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Do you love wearing mini dresses in the winter too? Well, why not? They are chic and one of the most stylish items in winter. It is fun when you are bundled up in your dress with a coat and fashionable scarf. But what about your legs? They are most likely to be exposed to the freezing winter elements. But you can solve the problem by just getting yourself some knee socks. They are ultra-flattering, cosy, and easier to manage than pants or stockings.

The knee socks are reasonably straightforward. Their measurements and sizes show how they come to stay just below the knee. That pretty much encompasses their definition. However, you might often encounter the term knee-high socks when searching for the knee socks — wondering how they differ? Well, there isn’t much of a difference. The knee sock is the one that ends somewhere around the knee—sometimes below too. In contrast, the knee highs end above the knee. There are also certain instances where you’ll find them finishing in the middle of your kneecap—depending upon your leg shape. But those socks cannot be called knee-highs. Therefore, a generic term was coined to entitle all of them, now called the knee socks. Though they single-handedly describe most of the socks in trend, there are still a few of them that you need to explore.

Stay warm and stylish with these stylish knee socks.

You might see someone wearing knee socks at any local sports event, a running race or a cycling event. Well, this shows that they aren’t just a piece of fashion element but are also an item that is hard to miss for your wardrobe. They are certainly a wardrobe staple, an event, an informal meeting, or just an outing with your friends. The technology has changed from the advent of the product, and they are now available in a wide range of types, patterns, colours and styles. To fit with the contemporary, well-dressed look, a good sock needs more. Here are a few of them that are worth exploring.

Thigh-high socks

Long thigh socks, thigh-high stockings, knee-high stockings or simply thigh highs are a specific style of hosiery pieces that ends just about mid-thigh instead of just staying till the knee. Unlike a full-panty house, they do not go all the way up to your waist. However, keep in mind that exactly where a pair of thigh-high ends entirely depends on your inseam and height. There are two basic styles of thigh-high socks: the hold-ups or stay-ups (the one that stays up on their own) and traditional (the type that doesn’t). These generally use a combination of nylon, lycra, elastic, and silicone, which helps them stay gripped and not slip. With such innate features, you can count them as one of the exceptional hosiery items that you can wear for any occasion.

Over the knee socks

You are casually termed OTKs or as the knee-high socks usually reach past your knees, but not until your thighs. They are indeed a wardrobe staple for the winter months. Why? Because they keep you warm and help add dimension to just about any outfit. They include some of the sexiest, comfy styles around. Those folks who have long legs and are looking for plus size knee high socks may love OTKs for their extra stretch and length. However, it can be slightly tricky to style them without looking like a schoolgirl. Fortunately, you can combine them with sheer tights for a more sophisticated look. For a fashion-forward look, play with proportions when styling your OTKs. You can keep your overall look conservative by wearing layers such as a cardigan over a skirt or a dress.

Plus size knee socks

Don’t worry if you do not have those slender and beautiful legs. The plus-size fashion has evolved dramatically. Once thought impossible, the notion that plus-size women cannot have the same sartorial options as straight size has started to fade away. This is why knee socks in plus size remain the unicorns of the plus-size fashion industry nowadays. When it comes to their styles, there are a plethora of them available in the market. For example, a few knee-high socks are built to cater to calf widths up to 24+ inches. They come in bandage-like design elements, which offer extra support and effortless style. But, if your style is more quirky than dull, go for the colourful ones such as rainbow colours and patterns.

Knee-high sports socks

A sock is an essential part of any sport. But they are a necessity when it comes to winter sports. You can usually wear them in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. They keep your legs comfortable and warm you up in your boots. Most of them who play soccer also wear such socks, as they protect your legs from hits and cover your shin guards. Sports such as baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball also require you to wear knee-high socks. They are not only ideal for sports but are useful for hunters too. They wear padded knee socks which are highly durable, to keep their legs and feet warm in their boots while they are out hunting in the cold woods all day. Their unique technology and ultimate durability make them an elite sock.

Tips on how to buy Knee Socks online

A sock, or for that matter, knee-high socks, evolved from a practical need. These socks serve the purpose of extending the lifespan of our shoes too. Therefore, it is evident that they are one of the paramount pieces of fashion which help keep your legs, feet and footwear intact, no matter what weather, event or occasion you are. However, choosing the right one becomes a little tricky with so many varieties and styles. Hence, we have compiled a few points you should keep in mind while buying knee-high socks online.

  • Know what you want – Do you need warmth? Or padding? Moisture control, perhaps? Ideally, your sock must offer all the creature comforts. But be ready to prioritize. Focus on what you need the most and sort out the features you require. For example, you need a sock that isn’t sagging or showing skin but one that is better elastic and longer.
  • The sock colour matters – Forget the conventional colours. Black isn’t the automatic go-to dress sock colour, even though they are an acceptable one. When there is a whole range colour of options available out there, why do you want to go for the usual boring black colour? Well, remember, when in doubt, buy a sock that matches the colour of your trouser.
  • The length of the socks is important – Socks come from the days when exposed skin was considered not just unsightly but downright scandalous. However, that notion changed over the years. Since most of the manufacturing cost of socks is from the material, the length is where they save. Therefore, you might end up with a lot of calf-length socks. Therefore, always hunt around for the ones that are appropriate for your desired occasion and body type.
  • Look for the sock’s material – The stuff the sock is made up of plays a huge part in their performance. Usually, their base materials include cotton, polyester, nylon and a whole range of other synthetics. Always go for the ones that best suit you. For example, if you are travelling to a warm place that’ll make your feet sweat a lot, then go for cotton knee socks.
  • Know their size and fit – Remember, when looking out for the fit of the sock, look for the fit of the stockings on the foot itself and not just their height on the leg. Tradition holds that the more formal hose, the slimmer they need to be. Also, the sizes vary depending on the brand. However, a ‘medium’ sock will fit up to about size 12 in American shoe sizes.
  • Splurge a little – Yes, you can get socks cheap. But purchasing one isn’t a good idea. Be willing to pay a hefty mark-up above the cheapest if you want decent socks. The knee socks made of well-woven wool/synthetic blend cost exponentially more than a thin cotton sock. This is because the price depends on the material of the knee socks.

Now you know why a sock is essential and why a knee sock is the best among all. Always try to pick the perfect socks for your rare and beautiful dress. The bottom line is that knee socks are another piece of iconic fashion element that add to your wardrobe and make an impact on your overall look, regardless of the occasion and events. They’ll transform an outfit and will let your personality shine. So, choose and style them wisely.

Question & Answer

Are knee-high socks in style?

Yes, the knee-high socks are a trendy, fashionable hot-ticket item now. But they have been around for centuries. Historical sources have documented the first version of knee socks as early as Ancient Roman times. Both men and women used to wear them to protect their legs from outer elements. As the years went by, society continued to change, and the famous accessory evolved and started to embrace style over pure function. Today, they are more fun than ever and available in a rainbow of colours. With a fantastic range of colours, styles and patterns, knee socks are the perfect addition to the wardrobe of both men and women alike.

Can you wear knee socks with shorts?

Usually, you get to buy different types of knee socks, depending on your style. However, contemporary fashion has bred a whole new generation of short wearing people. Good news; wearing long socks with skirts or short trousers can be very fashionable and distinctive. But first things first, do not wear knee socks if you are wearing sandals. If you want to wear knee socks or any long socks with your shorts, match the colour of your socks with the colour of your shorts to be on the safer side.

How to style high knee socks?

With their versatile nature, styling knee socks remain a mystery to most of us. Here are a few suggestions to help solve the mystery. For those who are still learning the skill of wearing perfect knee socks, go for prints and patterns that give you a bold look. When paired with a simple office dress, these socks provide an in-depth dramatic look to your personality. You can also wear knee socks with most, combat boots, sneakers, and even sandals,

Why knee-high socks for running?

Socks are indeed an essential part of a runner’s gear. These socks are specially designed to help support a runner’s muscles. You can read the manufacturer’s site to know the benefits of each type of knee-high socks. Why? Because your feet take all the brunt while running, jumping and playing any sport. Therefore, your feet must have the necessary support and protection. The knee-high socks are specially designed for running and sports supplies that protection for your feet and lower legs.

What to wear knee socks with?

The knee socks are versatile pieces of fashion that you can wear with any outfit. You can wear them with sheer tights if you want that extra warmth in the winter season. You could also have fun with the patterns. Go for flashy ones if you want a bold look, whereas for a more modest and conservative look, go for solid colours. You could also experiment with proportions and style them with other accessories for the desired occasions. For more style ideas you can check fashion influencers to see how they have styled this clothing item.

Where can I buy knee socks online in the UAE?

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