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About Ski Jackets

Winter sports are fun. Especially skiing. But they are very equipment sensitive. The right equipment, clothing and safety measures are all critical. Therefore, it is needless to state that ski jackets are an essential part of this fun sport. Beyond looking good, these snow stoppers are crafted to keep you warm, dry, insulated and protect you from outer elements.  

These jackets & coats are waterproof. This keeps you dry when you are skiing. Even though they keep you toasty warm, they offer high breathability rate. Moreover, the seams and pockets of these jackets help you store things required for your activity and offer high resistance to water. And of course, how can we leave out the excellent construction of zippers! They act as extra insulation.  There are also hoods that provide an extra layer of warmth and the snaps that helps you to attach a pair of ski pants to it. This way you can transform your ski jacket into a ski jumpsuit. With so many brands, fabrics and styles to choose from, it’s hard to figure out where to start. We’ve compiled here a few essentials to look for when buying this holy grail that keeps the snow out. 

Discovering  the various types of ski jackets in fashion  

Whether you are buying a new ski jacket or just replacing the one you’ve had, their purchase can be a little overwhelming. Finding the right ski jackets are easy once armed with their knowledge. To determine their type, you’ll need to consider what conditions you usually ski in. Do you ski in a cold climate, in a ski resort or a dry environment? On top of this, how about your body? Does it tend to run cold quickly, or do you overheat? Let us find out which ones would be your ideal kind.  


As the name suggests, these jackets are the ones that come with multiple layers in one jacket. There is an outer coat. It protects you from the elements and weather. Also, there is an inner layer that acts as an insulation piece which is made of fleece or down. The inner layer perfectly fits the outer layer and you can zip them together. This ultimately keeps you warm and waterproof. You can wear the jacket all together or wear the layers separately on a spring day. That is, you can wear the inner and outer layers separately, and you can wear the inner layer on its own too.  


Insulated jackets are those that have a weatherproof outer layer and an inner layer made of fleece. The fleece inside is made up of different materials such as down or synthetic fleece. Even the outer layers can be of diverse materials. But remember that the warmth of the jacket depends upon the kind of fleece lining and the measurement of insulation weight is done in grams. The higher the number, the warmer the ski jacket will be. Also, the inner lining is moisture wicking. This helps you wear them for longer periods.  


This type of jackets generally has a low profile with down as the primary source of insulation is light weight fleece. Even though it isn’t bulky, they are designed to keep you extra warm and dry in the harshest of climates. Furthermore, the inner lining of these jackets wicks away moisture. This keeps you dry in addition to keeping you dry. This feature, in turn, gives you a high range of motion and allows you to play your sports mind free. Moreover, they are crafted to be minimally bulky and can be worn under a shell for warmth. Therefore, they are famous for being used in the spring-fall.  

Shell jackets 

They are generally windproof, waterproof and highly breathable but do not have insulation. Void of heavy insulation they are usually a lightweight jacket, that gives you maximum mobility. However, with no insulating inside, you should consider wearing an insulator underneath them if you want to stay warm when you are playing any Snowsport. But it has to be noted that they are made of soft and stretchy fabric which why they provide wind protection and are considered as one of the most breathable jackets.  

One-piece ski suits 

These suits are big, loose and are much warmer than the other, not just because they cover you all up. The single suit concept helps all of your body parts to warm up each other and keep your body temperature optimal throughout any snow activities you are performing.  They are a combination of pants and jackets together which ensure that no snow shows up or down your pants, which is a big plus especially if you venture into the powder snow and melt the snow. By the way, they are way cheaper than buying pants and jackets separately.  

Tips on how to buy Ski Jackets online

If you are someone who loves winter sports but are clueless about what to wear while doing so, then for the ski jackets. They are stylish and keep you warm. But with their endless varieties, it becomes a daunting task to find best ski jackets online. Here we’ve listed a few tips and features that you can look for in a ski jacket when you head out to shop for them. Keep reading, and you’ll be a lot closer to finding a perfect ski jacket for you.  

  • Go for a shell jacket—Why? Because they are thin, breathable yet warm. It is a disaster if you have put on bulkier jackets when exerting yourself.  A good shell jacket will protect you against rain and wind. You can also use layers underneath them to control your temperature.
  • Select the ski jackets from best brands—It is worth to buy them from some of the topmost brands. Namshi and Newchic offer an extensive collection of ski jackets for men and women’s Patagonia ski jacketsAlso, buying them branded online stores guarantees their longer life span.
  • Find the best shape—Trust us, you don’t want to look like a colourful sack of potatoes. Especially when your ski jacket is going to be the most expensive item in your wardrobe. Luck you! The manufacturers do take them into account. Longer jackets are apt for those redundant falls in the snow. However, look out for fitted shell jackets to show off your silhouettes.
  • Be aware of the technical info—Buying a ski jacket? Did you come across unfamiliar words? Well, we won’t blame you. There are many technical jargons related to ski jackets. Be sure to run through them before you go to purchase one.
  • Choose a brighter colour—The colour of your coat is significant. Selecting a more vivid colour will set you apart from the rest. Stay away from plain colours such as reds, greens and blues. Colours such as burnt orange and mint look great on all slopes.
  • Spend more for longevity— You can spend less on a ski jacket. But generally, the more you spend, the higher the quality will be. However, do not be a spendthrift. Do not blindly spend on anything. Assess the quality of the ski jackets and then purchase them.
  • Go for eco-friendly jackets—These eco-friendly jackets are favoured more. Recycled materials are used to create them. Such jackets are water-repellent. Moreover, they wick away moisture keeping you fresh throughout your activities. Furthermore, they are friendly to the nature and require less maintenance.  

Before your first day of snowboarding or skiing, you need to have the right attire that makes you feel great. Nope, we are not talking about the pretty dresses, it is the ideal ski gear that we are talking about and most importantly the jackets. A wrong outfit while playing any snow sport can leave you feeling miserable. So, don’t be a shivering gal or a guy skiing in damp shirts, instead, get yourself a ski jacket that keeps you warm and dry.

Question & Answer

Are ski jackets good for hiking?

So, you want to go snowboarding or hiking, but are clueless about the ski jackets being one of the best attires to wear when out in the snow? Well, let us enlighten you then. Trust us, if anything can keep you warm in the cold and wet snow, is a ski jacket. But, remember that different kinds of ski jackets offer a varying degree of warmth. Jackets such as shell, are relatively thin and will not provide much heat but will keep the wind and moisture away from your body. If you want the warmest jackets, probably when you are skiing, then go for the down jacket, because they come with a fleece lining.

Which ski jackets are best?

Hiking is fun. But when you are up hiking you want to be focused on the mountain peaks, the snow and the perfect pop; you do not want to worry about being too cold or hot. In that case, make sure that you invest in a good ski jacket. There is a plethora of options available in the market. You can choose them based on the kind of sport you intend to play and the degree of warmth it might require. Furthermore, you need to look into other factors if you want to buy a perfect ski jacket for yourself. You must consider factors such as colour, material and comfort.

How warm are ski jackets?

Ski jackets are crafted to keep you warm in cold conditions, especially when you are playing a snow sport or hiking. Different types of ski jackets offer various degrees of warmth. For example, a jacket with down as the fleece lining will provide a very high degree of warmth whereas jacket such as shell jackets do not feature insulation or lining, which in turn reduces its degree of heat. Therefore, when you purchase a ski jacket look for the one that best suits you.

Which ski jacket to buy?

If you ask us what the holy grail of keeping the snow at bay is, then our answer would be, a ski jacket. These jackets are a wardrobe staple if you are an ardent skier. You must by now know that there is an extensive range of ski jackets that are in fashion. Therefore, hunting down the perfect one becomes a tedious task. Before buying a ski jacket, remember that whatever you purchase for yourself, they must be comfortable and suitable for the activity that you are going to perform ahead.

Why are ski jackets expensive?

Ski jackets are generally expensive, but if you are lucky, you can snag one for nearly half its retail price during the end of the season sale. But, if you are shopping on a budget, then remember that high-quality jackets will cost you more than any mediocre brands. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get excellent quality ski wear that is budget friendly. You can check out various online stores for offers and sales to get the best deal. Check out to explore best deals and offers for some awesome ski jackets from reputed brands.

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