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Studies claim that a cold climate is 20 times more deadly than hot weather. Another study roughly recorded about 74 million deaths from 1985 till 2012; 13 different countries and one reason – severe cold. While the toll is increasing with more and more deaths, each year mostly during skiing and snowboarding season. People do not give importance to providing sufficient warmth to their bodies when the temperature drops.

A body warmer helps you to enjoy optimum comfort and cosiness with minimum weight. Vest and gilet are some of the names people for body warmer jackets. Back in the 19th century, the gilet or body warmers were used as decorative vests. They personify style more than warmth, unlike how we see them today. Despite the change in the functionality towards practicality; the core of these jackets has remained the same. Now, these body warmer jackets & coats are clothing items that offer cover and warmth on extremely cold days. Today we will share some thoughts on the perks of using these body warmer jackets. Also, we will guide you on how to buy one for you.

How to layer body warmer clothing in extreme winters

The best way to stay warm on a cold day is to layer your winter wear properly. With proper layers, you can enjoy easy movement, blood regulation for balanced body temperature and keeping your body warm and dry. Winter clothes are made of different materials and vary in thickness. Here you must note that the warmth depends on the thickness. In the most general context, we can divide these layers into three sections; base, mid and outer layer. The layering techniques and combinations vary from one clothing item to another. Let’s share some thoughts on understanding how we can layer a body warmer this winter season.

The base layer – Thermal body warmers

The base layer works on absorbing all the moisture that results from perspiration from your skin. It helps to keep your body dry and warm all day long. Always be careful while choosing a base layer, as it comes in direct contact with your skin. Experts recommend picking a tight fitted and high absorbent stuff to keep you dry and warm during extreme physical activities. Men and women’s body warmers made of silk, Thermax, wool, polypropylene or polyester are a good choice. However, cotton is not a good idea as it traps moisture within and stays wet. You must also consider the weight of the base layer. Select material according to outer temperature and the activities you are going to perform. Choose a lighter weight fabric for absorbency and a heavy one for enhanced insulation.

The mid-layer – Bodywarmer clothing

The mid-layer is meant to insulate, lock the heat of the body and keep it warm. Your mid-layer clothing items must be a bit looser than the base layer. However, it must maintain contact with the base layer. This close contact between the base and mid-layer will stop air from entering your body. Another important function of the mid-layer is to draw away the moisture from the base layer to the outer layer. Commonly mid-layer clothing is made of fleece, wool, polyester and unique natural/synthetic blends to serve the required purpose. At we have the entire range of bass, mid and outer layer clothing. Plus find everything else that you may need to complete your winter wear wardrobe. Here you can also explore different features and styles of mid-layers. Including adjustable cuffs, long front zippers, pit zips, and collar.

The outer layer – Bodywarmer jackets

This layer works to allow moisture to escape while blocking wind and water from entering the body. The outer layer must have to be highly water-resistant. Commonly the outer layers come in shells of Gore-Tex, parachute or similar materials. The outer layers of winter wear are available in different styles, colours, prints and features. Visiting online stores of brands like Adidas and Timberland will give you the idea of the versatility of these body warmer jackets. The most common features of these jackets include; ankle zipper in trousers, pit zips, pockets, hood, pouches and different types of ventilation. The out layer of the body warmer must be loose enough to give a perfect fit over the inner and mid-layer of clothing. However, it must be firmly in contact with the mid-layer to avoid any space for freezing air to enter the body.

Layering a workwear body warmer

Whether it be hard winter or scorching sun in the summer, working outdoor is difficult. For those who work in open areas during extremely cold weather, layering is important. It helps to maintain body temperature and avoid issues like sweating etc. Thus, layering is rudimentary to consider while choosing a workwear body warmer. Avoid using cotton material as a base or mid-layer. The equal division and perfect fit of these layers help to keep the body temperature normal in extreme conditions. An outdoor worker must not skip any layer. Likewise, it is important to choose high-performance water and windproofing outer layer. Moreover, a worker must always use workwear accessories while going out in the cold. The basic workwear accessories include gloves, mittens, socks and waterproof winter boots.

Tips on how to buy Body Warmer jacket 

Winter wear has come a long way from the cloaks banned by Augustus Caesar and the dog-toting hand mugs. Now, you can see yourself surrounded by an adjustable heated body panels, synthetic resilient fibbers, ultra-lightweight construction, weather and waterproof material. Each comes with a range of styles, colours and supporting features. No matter how the winter wear gets innovative, the hallmark of keeping the body warm will remain the same. Comparatively, today’s body warmers are flexible and more breathable, offering optimal protection against bad weather. Let’s share some thoughts on how to choose a technically advanced yet practical bodywarmer for you.

  • Choose the right fabric – Material and design are two basic points to consider while buying a body warmer. Always pick a jacket made of comfortable and soft material to keep you dry and allow ease of movement.
  • Check the quality of the fabric – The quality and durability of the fabric is another important factor to consider. Thus, always read the product description to know about the material used in the body warmer.
  • Know your budget – Online market is overcrowded with quality winter working clothes. You can find many brands offering high quality yet cheap body warmers in their online stores. Recommended is to compare the price of different products to know what suits your budget.
  • Product comparison – From material to price, you can compare anything on a product comparison site. It also gives you access to thousands of brands and products. Remember, the price of the jackets varies due to their material, style, and durability.
  • Choose the right size – The outer layer must be looser than the base or mid-layers. They must have the space to accommodate the two layers mentioned above. Also, make sure that the size you select will make you comfortable with maximum movements.
  • The features of the jacket – Winter wear or workwear bodywarmers and jackets come in many different styles like hoods, removable sleeves, and zippers etc. Always read the details about the product before making a final decision.
  • Choose the right supplier – With millions of websites online, you must choose a website that can give you access to more products selling women and men’s gilet body warmers This is why people trust to buy borders warmers online in Dubai.
  • Know the policies – Online buying is tricky and much different from physical shopping. Buying online mostly calls for a reconsideration of the size. Therefore, recommended is to order more than one size of a product and replace the one that doesn’t fit well.

Cold weather is time for fun with layering your clothes and making new combinations of your own. With we can help you get hands-on with most of the style options to decide your pick. With more than 500 brands selling men and women’s body warmers online in UAE, you can explore, compare and shop whatever you wish for. Click here to search for products from top brands like North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren. Just start by picking a cosy base layer, add perfect insulation with a mid-layer and carry your style with comfort by choosing from a wide range of attractive and trendy outerwear and go beyond the traditional style of dressing with accessories.

Question & Answer

How should a body warmer jacket fit?

The main responsibility of your winter jacket is to keep out the wind, which is why a good bodywarmer must be of good fit to your body. You can choose a jacket style with a tight seal at cuffs, and a proper fit on the waist and neck of the jacket. If you buy a jacket online, it will come in compressed packaging. Allow some time for the insulation material to move around and settle where it is meant to be. Once it rested for an hour or two, you can try it on to check the fit on the neck, sleeves torso.

What is the difference between bodywarmers and gilets?

Many believe the gilet and body warmer are two different clothing items. However, with varying styles and fashions, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a gilet, vest, and a body warmer. Some claim that there is a slight difference and the gilet has a more streamlined fit, and some styles of gilet come with a fur trim hood focusing on the aesthetics as well as cosiness while the body warmer is usually puffy and is in padded style with the main focus on warmth.

Are body warmers in fashion?

The body warmers or gilets are in style and perfect for extreme weather if they are adequately layered with a base and top layer. Men can use gilets as a part of their business casual attire by pairing them with suitable pants and sweaters. You can style your sleeves less body warmer as a vest pairing it with a polo shirt or a casual button-down shirt as a base layer while adding a winter coat as the top layer.

Where to buy body warmers?

The online market is flooded with those who claim to deliver the best quality and those who really do so. is trusted by thousands for the quality of services and facility of product comparison from more than 500 brands, including Adidas, Marks and Spencer, Zara, Timberland, and Calvin Klein. You can explore and compare the price of products from more than one brand and make an economical shopping decision.

Winter is harsh, and everyone needs to have a quality body warmer with an intelligent combination of inner layers in their winter wardrobe. Just like winter jackets, gilet and body warmers, explore socks, mittens, caps, thermal, scarfs and much more to complete your winter wear collection this year. Visit a product comparison site to find the best women and men’s body warmers sale online in the UAE and get your wardrobe done now.

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