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Clashing Plaid Fringed Knit Cape
Clashing Plaid Fringed Knit Cape
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Anjuna floral print patchwork robe - Blue
Anjuna floral print patchwork robe - Blue
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Zhoe & Tobiah lace open-front jacket - NEUTRALS
Zhoe & Tobiah lace open-front jacket - NEUTRALS
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Andorine oversized shortsleeved coat - Black
Andorine oversized shortsleeved coat - Black
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Collarless Printed Cape
Collarless Printed Cape
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About Capes

As fictitious as the superheroes, there are some practical reasons why so many of us wear cape jackets. Whether it be the batman fighting the evils of Gotham city or a lady heading to the office on a chilly morning, the capes always offer a layer of protection to the wearer’s chest, arms, and back.  

Have you ever wondered when capes came into fashion? Sources claim that these cardinals were common in medieval Europe. Besides, it had its own come and go in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, they were a part of rainwear in the military and police of France and several other countries. The old cardinal was a round piece of cloth attached to a collar. However, over the years, the idea evolved into styles that demanded intricate stitching and skilled tailoring. With many seasonal appreciations, these cardinals made a major come back in 2014 with Burberry’s monochrome check style poncho cape. This re-launch met an immediate fanfare leading to competition between designers. Thus they came up with unique styles, prints and patterns of the cape in the fashion world. 

An ultimate style guide on how to style fashion cape coats for women

Wearing a cape for fashion demands some serious sense of style, unique aesthetics and a trendy cape. When we speak of the vogue and elegance of a cape other styles like blazers, sweaters, jackets & coats become ordinary. In winters, every second lady around you can be seen wearing it. They wear it for shopping, during the night at the pub or at work. So are you looking for something to top off your outfit? Or something to stand prominent in the crowd? A stylish cape is all that you need. But, these cardinals are unique yet tricky to wear. Here are some tips on how you can be stylish in your day to day life, even on special occasions like marriage in this traditional wear. 

A bridal look with capes for wedding dresses 

A simple gown or long bridal dress has ruled the wedding wardrobe for long enough. Now is the time to add some unique touch and a fairy-tale feel to your wedding outfit. Do that by choosing long capes for wedding dresses. Don’t worry! You are not the first one to break the ice. It’s already been a while since brides dared the new addition on their special day outfits. Fortunately, they have been quite successful in turning their heads with their contemporary fashion choices. Unquestionably, these bridal capes can make you look and feel classic on your special day. You can consider a lace-trimmed version for a modern event. Otherwise, go for a sleek cloak style in sheer material studded with classic pearls.

Grace a special occasion with women’s dress capes  

Want to try something elegant and creative yet original for the party? Consider going for a 1960s look with clean silhouettes and flattering lines to get a sophisticated and utterly chic demeanour. Visit brands like Nordstrom or Missguided to choose the trendiest and ethereal styles. Here you can find women’s dress capes, cape gown designs, or cape top designs. You can try a black cape with matching tights, suede pumps or ankle boots. Also, consider a spacious handbag for a graceful office day. Otherwise, you can also pick a blue maxi cape gown. Finally, pair it with bright pink platform heels for a brighter and more lively look. For a royal feel on a special night, go for a robust coloured long cape gown design. Here, you can pair it with a high heel. Adding a statement jewellery item guarantees to keep you in the spotlight. 

Be the goddess of the eve with a fashionable cape coat  

Hot trending since 2014, these cardinal have become a must-have for every woman in winters. You can pull on a blanket cape at the weekend and be ready for enjoying the outdoor in dungarees or jeans and a droopy hat. Likewise, you can go for a cosy knit verity rendered with ribs or bounded edging and pair it with leopard print pants. Moreover, you can also consider a classic trench style with a daring black patent or animal print. Meanwhile, adding a touch of leather can make you look beyond style and class. Are you still confused? Visit online stores of ASOS or Zara and explore the tailored, trendy and stylish cape blazers. Remember, ladies, with a cape, you can easily turn heads towards you no matter the occasion.  

Cape top designs to keep your panorama buoyant  

They have gone far from the fashion ramps and wedding aisle, deep into the daily wardrobe of girls. If you want the versatility to your day to day look, add traditionally unique cardinals to the collection. Luckily, this style of cape top can add an extra edge to your look. The layered silhouettes adore every bit of your body. For a brunch or a casual day-out, choose cape tops with a shorter length. Accordingly, pair them with a straight, slim fit, skinny or even flayer jeans and flats of your choice. It will make you look unapologetically young, modish and fresh. However, the long cape tops are perfect for evening soirees, high-end gatherings, or dinner dates. Choose bold colours with statement jewellery for dramatic effects on your look.  

Tips on how to buy Cape fashion clothing online  

They have become a rudimentary style element in women’s wardrobes this year. After a long time, they are back in the fashion world. Now, these cloaks have evolved much from how they were in the past. With a modern touch, these stylish tops have been segregated and specified for outdoor and indoor activities. With an exclusive assortment of fashion cape clothing, it is quite a chore to pick an ideal match according to the occasion. From bandeau maxi cape crop to a sequined maxi cape top and capes for wedding dresses, use these tips to show your chirpy, carefree and boho-chic side with a perfect cape.

  • Know the trends –  To know the latest trends and patterns of cardinal, follow fashion shows. Also, see ramp walks, style guides, blogs or social media like Instagram to find trending. Do some brainstorming and decide what you actually ought for your super skinny or overweight body.
  • Know your body – Not every style is best for both super skinny and overweight bodies. Online blogs and certain websites like can help you explore different products and understand what cape fashion is perfect for your body type or size.
  • Know the material –  You can find a cardinal made of wool to give you warmth in extreme winters. Likewise, you can find these cardinals made of velvet, silk, satin or net meant to add a layer of style to your outlook. Before buying, make sure that the material meets your needs.
  • Go Online –  It’s been years since people around the globe prefer heading to online stores to buying any product. Online shopping will help you explore more and more products from top brands and help you make better decisions before paying for a product.
  • Check product features –  Websites like offer you the facility to explore products from top brands. The product description section is where you can know the material, make, and additional style details about the product.
  • Customer reviews –  While buying online, always read the customer’s review to understand the product better. Reviews from other customers can help you decide if the selected style will suit you or not.
  • The shopping policies –  There are chances that you will not like the ordered product for one reason or another. To keep your money secure, choose a seller that sells products with flexible return and exchange policies.

With more than 500 top brands like Asos, Nordstrom, Zara, denim, Misguided, and Zara, has won its customer’s trust by giving them access to top quality products from global brands known for their fashion-forward products and customer services. With, explore products from global brands and make better choices for your style up-gradation while staying within your budget.

Question & Answer

Can a petite woman wear capes?

If styled correctly, the different types of cloaks can help petite women look longer, healthier and stylish. A simple knit pattern for a streamlined cosy look is the best cape style for petite ladies. However, many are striving to know how to wear a cape shawl. Here a rule of thumb is defining the waistline. You can consider going with a leather belt to tie high on the waist and look smarter and taller in your cape shawl. At the same time, you can style your fashion cape coat by defining the waistline with a belt and creating a high-low style to look taller. A petite woman can also choose a kimono-style cape, tassel wrap or a pullover cape style to help them look fuller, taller and chic on the go.

Are capes in style this year?

Yes, these cardinal are in style even now. Since their major comeback in 2014, they are growing day and night in their popularity. Top brands like Zara, Denim, and ASOS offer trending styles, prints, and patterns of these cardinals in their online stores. Top styles of this year include; velvet capes, belted trench, Long length wool, and windowpane cardinal scarf. Meanwhile, thatcher double-breasted cloque dress, plaid knit minicape, and styles with faux fur collars are also loved.

Where to buy capes online in the UAE?

If you are willing to buy capes online in the UAE or are looking for long shrugs online, has it all. With over 500 brands, we give you access to top brands like Denim and ASOS to search for the latest cloaks cardinal from fashion history. Moreover, our product comparison site helps to compare the price of products from different brands and helps make better shopping decisions based on budget and personal preferences. You can also have the opportunity to compare products for price and feature with just a few clicks. So if you still don’t own this style statement, now is the time to grab one. Explore now to make the best style decisions of your life.

Why are capes cool?

They are cool if you know how to style them at their best. With increasing demands in style, there are many different styles of fashion cape coats and tops you can choose from. However, not every style is universal. To look cool in your cardinal, you must choose the right style and length of the cardinal and pair it with the right type of trousers and shoes. You can also complement the look with accessories like belts, jewellery, or a hat if you wish to consider it.