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About Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets and coats make for excellent alternatives to regular ones. They’re warmer, more convenient to carry and don’t weigh as much. As for the name, ‘fleece’ refers to the blend of polyester that resembles wool very closely. With the help of this material as its primary composition, fleece jackets can provide warmth for longer.

The wearer can immediately feel a difference when he/she puts this clothing on. Although it is not recommended to wear a fleece jacket in extreme temperatures, it is excellent for regular use. For a casual look, many people love teaming it with jeans and a simple tee. Fleece jackets, however, do provide a little bit of warmth. They are great to carry while travelling too. While most jackets don’t suit the rough, breezy weather, fleece jackets make for good options due to their shell-like outer layer. In this case, the thick material of the jacket does not allow body heat to escape, creating a comfortable environment. 

Different aspects to consider before you buy a fleece jacket 

Whether you own fleece jackets or you’re going in for one for the very first time, there are a few things to bear in mind. Just like any jacket, a fleece jacket is also something that you may purchase once or twice. Hence, ensuring it is the right kind and fits the bill makes a big difference. It also largely depends upon the weather of the country where you stay and other factors. Try to analyse various factors that you need to before going in for a purchase. It is better to know before than later when you can’t change anything. It also helps if you take a bit of advice from someone if you’ve moved o a new country to find out how the climate changes happen and then make your decision accordingly.


With so many brands and even more replicas, it sometimes gets difficult to figure out the real and fake ones. To be safe and get value for your money, make sure you never buy fleece jackets in wholesale quantities. Also, stay away from mass discounts and places that offer products at a fraction of the price. Always remember that although brands give away stuff at lower prices sometimes, ‘unbelievable prices’ are best avoided. Authentic products and brands are expensive for a reason. It is much better to spend a little more and invest in them, so your clothes last at least a well couple of years.


If it is your first time investing in a fleece coat, do your research. Don’t only stick to online shopping but go to stores personally. Look through their collections, check different types of fleece jackets etc. Again, refrain from going to places that offer fleece jackets in wholesale etc. and ensure you go to authentic stores and buy from reputed brands only. To ensure the best quality, it is advisable to pick from reputed stores and brands. Check the material, zips and other details. Also, ask around the store for alternatives with different designs, additions, varieties etc. Be cautious about the quality since jackets are expensive and it makes sense to chip in a little more and get a good one instead of having to invest a couple of times.

Body type

Your body type, too, makes a big difference. For those who are on the heavier side, choose jackets that are a little longer. For slimmer individuals, both long and short coats work. Brands have also started coming up with jackets in crop styles, hoodies and sleeveless styles, thus, catering to an individuals’ varied specifications. The essential thing about a proper fitting jacket is that you should be able to zip it and still have a little extra room. Unlike tees and shirts, a jacket isn’t supposed to be skin fit. So, choose one that gives a little room, and it will surely add to the comfort factor too.

Comfort and warmth

The essential feature of any jacket, your fleece coat should be comfortable and keep you warm. Individuals generally focus on other factors and forget about the basic concept of buying a fleece jacket. Check whether the coat is comfortable to wear, allows natural movement and helps keep you warm. The material should be thick and durable. It should also not be prone to simple wear and tear quickly. An ideal fuzzy fleece jacket should keep you warm, be durable, easy to carry and store. If you’re more sensitive to cold, check for a jacket that is thicker or has additional padding inside.

Tips on how to buy Fleece Jackets

There’s absolutely no reason why you need to use a coat only when you’re cold. With fashion emerging at the speed of light, we have unlimited choices. Today, brands design some remarkable jacket options that one can use for occasions, events, styling, brunches and more. So, if you love jackets and have a couple of them stacked in your wardrobe, not knowing what to do with them, here are some ideas.

  • Layer it – One of the best uses of jackets, layering work well for most outdoor events. If it’s cold, choose a thicker one, or else a regular lightweight women’s fleece jacket will work just fine. Team your fleece coat with denim or trousers and a blouse. You can also work with a spaghetti or tank top if it isn’t too cold. A trendy scarf is all that’s needed to complete the look!
  • Wear it with shorts or a skirt – Who said coats look good only with pants? For the summers, choose a comfortable and lightweight women’s fleece jacket. Team this with eye-catchy shorts and a simple tee. For winters, you can work the same look, perhaps adding thigh-high socks and boots to the look.
  • Wear it with a dress – Of course; you can! For this, choose the most unadorned jacket you have, possibly in a contrasting colour. A knee-length dress with a fashionable women’s fleece jacket and covered shoes is a great look. For indoor events, you may choose to keep or remove the coat, depending on the weather.
  • Leggings – Perfect for winters, leggings work with just about anything, including this jacket. You can choose to pair it with a long blouse or tunic top. Work your look with matching accessories, strappy sandals and a bag to match.
  • Chinos – For men, chinos add a comfortable style statement on their own. Wear it with a cotton tee and a fleece jacket to create your unique look. You can complete the look with boots or lace shoes.
  • Joggers – Yes, believe it or not, this look works too! Choose a casual jacket for this look. Team it with running shoes, joggers and a gym bag, and you’re ready for a workout session. Remove and keep the jacket and wear it while on the way back.

There is so much that you can do with a fleece coat instead of just wearing it on its own. Teaming it up with a good shirt, warm pants or corduroy pants looks excellent! The best part is that you get to experiment with it your way. It is no more restricted to certain ways, but rather what looks good on you. Although it doesn’t need a lot of accessorising; simple additions do make it unique and add to your personality.

Question & Answer

Which are the best online stores that sell women’s fleece jacket with hoods?

Brands that feature some of the most fashionable women’s fleece jackets are North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Polo, Zara, Calvin Klein, Marks and Spencer, PUMA, Adidas and more. You can easily find a lot of options on their websites and order online for a hassle-free purchase. Although online shopping is the easiest, most convenient and hassle-free, going to a store for the first time is a must. You can weigh your options, try and buy much more effectively as compared to shopping on the web.

How can you add variety to your choice of jackets?

With so many options today, we are spoilt for choice. But it also means that we have products that will suffice our varying needs. Firstly, determine the reason for buying a fleece coat. Do you want a fuzzy fleece jacket for the winter? Or something like an overcoat for your dresses and skirts? Or is it merely to add a style statement? Once you are sure about the reason, the buying process will be much fruitful. Pick up styles and patterns that are unique, of course ensuring they suit you. Bear in mind that with a statement-making jacket, you won’t be able to do much with your outfit. This can also be a pretty good thing at times.

What are the additional features of fleece jackets?

Although not the most essential requirement, if the jacket does have some other features than the basics, there’s nothing like it! Check for a hoodie, pockets, zippers, clinch cords etc. The requirement for additional features also depends on your lifestyle. Are you going to be frequently travelling with the jacket? Is it for office wear? Or do you plan to use it sparsely? After understanding your requirements, you can opt for the best fleece jacket that suits you and fits your budget.

Which are the best brands to buy fleece jackets online in Dubai?

When it comes to shopping online, you can easily find the best options online. To make your purchase smooth sailing, use our very own retail search engine that will help you to choose and filter your requirements. Using it, you don’t have to worry about checking hundreds of online stores. Log in and type the product you need to get the best results. It gives you the best value for your money and saves time too. No doubt, a seamless shopping experience awaits you here.

Fleece jackets have always been in style, but there’s nothing wrong with wearing something that has been doing the rounds for a few centuries. It still means it is a unique and definite style statement on its own! Do your bit of research on how to make it stand out in a way that will complement your personality well.