you don’t have to worry! It has an incredible algorithm that helps in acquiring and sorting the best products from across hundreds of different online stores. So, you can be sure that the price you’re paying is the cheapest and best! 

With everything in place, the next step is to log on, choose the best jackets that you like and add them to your cart. Also, don’t forget to read reviews, compare a few prices and go with suggestions as per your body type before making a purchase.