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Balmain houndstooth check biker jacket - Black
Balmain houndstooth check biker jacket - Black
Balmain’s tough, rock-and-roll edge was remixed with the designer’s signature glitz and glamour, presenting a rich line-up of sumptuous leathers, metal studding and heavy-duty embellishment. This classic biker jacket is rendered in a luxurious wool fabric with a monochrome houndstoooth check pattern and features an asymmetric style, a front zip fastening, front zipped pockets and branded appliqués.
Gestuz distressed biker jacket - Black
Gestuz distressed biker jacket - Black
Black lambskin/cotton distressed biker jacket from GESTUZ featuring off-centre front fastening, zip details, long sleeves, fitted silhouette and cuff zips.

About Bikerjacks

For someone who owns a motorcycle and loves riding it, a helmet and a biker jackets are two essential things to have. However, for someone who doesn’t ride one, images of just a classic black jacket pop up in your mind. It is because that’s the iconic image the media uses to depict motorcycle apparel. 

Originally worn on the field of WWII, they are a short, close-fitting leather jackets. The motorists often wear them because of their embellishments such as zips and studs. With their masculine and careful construction, they became a staple item, especially in the biker community. However, long before they got into the biker populace, the biker jackets were pioneered in the aviation industry as bomber pilots. And hence, named as the ‘bomber jackets. The bikers adopted them because they were highly durable and long-lasting. No matter how and what type of motorcycle you ride, there will always be a biker jackets that’ll fit you. However, its wide array can pose a hurdle in spotting a perfect one.  In this article, we will break down and elaborate everything about biker jackets. By the end, you will have an idea of which style and type of biker jackets will best suit you the best.  

Elevate your velocity with these types of biker jackets 

When deciding on buying a biker jacket, you must first analyse their types and styles. This will help you make a wise purchase and pick the right one for yourself.  Ideally, you can break down the biker jackets into four main categories, namely Cruiser, Racing, Sport/Street and Adventure Touring/Dual Sport. Each of these categories has a different style jacket that is tailored to fit the specific needs of riding styles. Let us explore a few more of them first. 

Black suede biker jacket

These versatile black biker jackets ideally made from high-quality suede leather have become synonymous with motorcycling.  The suede leather material comes from the split end of the hide. It is softer than any other leather and is porous too. However, this makes them less resistant to stains and scuffs. Nevertheless, there are also biker jackets that are made from cotton and synthetic materials that are growing in popularity recently. This is because they offer more room and comfort while wearing. Also, apart from jackets, you’ll also find these suede leathers in gloves and shoes, which are an essential part of biking. Ladies who love biking won’t be disappointed as there is a suede biker jacket for women too. 

Faux fur biker jacket

As the interest in adventure touring continues to grow, the popularity of this jacket also stays put. This beautiful and stylish fur jacket is comfortable and soft enough to keep you warm. They are usually made with highly durable textiles that are waterproof/breathable. There are different types of these jackets. Some jackets feature faux fur just on the collar and arms of the jackets. Whereas there are others where the outer lining is wholly made up of the fur. These biker jackets generally have lots of pockets to be able to accommodate more gadgets and necessities for longer trips. Either way, they are one of the best biker jackets in town. 

Men’s leather racer jacket

Created with materials such as that are highly resistant to abrasions (due to high risk of speeds when riding), they are influenced by vintage motorcycle styles. A thick cowhide is often the best choice. This one of the primary reasons why they generally have a cotton body lining, a polyester sleeve lining and a slim fit model with moto detailed quilt designed on shoulders.  Apart from the black colour, they also come in brown that features synthetic stretch panels which are placed in critical areas to help rider mobility. There are generally no pockets in such jackets, and they often come with a tight fit to be more aerodynamic. 


You’ll often see them as a more casual version of racing jackets. The styling is very similar, but the fit is more relaxed and looser. They are commonly made of textiles and have quite a few leather options as well. There are combinations of both too. You can explore various online shops and sites to explore their fantastic collection. Undeniably, they are a go-to wear type of biker jackets for punks and motor heads who love to define a new style statement in the industry.

Tips on how to buy Bikerjacks online

You now know that there are countless varieties and alternatives to the biker jackets. One of the best is the leather biker jacket. However, with so many options to choose from, spotting the right one that matches your appearance becomes complex. We’ve compiled a list of things you should consider while buying one. Read on. This will place you in a better position to buy the best motorcycle jacket for your needs.

  • Consider the materials—The biker jackets are either leather or textile. But how do you determine which one is right for you? Different activities require different protection features, and the choice of material dramatically affects the performance of the jacket. This one of the primary reasons you need to choose from leather, textile or hybrid based on its usage.
  • Pick the best one for safety— Motorcycle collisions and accidents can lead to severe injuries, and for this reason, safety must be your number one concern when selecting a biker jacket. Armours and integrated protectors are essential safety measures to look for when you buy a biker jacket. A well-padded and armoured jacket will keep you safe no matter what stunts you do while you are riding.
  • Your comfort is crucial —Remember that the leather made jackets are generally heavier than their textile counterparts. Jackets made of textiles are ideal for touring and racing. Also, see if the jacket is a correct fit for your body. Is too loose? Or does it snugly fit you? Nevertheless, the jackets come with adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the fit as per your preference.
  • Carefully check out the features— Metallic zippers, colour, removable thermal linings, mesh ventilation membranes and pockets are some of the features you must consider when buying a biker jacket. Each event or an occasion, a jacket with a different kind of functionality and these features help you wear the coat with confidence no matter event, sport or occasion you are going for.
  • Check out the maintenance methods— Imagine that you have a bought a biker jacket putting in a fortune and are clueless about how to take care of it. Scary! You need to take responsibility and clean your biker jackets to increase its lifespan and maintain their great look.
  • Consider the price – Not all biker jackets are equal, and thus you’ll find them at different price tags too. The price usually depends on the quality, brand, and the place from where you buy the jackets. Therefore, its best set aside a budget for yourself. This helps you to narrow down on your choices, and pick a perfect one that suits your budgets.

If you currently own a motorcycle or are planning to by one, you should update your wardrobe with the correct riding gear as well. Have you ever seen any bikers wearing a cotton shirt or casual wears? They typically wear heavier jackets and more appropriate attires that are ideal for the speed and external environment when riding a motorcycle. Wearing the right jackets and pairing them with the right trousers will surely help you look stylish and will also keep you safe from any external force or abrasions.

Question & Answer

Are biker jackets in style 2021?

There are only a few modern jackets that are undeniably iconic from the day of its inception. The leather biker jackets are a great example. Originated in the 1910s they had a belted waist to secure fit, an asymmetrical front closure which created a double layer of material in the front for insulation. This style has been evolving since its birth.

How long will biker jackets be in fashion? 

Biker jackets have been around from the 1910s and stepping out from the punk rock and roll in earlier days. So, now you can consider these jackets as a legitimate wardrobe essential for men who want to look awesome when on the wheels. This means that there are far more choices than ever before, and their popularity will be around the fashion industry until the love for adventure biking remains.

What to wear with biker jackets?

The beauty of the biker jackets is its versatility. You can dress them up with anything and everything and for every occasion. But for a classic approach, you can pair them with raw denim jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Tuck in a tee and hop into black boots or penny loafers to complete the look. If you want a more formal look wear them with a crisp button-down shirt and a pair of straight leg black trousers.

Where to buy biker jackets?

Aside from motorcycle, the biker jackets are probably the most sought symbol of bike lovers. They are also one of the most critical elements among the other riding gears. It is important to remember that there is a plethora of their types available in the market. A bit of online research can fetch you the best among the lot. Check out our most extensive product search engine that features a wide range of their types. Because buying these shining piece of fashion craft can get tricky at times.

Why are biker jackets short?

The short length of the biker jackets offers safety and comfort for the rider. The short length keeps the jacket from pressing the belly, flapping in the wind and shifting up your body during an accident. You can also find jackets with parka looks, mostly used by bikers who go for longer rides and those who love adventurous trips.

For someone who is crazily in love with the motorcycle, you need to be in love with the biker jackets too! Why? Because they are essential pieces of clothing that’ll protect you from any outside abrasions or scuffs. So, if you want to buy biker jackets online in UAE and that too buy cheap biker jackets, visit! A product search engine where you can shop for an extensive collection of biker jacket for men and biker jacket for women from 500+ online stores. Moreover, the products featured here are of popular brands like Denim, Harley Davidson, Versace, Next, Honda, Yamaha, Jordan, and Ducati. While you’re here you can also check out many other types of jackets & coats from top-rated brands.