About Blousons

The fabric, the length, and the purpose of jackets & coats have evolved throughout the centuries from their origins. It has emerged from a doublet in the Middle Ages to a vest and knee-length coat and eventually ended up being the tailored garment of contemporary fashion. And one of the classics today that you need to get your hands on is the blousons. Their popularity and style have only gotten better over the years. But, just like any other piece of clothing, getting a blouson jacket is a bit tricky. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled this guide to make your buying process a breeze. So read on.

You now know that these blousons have a long-standing history, precisely dating back to 1828. Blousons, indeed have many references in history. However, it was the Second World War that helped form the blouson jacket that we now recognise as the classic blouson jacket shape. But what exactly is a blouson jacket? The Cambridge dictionary defines the blouson as a loose, short jacket that you wear on the upper body and that tightly fits around the waist. Think of it this way: a shirt tucked into your beltline and then slightly pulled out so that it sits over your waist. In short, they fit you more tightly on the torso than on the rest of the body. But, as we know, they’ve significantly evolved over the years, and today we have a wide range of blousons to choose from. Let’s have a look at a few trending ones below.

The different types of blouse jackets for various purposes 

Jackets these days aren’t just for players to look cool. You’ll find them in numerous types, and blousons are the proof. Today, blousons are not just a staple but a style statement that you can pair with anything and everything. Besides, both men and women can wear them alike. They not only give you a chic look but protect you from any seasonal changes or late cold spells. Do you have a formal event coming up? Or perhaps you have a night out with your guys? Either way, having a blouson jacket in hand, can rest assured you stay stylish and comfortable? Above all, you’ll find them in different colours and sizes too. Below are a few types that you can consider investing in.

Go for the blouson jacket with hood

If you’re looking out for blousons with a unique twist, then go for the ones that have hoods attached. The jackets with hoods attached are not only stylish but also offer you extra warmth. Take, for example, the one with faux fur. These models come with a patch design on the sleeve and come with contrasting lining. Furthermore, they also have patch pockets and a zip on the front. Additionally, you’ll find ribbing at the bottom of the sleeves and the waist. Most blouson jacket contains a blend of cotton and polyester. By trapping air, it offers the best insulation and guarantees maximum warmth.

Dress well in the jacket style blouse for lehenga

If you’re someone who loves to twirl in those colourful ethnic skirts, lehengas, then there’s nothing more elegant than pairing them with the designer jacket blouse. The jackets for the lehenga are the designer jacket blouse. You can easily find stylish jacket style blouses for lehengas online. You’ll discover several designers experimenting with their styles. This means there’s one to suit each one of your styles. You’ll find jackets with variations in neckline, sleeves, and back. Similarly, you can find these jacket style blouses in several colour options too. Pick one that best suits your skin tone.

Make a style statement with the men’s blouson jackets 

There should be no man on earth who doesn’t own a blouson jacket; such is their poise and elegance. Indeed, the iconic jacket has undergone a plethora of makeovers since its inception. But, it remains a pivotal position in most guys’ outwear collections. They’re comfortable to wear and come with minimalistic aesthetics. This, combined with a lightweight feel, provides you with the ultimate wear for almost all seasons. It adopts a very aesthetic that gives you a relaxed vibe and yet packs a stylish punch. Furthermore, you’re sure to find some legendary designs from iconic brands.

Look elegant with the women’s blouson jackets 

The blousons are a versatile piece of clothing, and you can wear them regardless of what gender you’re. This means it has some excellent models for both men and women. However, women are truly blessed as you’ll find several kinds of blousons just for you. You’ll find them in vibrant colours, prints and designs. Most of the jackets are waterproof and windproof. Apart from their great build, they’re comfortable, roomy and have high mobility. Furthermore, you can wear them on various occasions that include both formal and informal events.

Tips on how to buy Blousons online

Since you now know that there are endless varieties of blousons out there in the market, you must’ve also figured out that picking out the best one among this vast lot is a bit tricky. Whether it is shopping online or in-person, shopping for clothing that you intend to wear is indeed a big deal. Particularly when they become an essential part of your attire, it becomes crucial to select them with the utmost care. Below, you can find tips on how to effortlessly buy blouson jackets online in UAE.

  • Avoid too many embellishments – It’s better to work the blouson jackets on their own, particularly for the one for lehengas. Team them with a good skirt, and they’re great for formal and informal events alike. There are several other alternatives too. But, it depends hugely on the comfort level of the wearer. All in all, they work well without too many accessories.
  • Know your current wardrobe – You’d probably own a gazillion dresses and jackets, but determining which one would work with your existing pieces will narrow down your search. Indeed, the blousons are multi-functional, but you still need to know and understand the colour palette and fabric options to pick the best one.
  • Check for variations – The perfect combination of a shirt and top, the button-up blouson jacket looks more formal. Most of the models feature a single line of small buttons in the front. You’ll find them in satin or cotton. And most of them work well with trousers too. Further, you could also pair them with fitted pants. In short, you can mix and match styles for options if you pick the right one.
  • Consider your lifestyle – This jacket is specifically designed for the spring season. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them in other seasons. However, before you make the final call on your favourite pick, you need to ask a few questions yourself. Will you wear a jacket indoors? Or to work? By deciding on how you plan to use these jackets, your search will become easier.
  • Choose ones that reflect your unique style – Today; you can find a lot of blouson options that ooze style and sophistication. A good blouson jacket will have a loosely fitted bust area until the mid-waist and a tight finish at the waist, where it ends. Fitted trousers work best with them, although most women don’t style skirts with them.
  • Consider your age – The overall idea is to pick a blouson that looks authentic on you. Do not try too hard to fit in something that doesn’t suit your appearance. You’ll be losing the fashion points. This is why it’s imperative to choose a blouson jacket that matches your overall vibe and essence.

Always remember that fashion, like every other field, is dynamic. It changes from season to season. This is why it’s important to keep your choice simple and elegant, regardless of which type of blousons you choose. Blouson jackets are a wardrobe staple for all. This is because they add glamour to anything you wear. This also means that you must pick them carefully. We hope these tips and tricks will guide you in the right direction and help you pick the best blouson out there.

Question & Answer

How to wear a blouson jacket?

One of the best ways you can pair the blouson jackets is with blue jeans or chinos. You can also add in a t-shirt, polo shirt or shirt depending on how casual or smart you want to look. Furthermore, you can team with crisp white sneakers. Also, do not be afraid to layer them with chunky sweaters on cooler days. All of the above combinations will look great for any occasion. Just make sure to get your shades right. Do not go for flashy ones if you’re attending a formal event.

Can you wear a blouson jacket for formal occasions?

Blousons are a timeless piece of outwear that every man and woman should own. The classic blouson jacket that comes with the basic design comes in a variety of styles and can suit many occasions. They’re both fashionable and versatile. So whether you want to keep yourself warm in the spring seasons or a statement style to complete your formal look, the blouson jacket is your answer. This, in short, means that you can wear the blousons for formal occasions, provided you style them right.

Which is the best blouson jacket for ladies?

As mentioned earlier, blousons are very versatile. This means they equally look good on both men and women. However, like any other product, there are always a few that outperform the others. Blousons aren’t an exception. You’ll see that a few blousons are better than others. Check out the brands like Spiewak, Prada, Kenzo, Jack Wolfskin, Armani, Belstaff, Mark Todd, Harry Hall, Baracuta, and Fendi. All of them offer you a premium collection of blouson jackets for ladies.

Where to buy blouson jackets online in UAE?

The online market houses a plethora of brands and online stores that claim to sell the best of all blousons. But how’d you known which ones are the best? Well, simple – check out Trusted by thousands, our product search engine brings you only the best products from high-end brands and online stores. What’s more, the platform also offers you the convenience of product comparison from more than 500 brands. You can also filter products depending on your choices.