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About Motorcycle Jackets

Boots, gloves and a helmet are significant accessories for a riding junkie. However, a motorcycle jacket is the most essential of all. Some people assume that jackets & coats are only useful during winters. But this statement is far away from the truth. Undoubtedly, these motorcycle jackets will keep you warm and comfortable, but there are far better reasons to wear these pieces of clothing.

Motorcycles have a high rate of fatality when compared to other automobiles. Therefore, there is no doubt that motorcycle jackets are a piece of critical safety equipment. However, wearing these jackets will not make you immune to all the injuries sustained during an accident. But they will cushion you in the initial impact and will stop you from losing all your skin when you hit the deck. Their unique feature, such as thick padding, acts as a barrier between the asphalt and you. It absorbs the force of impact; thus, defending your body in the process. This is probably one of the reasons why you see many motor rides wearing jackets, even in the summer season. Finally, it completes your badass look. With this in mind, let us run you through their types and the things to consider when purchasing a motorcycle jacket.

Explore the various types of motorcycle jackets 

These jackets can be substantial, lightweight, thick or thin. Different riders have different needs. Therefore, you need to purchase a motorcycle jacket, considering the rider requirements. However, there are a few more reasons why motorcyclists wear them. One among them is the style and comfort factor. But they sometimes wear these jackets to display emblems and patches mainly if they are a member of a biker organization. Based on the requirement, the adventure motorcyclists will opt for either leather or textile jackets. There is a massive range of excellent motorbike jackets available today. But you can break them down based on their material types. Let’s find out which ones are the best. Here we are breaking down the various motorcycle jacket types and styles.

Motorcycle jackets with armour for road rides

Have you ever fallen off a motorcycle on the road? If you have, then you’ll know just how far you slide if you are wearing proper motorcycle gear. Sliding is always better than a sudden stop. Sliding reduces the friction and gradually slows you down. Eventually, it slows down the force of the initial impact. The road motorcycle jackets come in textile or leather materials. This choice of material allows you, the rider, to slide as soon as you hit the ground. Motorbike jackets with armour are one of the best examples of such kind. They feature padding at significant contact points, such as knees, elbows, back and chest.

Best motorcycle jackets for off-roading 

Unlike the roadies, the dirt riders are the ones who chuck a trail bike down rocky terrain. Therefore, they require riding gears that are best suited for such occasions. The styling of the off-road motorcycle jackets prioritizes cooling and protection from hard collisions. Since there are different off-road riding styles, there are also motorcycle jackets that are specifically built for each style. Generally, an off-road motorcycle jacket comes with full protective armour. It includes padding at the chest and back. You can place these protectors either under or over an abrasion-resistant, breathable jersey.

Men’s classic leather motorcycle jacket 

Leather jackets are different from textile jackets. They differ not only in the way that they look and feel but also portray different qualities and vary in performance. You can buy these leather jackets online, and there are also shops that offer original leather jackets in Dubai. But before you own one, let us give you an insight into its merits and demerits. That’ll help make your pick easy. You should know that these leather jackets are one of the best abrasion-resistant jackets, which makes their cleaning and maintenance easy as a breeze. Apart from this, there are some leather motorcycle jackets for women that are comfortable, chic and yet offer a good shield from cold winds and harsh outer environments.

Men’s textile motorcycle jacket 

As each year passes, the motorcycle jackets seem to come out in new and advanced materials. The textile jackets have been in the market for a lot less time than their leather counterparts. However, they have advanced dramatically with materials like Kevlar and corduroy. They are the best motorcycle jacket for hot weather. Here are a few of their upsides and downsides for you to consider while picking out one for yourself. It is a unique water-resistant item that repels rain and breathes in hot weather along with providing proper protection against scrapes and punctures. Though not as good as leather jackets, they are much more affordable than leather motorcycle jackets.

Tips on how to buy Motorcycle Jackets online

Some riders prefer a snug fit, whereas some prefer performance over comfort. A jacket fit is a personal preference. However, there are a couple of things you need to check when trying on a motorcycle jacket. We’ve compiled here a few essential tips you need to consider while purchasing your jackets.

  • Look for armour positioning – The armour is designed to protect specific areas. Therefore, if a coat doesn’t fit you right, the armour padding might be in misplaced areas. You’ll find your elbow guards sliding down to forearms and shoulder pads protecting your back. The body armour must sit on the joint where it was meant to be. So, if it doesn’t do the job, try a different model or brand.
  • Assess the visibility of the jacket – Often, other motorists fail to notice the bikers. This leads to severe accidents. That’s why being visible on a motorcycle plays a massive role in the safety of the rider. Therefore, having visible jackets/gear can make a significant difference by drawing more attention to yourself. You can accomplish this by buying jackets from brands that offer jackets of Hi-Viz colourways and also reflective materials.
  • Check for its comfort – What are you going to wear underneath your jacket? A jumper? If so, carry it along with you to try it on with each model. Ensure that it is comfortable and allow smooth movement. Because what you wear underneath your jacket also plays a vital role in keeping you stylish and comfortable while you ride.
  • The fit is important – Allowing some breathing room in your jacket is essential. However, if the garment is too big, it can undermine its ability to perform. Therefore, it is very crucial to get a motorcycle jacket that fits you perfectly. If the jacket is too small, it will make you work harder every time you twist and turn. This would lead to fatigue and would even cut off blood flow.
  • Look for vents – Just as body armours, the ventilation systems must be located at the appropriate places once the jacket is done up. Proper venting can help you prevent excess sweating and will even help in heat exhaustion during warm weather. Some motorcycle jackets have a straight-through venting system, while others use perforated or mesh materials.

No doubt riding a motorcycle exposes you to a high risk of accidents. Therefore, riding a motorbike requires your full concentration and physical ability. Luckily these jackets are available to keep you safe in a crash. They keep you comfortable in any harsh weather conditions and help you reduce fatigue. Not only do they portray these features, but they also are incredibly user-friendly. Moreover, they are highly abrasion resistant and can be maintained and cleaned easily.

Question & Answer

Are motorcycle jackets supposed to be short?

A motorcycle jacket must be the right fit for oneself and must make you feel comfortable. However, these jackets are generally short because the shortness facilitates comfort when you are sitting on your motorbike. Just imagine cycling or riding a bike with a long parka. The lengthy flaps would fly around, and this can become quite annoying, especially when you are in the riding position. Hence, you should spend in the one that is a perfect fit and also a bit short so that the extra length does not make you uncomfortable.

Are motorcycle jackets necessary?

You know that there is risk involved, every single time you hop on a motorcycle. It is impossible to predict what might happen. Therefore, the best thing to do is to try and reduce this risk. Get yourself motorcycle gears that will guard you properly when in accidents. And it is needless to state that motorcycle jackets are one of the vital motorcycle gears. Because it protects your internal organs when in a crash hence, you should definitely invest in a quality motorcycle jacket in addition to that important safety gear.

Which motorcycle jacket to buy online in UAE?

While you do not realize it, you can undoubtedly buy safety when it comes to these jackets. There are countless types of motorcycle jackets available in the market. A little bit of right research can get you the perfect jacket. Motorcyclists usually prefer wearing leather jackets, that too black ones. However, you can go for the ones that suit you the best. But make sure that they fit you perfectly and will protect you adequately. Go for a perfect fit and length so that it gives you all the comfort while riding.

Why choose a leather jacket motorcycle?

Motorcycling is a stylish yet dangerous practice for amateurs and professionals alike. If done without proper gear can cause severe injuries. Given the danger factor, people riding motorcycles must have an ideal attire to protect them in case of any abrasions. Therefore, most of them choose a leather jacket. Because they are flexible, durable and are thick enough to protect you from serious injuries, they are also stylish, classy and easily accommodate all types and sizes. Hence, you should definitely include it in your motorbike gear.

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