About Pantyhose

So, here’s a scenario; the temperatures are freezing outside, and you still cannot let go off your favourite mini dress. You want to wear them but are anxious about your legs being subjected to harsh weather elements. Well, new seasons, call for new ways to flaunt your legs, which is why a pantyhose is the wardrobe staple. But what does a pantyhose mean?

A seamless pantyhose is a delicate fabric that covers you from your toes to the waist. They precisely make you comfortable in any attire and therefore is a perfect formal and informal outfit. Although making hosiery, somewhat mandatory thing for school or work was unnecessary, they are still a great hack to cover up your no-wax days. They hide the little blemishes on your legs and keep you warm throughout the day. While they are an ideal outfit for your legs in all seasons, quite often you’ll be subjected to the term ‘tights’ when you head out shopping for a pantyhose. Though the purpose of both the garments- pantyhose and tights are almost the same, it is the name that differs. The term pantyhose is an American name coined for ‘tights’ which is European.

Explore the seamless types of pantyhose

Good news, the pantyhose aren’t those uncomfortably-digging-into your skin accessories anymore. They are a perfect companion for people who want to have an ideal look. Generally made of nylon fabrics, they are at a higher chance of getting ruined if not carefully looked after. However, once you master the art of wearing them, all you need to do is to enjoy the exceptional look that they provide. There are all kinds of them in the market right now. From opaque to transparent, they now come in different styles and colours, rather than just the conventional shades and patterns. Read on to find some of the most preferred hosiery & socks by women that is comfortable yet chic.

Sheer pantyhose

You may often think that the price of these hosieries is a little steep. But trust us when we say that these sheer stockings are a real value for money. Sheer is the density of the material. You measure them in denier or den. The higher the den, the thicker the fabric is. So, if you do not want to struggle with hiding holes and worn out hose in a matter of few hours, then go ahead and invest in a good one like these which have a higher density. This makes them highly durable. With the perfect sheer, reinforced toe support and excellent quality fabric, they are one of the must-haves in your wardrobe. Also, they are available in different styles and types, which makes them a favourable outfit for many occasions.

Plus size pantyhose

We agree that finding hosiery that supports you well is a significantly challenging task. This is particularly true for many plus size women. But there’s a piece of good news; this has been taken care of too. Many high-end brands have extra supportive pantyhose that are thick and figure slimming near the tummy area and are sheer and thin as they move down your thighs. This way, your long, thick, developed thighs and calves are generously proportioned once you wear this pantyhose. They disguise any blemishes and extra fat or cellulite on your legs and make them look slender and clean. From shimmering to silky, they are available in endless types, styles, colours and patterns.

Toeless Pantyhose

The name pretty much gives you an idea of what they are. The toeless hosiery usually has the feet covered and are open at the toe end. They are indeed a blessing for those women who hate the closed pantyhose and want to wear peep-toe heels and sandals. A lot of women find closed tights extremely uncomfortable and suffocating. If you are someone who feels that wearing a pantyhose offers less breathability, then you haven’t tried these. With proportional sheer density and high durability, they are one of the best leotards that offer you style and comfort alike. You can find them in various colours, including the neutral ones which can you can pair with any outfits of your choice.

Fishnet pantyhose

Are you someone who likes showing some skin? Well, then these leotards must be your pick. With their netted patterns and prints, they give a flattering look when you wear them. Wear them with a sexy silky dress and this will raise the temperature around you. They look particularly good with hot pants, shorts, denim skirts and skater skirts. However, you can also pair them with a ripped pant. You’ll surely make some heads turn! Alternatively, you can also wear them with gowns with slits or even wedding gowns. They are a great piece of clothing when you want to be modest but not that modest. So, someone who likes to wear a stylish, yet comfortable pantyhose then go for these.

Nude pantyhose

‘I do not like my legs’. They are ghostly, grumpy, porous and have veiny sticks. Is that how you feel? Then you are certainly in need of a nude pantyhose. Most of them call it cheesy or tacky, but they are one of the classiest pantyhose available out there. There is nothing better than disguising your hideous looking skin and look dapper in this awesome hose. However, most of you are still battling with the age-old preconception of the tights being saggy and thick that roll down to your knee. Well, then you have certainly been in the dark. The nude pantyhose is a one that fits well, lasts longer and serve you in multiple ways. You now get nude leotards that are chic and function like control top pantyhose.

Tips on how to buy Pantyhose online

Whether it is a party, office everyday outfit or a special occasion a pantyhose will take your gear up a notch or two! However, with so many styles, types and patterns finding the perfect one for yourself can be a daunting experience. You may encounter many confusing terms and features that you may not be familiar with. Here we aim to change all that, by offering you a few tips and tricks to buy pantyhose for every occasion.

  • Know what type of hosiery to invest in — If you want to keep yourself covered throughout the year and make the most out your money, you should secure yourself a pure, versatile styled pantyhose that you can wear for all occasion and significant activities. For example, go for sheer tights without any fancy or complicated details. Go for neutral colours that match with almost all outfits.
  • Select the right style — Women with long and slim legs can handle all kinds of leg-wear. However, those with short, thick and boorish legs, run the risk of looking stumpy. Which is why strategic styling and picking the right style of hosiery is important. If you have skinny legs, go for printed tights. They’ll add volume to your very lean legs.
  • Buy the right fabric — The fabric of the hosiery is paramount because they decide the durability and breathability of the pantyhose on different occasions and seasons. Nylon, silk and Lycra are a few basic materials usually used in designing the hosiery. Also, know how the term denier works. They indicate how sheer a piece of hosiery is. This will help you select the fabric that has a longer life span.
  • Mix and match your hosiery with your current wardrobe — There are several ways to style your tights. But before you buy them always have a look at your closet and your existing pieces of outfits. This way you’ll be able to purchase tights that’ll match with most of the wearable in your wardrobe.

Stocking/pantyhose or tights date back to the 15th century and have never been out of fashion. Emerged as the inner wear, they have certainly become an essential way to flaunt the legs as well. Tights are like a primer for your legs, CC cream for your pins and service you in multiple ways. If purchased wisely, then they will not bag, they will not sag. Whether you are tanned, white or pale, there is one for every skin tone. Undeniably a pantyhose can be your rescuer when you are first time wearer of shorts, miniskirts or gowns. Give them a shot, and you’ll agree that they are not that annoying after all.

Question & Answer

Is black pantyhose out of style?

The pantyhose has evolved over the years since their inception and were earlier available in opaque black colour. Probably, this black colour makes them versatile and which is why you could wear them with anything and everything. Thus, they are still the right choice for those women who are the first timers in the hosiery industry. Today, there are black pantyhose that are more luxurious, like a pair of black lacy leotards. Wear them to look sexy and sophisticated!

Can you wear pantyhose with open toe shoes?

Most fashion magazines suggest that pairing any hosiery with open-toed shoes is a ‘No!’. But we say break the rules. Several brands now manufacture, toeless or ‘open-toed’ hose so that you can rock your favourite peep-toe heels and sandals without fear. They offer high breathability and comfort that the others do not. However, choose their colours wisely, because you are going to pair them with your favourite heels. Trust us you do not want your legs in black or grey tights with flesh-coloured toes peeping out from the shoes.

What colour pantyhose to wear?

Women often find it quite challenging to get the right colour of hosiery, especially when looking for a nude or bare leg look. Well, each of your skin tones differs beautifully. Therefore, always go for lours that suit your skin tone. For example, women with darker skin shade must go for tights of such colour shades that match their legs rather than going for any lighter shades. However, you could always opt for gloss and shimmer to add vibrancy and shine to your legs.

Which pantyhose is the most comfortable?

Each person defines comfort in their way. For some, a nude stocking is the best pantyhose for natural look whereas for others a hose with less sheer is much more comfortable and breathable. There are those women who hate the idea of wearing fishnet while some love to show off their shapely legs in different patterns. In the end, it all boils down to the personal preference and style you would want to adopt to feel comfortable in your skin.

Indeed, fashion is meant to be fun! You must adopt frivolous ways to express your styles. If you love wearing the hoses, then you should get one. However, ensure that you do not purchase just any pantyhose. Go for the ones that portray high-quality and durability. Have you checked our product search engine yet? Visit now to get some of the best pantyhose and stockings from over 500+ online stores. So, hurry and buy pantyhose online in UAE that are chic and durable from reputed brands like Gucci, Hanes, Fendi, Victoria Secret, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, and Nordstrom