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Women's Lapel Deerskin Fleece Warm Mid-Length Casual Coat
Women's Lapel Deerskin Fleece Warm Mid-Length Casual Coat
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Women's Retro Colorful Plaid Print Thick Mid-Length Woolen Coat
Women's Retro Colorful Plaid Print Thick Mid-Length Woolen Coat
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Women's Solid Color Hooded Cotton Long Sleeve Fleece Cardigan Coat
Women's Solid Color Hooded Cotton Long Sleeve Fleece Cardigan Coat
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Women's Retro Houndstooth Coat Black And White Long Loose Cotton Coat Retro Plaid Woolen Coat
Women's Retro Houndstooth Coat Black And White Long Loose Cotton Coat Retro Plaid Woolen Coat
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Casual Solid Color Plush Long Sleeve Thermal Coat
Casual Solid Color Plush Long Sleeve Thermal Coat
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Women's Retro Fleece Lapel Mid-length Woolen Coat
Women's Retro Fleece Lapel Mid-length Woolen Coat
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Women's Solid Color Round Neck Polar Fleece Mid-length Coat
Women's Solid Color Round Neck Polar Fleece Mid-length Coat
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Women's Retro Colored Checked Knitted Fleece Cardigan Coat
Women's Retro Colored Checked Knitted Fleece Cardigan Coat
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Women's Pocket Hooded Mid-length Cotton Coat
Women's Pocket Hooded Mid-length Cotton Coat
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Women's Thickened Sherpa Cotton Coat Loose Removable Hood
Women's Thickened Sherpa Cotton Coat Loose Removable Hood
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About Coats

We all own at least one great coat among the many jackets & coats that work well to cover those boring tops or shirts you’re particularly not fond of, isn’t it? And why not? Because they’ve been around for a long time, and people love them! They can be versatile, change an outfit instantly and also give you adequate warmth when needed. In this post, we shall look at some chic types of coats list that you can buy for your wardrobe. Plus, stay with us till the end to find out some secret tips to buy both men’s and women’s coats online in UAE.

We all love to take a warm fuzzy jacket whenever we step out, don’t we? But, with so many different types of top covers out there, it is sometimes tricky to know what goes with what. Although the primary purpose of a topcoat is to keep the wearer warm, in scenarios like office meetings etc. looking appropriate and being comfortable is also an essential factor. Men and women often wear top covers to shield themselves from the harsh weather. However, these days, top covers are also seen as a great style statement. Hence, you don’t need a particular type of weather to flaunt them. The best thing about this is that you can shop for a jacket pretty much anytime and wear it to just about any place or event. A lot of people are even obsessed with coats and are proud of the collection they own.

The different types of jacket styles for ladies and gents 

With so many different styles and designs, choosing a jacket isn’t tricky. You can also select one as per the weather or the occasion you’re planning to wear it to. When it comes to men, a unique coat does more than one thing to up his look. The simplest tee and jeans can be made better by adding a coat to the equation. The best part is that now, people have endless choices to make a decision. You don’t end up settling for something, but instead, you’re spoilt for the available variety. With so many options, you can have a different jacket for every occasion that arises.

The best winter coats for college students – the Duffle

Perfect to shield you even against the harshest of winters, the duffle top cover is thick and warm. Made of the viscous material, Duffle, its origination dates back a few centuries. Over the years, its popularity has decreased, but it still makes a strong style statement in many English countries over the world. It is one of the best winter top covers for college students. You can wear it every day or reserve it for those extreme and harsh winter months. Either way, a duffle coat is a classic style statement and looks fabulous over just about any outfit. You can wear it with any outfit since the coat doesn’t have any set rules about teaming it with one thing or another. 

The fur designer men’s coats

Fur has always been a popular option, among a lot of men and women. They look great and provide warmth and comfort to the body even during the coldest of temperatures. Most new-age fur top covers come with faux fur. It is the best men’s winter work coat choice when you live in hilly areas and cold countries. ZARA top covers for men and women offer a great selection of fur coat styles. It is a popular option when it comes to designer top covers for men. A lot of men love the fur coat because it is very comfortable. The fur adds a factor of both comfort and style. It feels light to wear due to the dense padding of fur on the inside. Plus, it also goes along with any kind of trousers and pants. 

The windcheater north face women’s jackets

One of the thinnest types of top covers, this one is also known as the “windbreaker.” Generally made of synthetic, its unique name is because of its ability to protect against harsh winds. It can also protect the wearer against light rains. It is one of the popular jacket styles for ladies. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t options for men. You’ll find variations of the windcheater for men too. The windcheater isn’t a formal coat that you can wear to events. Think of it as more of a casual jacket. However, it is incredibly versatile. Though it does not do a very great job in shielding you from the coat, it can easily cover most harsh weather scenarios. 

The fashionable waistcoat or the men’s jacket from the north face

A fashionable formal attire, the waistcoat comprises sleeveless and collar-less fitted outerwear. It is usually shorter than a shirt, ending at the waist. You can wear it for a formal occasion or work. It is best to team a waistcoat with a shirt, fitted trousers, bow tie and a blazer. Multiple options of designer coats for men feature this style, and you’ll easily buy them from brands like North Face. Although termed as a “waistcoat”, this one again is suitable only for formal attire, and it’s best not to wear them with any other type of clothing. A waistcoat is one of the essentials in any man’s wardrobe and looks stellar when worn right.

Tips on how to buy Coats

Buying the perfect top covers isn’t an easy task. Yes, you heard us right. Most people lack the skills to spot the perfect coat that suit them in all aspects. And we all know that getting what you do not expect is a huge disappointment, particularly when you spend a fortune. But no more worries. Now you can buy them online easily, by just keeping a few tips in mind. Here are those tips that’ll guide you to your perfect top covers online.

  • Choose gender specific top covers – Yes gender!! Many a time, some top covers do like they’re ideal for men, however, they’d actually be for women. You wouldn’t believe, indeed you’ll find noticeable differences between men’s and women’s jackets. For instance, if the coat has more room on the shoulders, then it definitely goes to men. But, if find a roomier chest area, then you know it’s best for women. Similarly, the women’s top covers have shorter arm lengths when compared to men.
  • Evaluate the fabric – Always sort out your preferred fabric. Check out what stuff suits you. Is there any material that makes you itchy? Answering these questions will help you pick the top covers of the perfect fabric. Therefore, it’s imperative to carefully read about the fabric and its details on the coat tags. Note, you’ll find top covers with distinct fabrics. Some common fabrics include leather, cotton, and more as such.
  • Consider the weather – Yes, not all top covers suit all climatic conditions. Each coat has been crafted for different weather. For example, woollen or leather coats are the best for harsh winters. Whereas, soft cotton top covers work their way when you want to look chic in summers. Also, remember you could use windcheaters and raincoats for places where rains never seem to cease. And yes, most of these top covers tends to be unisex.
  • Go for the right style – Of course, your style defines you. This means you cannot survive on a bomber coat when you need an insulated jacket. Likewise, you’d definitely look weird if you wear a bomber to official parties. Therefore, always pick the right style that matches the occasion. And fortunately, you’ll find so many distinct styles of coats out there that there’s one for every person out there, regardless of gender.
  • Know the difference between coats and jackets – The concept of a coat has been around for so many years. Be it for work or a party, this one suits every occasion with equal grace. Even today, a lot of people confuse the two–top covers and jackets. However, knowing which is very important, if you wish to maintain a decent wardrobe. It also helps you style appropriately. So, keep in mind the few fundamental differences between coats and jackets to make the buying process easy.

You deserve to look and feel good, and honestly, achieving this isn’t that difficult. All you need to know are a few smart tips to evaluate your top covers while you’re buying them. We believe that the tips above will help you navigate through the numerous options out there on the market today. Make sure you follow them to get the best one among the lot. What is also important is checking out what works better for your body type and style. While top covers can lean towards a more casual look, jackets are universal and depend on the type you’re selecting.

Question & Answer

How should coats fit?

Probably the most important factor, next to the fabric and style is the right fit of the top covers. The size of the jackets or top covers you buy matters a lot. You do not want to wear a top cover that is too baggy or too short. Always measure yourself before you begin the online search. You should know your arm length, shoulder size, chest circumference, and your neck size. They’re all important to pick the right sized jacket. Also, beware that men’s size charts are entirely different from that of women.

What coats are in style nowadays?

Every year sees a new upcoming trend when it comes to these top covers, irrespective of gender and season. As to be expected, you can find several different top covers in style this year. A fashionable and practical, warm quilted coat has been seen all over the stores this winter. Often spotted in khaki green or faded yellow, it’s safe to state that this is one of the prevalent models out there this season. Apart from that, you can also find other options like faux top covers, cotton trench top covers, checked top covers, and more as such. Keep yourself updated if you want to purchase a style statement coat online.

Which coats are the warmest?

Fortunately, there are plenty of brands in the market that prioritise warmth. You can get your hands on several winter top covers to keep yourself toasty warm. For example, The Aritzia super, waterproof goose-down puffer jacket is an ideal pick to keep yourself warm this winter. Similarly, try getting yourself the snow parka, long-fitted puffer jacket, hooded-quilted shell down top covers, and many as such. Some top-rated brands that you can consider buying your warmest top covers include Burberry, ZARA, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Debenhams, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Denim.

When do coats usually go on sale?

Well, because buying a jacket can be quite an investment, it makes sense to pick them up while they’re discounted. Just like the general rule of shopping, it is wise to buy clothes when they’re not needed, i.e. reverse shopping. For example, pick up top covers during summers and swimsuits during the winters and vice versa. This is the perfect time when brands and sales try to remove their stock and get new stock when the next season arrives. It is the best way to get a steal deal for a perfectly good coat.

Where to buy coats online in the UAE?

Shopping online is the best way to get the latest styles along with ensuring it doesn’t create a hole in your pocket. With so many online sales and offers, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else other than Our product search engine brings you the largest collection of both men’s and women’s coats online in Dubai and all over UAE. Besides, you can shop and compare several men’s leather jackets in Dubai too. What’s more, you can choose the best top covers from your online stores as well.

Indeed, this fantastic product comparison site is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows you to quickly compare and choose the best products from across 500+ online stores. It is simple, easy to use, saves time and gives you value for your money. So, begin your shopping spree right here and discover your perfect coats.