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Women's Long Puffer Jacket Winter Fleece Parka  Reversible Thermal Warm Windproof Winter Coat Hooded Jackets Comtemporary Casual Street Style Jacket Long Sleeve Brown Black miniinthebox
Women's Long Puffer Jacket Winter Fleece Parka Reversible Thermal Warm Windproof Winter Coat Hooded Jackets Comtemporary Casual Street Style Jacket Long Sleeve Brown Black miniinthebox
Season:Winter,Fall; Fabric:Cotton Blend,Fleece; Sleeve Length:Long Sleeve; Look After Me:Machine ...
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Women's Winter Faux Shearing Moto Jacket Thick Lined Parka Winter Shearling Coat Leather Jacket Fall Fleece Short Thermal Warm Windproof Casual Daily Street Style Jacket Long Sleeve Black Khaki miniinthebox
Women's Winter Faux Shearing Moto Jacket Thick Lined Parka Winter Shearling Coat Leather Jacket Fall Fleece Short Thermal Warm Windproof Casual Daily Street Style Jacket Long Sleeve Black Khaki miniinthebox
Season:Fall,Summer,Winter; Fabric:Teddy,Sherpa,Faux Leather,Fleece; Sleeve Length:Long Sleeve; Lo...
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Women's Faux Fur Coat Winter Open Front Cardigan Vintage Parka Shaggy Jacket Warm Coat Tops Khaki miniinthebox
Women's Faux Fur Coat Winter Open Front Cardigan Vintage Parka Shaggy Jacket Warm Coat Tops Khaki miniinthebox
Season:Winter,Fall; Fabric:Faux Fur; Sleeve Length:Long Sleeve; Look After Me:Machine wash; Gende...
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Herno reversible hooded parka - Green
Herno reversible hooded parka - Green
Khaki green/pink cotton-blend reversible hooded parka from Herno featuring drawstring hood, front...
Raf Simons Antwerp print parka coat - Black
Raf Simons Antwerp print parka coat - Black
Black and red cotton blend Antwerp print parka coat from Raf Simons featuring a graphic print, a ...

About Parka Jackets

Winters are coming soon, and the temperatures are quickly dropping. It is better to stock your wardrobe with the right jackets & coats. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with a parka jacket. Why? Because these lightweight and incredibly versatile clothing keeps you toasty warm in cold climatic conditions. Besides, they’re available to you in different sizes and colours. However, you need to dig a little deeper into the subject, if you want to find something you like. Luckily, this guide is all that you need right now to better understand this piece of clothing! So read on.

A parka jacket is a hip-length coat. They often include a fur-lined hood. Moreover, most parka jackets come with either bird or synthetic fill for warmth. The more they fill, the warmer the jacket will be. For example, the duck or goose fill tends to be lightweight, warm and long-lasting. However, this fill makes them expensive. Also, they become prone to losing insulation power when wet. A great alternative to this would be a synthetic filling. They are much cheaper and less vulnerable to water. However, they are bulkier and have a less warmth-to-weight ratio. Nevertheless, you’ll also see shell materials being used as fills for the parka jacket. The fabric here is tightly woven, which makes them highly durable. Some of them also offer a water repellent coating which keeps the interior of the parka jacket dry. Today there are endless options available to choose from.  

The various kinds of lady’s parka jackets trending right now 

The winter parka jackets haven’t had the easiest time in breaking into the world of luxury fashion. It is usually ranked low on the scale of outerwear. However, with the rise of streetwear and oversized silhouettes, the parka jacket is firmly back in the limelight. Of course, you can wear these jackets to create a range of different looks. Now, this versatility makes them a sought item of fashion. Here we’ve compiled a few such parka jackets. Check them out.  

Fishtail best black parka coat for women  

Fishtail parkas are one of the most peculiar jackets. The wind-resistant drab-coloured cotton or nylon materials were used to construct these jackets in the earlier days of its inception. However, now they are more developed and have been transformed into many more types, styles cut in different fabric types. Not only do they feature two large front pockets and a long skirt (or fishtail) that you can sit on, but they also have an upper sleeve patch box and a removable woo-pile liner for added warmth.   

Arctic parka jackets 

The name itself gives you a fair idea of the jacket’s nature. Indeed, the jacket is very warm. It was initially created for soldiers stationed in icy areas. Therefore, it is also known as a snorkel parka. They feature a fur hood that is left only with only a small opening when zipped up. Hence the name snorkel. It is quite intriguing how they come with solid nylon-blend fabrics or wool-lining insulation. Because they keep you dry and warm inside and protect you from the frigid cold outside.  

Tailored parka jackets 

These versatile jackets take on a more minimal approach when it comes to their design. Hence, they pair well with smarter attire such as chic trousers and a crisp white shirt or t-shirt.  With such uniqueness and intelligent features, they can surely be considered an ideal everyday coat, especially when the winter arrives. They often come in luxurious fabrics such as merino wool that offer extreme comfort and warmth to keep your body temperature optimum even in harsh winters.  

Our top picks of parka jackets for women 

Lined Short parka jackets are cosy, lightweight and soft.  They come with a superior warm twill weave shell which features long sleeves. Moreover, they also have adjustable snap-button closure at the cuffs. They are one of the best black parka coats for women. Another alternative, Faux Fur Collar Parka Jacket, the best women’s parka coat with a fur hood, is thick and comfortable and features a removable collar with faux fur. Also, there are Button Women Parkas, which can be counted as the best among the lady’s parka jackets are made of polyester material and has a button fly closure type.  

Best parka jackets for men 

The racoon-lined jacket known as the Midi Parka comes with a warm lapin fur lining and a trimmed racoon fur hood which is made by Italy’s fine artisans. They make you look dapper when paired with a Tee and Jean on colder days. However, canvas parka hooded jackets are much more luxurious with a polyester fabric lining. They are both trendy and comfortable and come with rich hooded faux fur that offers you the desired warmth. For more ideas, you can explore the top fashion influencers to know what are the most trending parka jackets for men. This way you can also have ideas on how to style these jackets for different occasions.

Tips on how to buy Parka Jackets online

Just a few years back, parkas were limited. Now with new technologies in the fashion industry, parkas come in a vast range of choices. From different styles to materials and colours, there are indeed available in several types. But, with more options comes more confusion among the consumers. To navigate through this confusion, keep in mind the below list of top 3 things. This will help you buy a perfect parka.

  • Estimate warmth ratings – The first question you need to ask yourself while buying a parka is “how warm is it?”. Temperature ratings are usually subjective. The things like body type, genealogy, medical history, and where you live determine how warm a parka will keep you. Therefore, buy one that perfectly fits your body temperature.
  • Check out if they’re water-resistant – You must first understand the difference between water-resistant, waterproof and water-repellent garments. Because sometimes you’ll find the waterproof parkas labelled as water-resistant to rain and snow. Do not ever mix and match as this would reduce the effectiveness of the jacket.
  • Consider the qualities of the perfect parka – It must not just be about warmth. You should also consider other factors, such as their comfort and quality. There are also technical features added on. This ensures performance that exceeds your expectations. Features such as side vents, cuffs and premium fabrics are essential and must also be considered.
  • Know the difference: Parka vs Windbreaker – Have you ever wondered what exactly the difference between a windbreaker and a parka jacket is? Well, a windbreaker is the one you use or wear during the chill or rain. It protects you by blocking the harsh climatic conditions and acts as a shield. Whereas a parka is much more massive and designed for colder conditions.

A winter jacket is a garment that helps you withstand the freezing temperatures outside while keeping you toasty warm inside. Therefore, it is no doubt that a parka jacket is one of the best winter jackets that are both stylish and comfortable. Aside from being functional in a cold environment, they also work for casual and formal occasions. So, now that you know about their types and tips to buy them, you will be confident that they are stylish packable selections that are quite literally an essential item for your next winter journey.

Question & Answer

Are parka jackets fashionable?

If you want to snug through the winters stylishly, then look no further than a parka coat. They are one of the fantastic jackets that will allow you to even wear them with a suit on your way to work. With its peculiar features and functionalities, you can use them both for formal and informal occasions alike. And with all the different types of parka jackets out there you can certainly be sure of them being the epitome of contemporary coat that offers style with comfort.

Are parka jackets waterproof?

One of the trendiest things this season is the waterproof parka coats. Surprised? Well, yes you can use them in the spring seasons too. Lightweight material parka treated with nylon or cotton are excellent absorbents of sweat and moisture and also wick away any wetness/snow or rain from the outside. They protect you from harsh climates such as a sudden downpour or snow and keep you clean and dry throughout the season.

What are parka jackets?

Parkas keep the rain or cold out. Therefore they are an ideal option for rainy winter days. Sometimes you also call them ‘anorak’. Designed smartly this type of jacket has undergone a lot of transformation. These rose to the 21st-century fashion through extensive use in the military, most notably in the American armed forces. Now it is a long-hooded coat that comes in various styles, colours, cuts and patterns. They usually come in materials that keep you warm and repel water and snow.

How warm are parka jackets?

If you are in search of a heavy-duty winter coat, one that can even withstand the freezing temperatures this is not it. However, some parkas come with a fleece lining that offers extreme warmth without affecting the style factor. These fleece-lined parkas are jackets that come with a thin lining that keeps you warm even in freezing temperatures. However, keep in mind that the fill of the jacket influences the degree of warmth it provides. Therefore it is important to check for the make and material of the jacket before adding it to the cart.

Where can I buy park jackets online in the UAE?

Wherever you are this winter, you should ensure to secure a parka jacket.  But make sure that you get it only on Check out our product search engine to buy parka jackets online in UAE that features the most extensive collection from brands such as Tchibo, First Impression, RM 1958, Rothchild, Tailor Vintage, North Face, and Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and many more. What’s more, you can get these branded jackets in online stores. From cheap parka Jackets to sophisticated and stylish ones, we have it all.