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About Hold-up Socks

Hold-up socks have become a quintessential clothing item, especially when it comes to formal wear. Some people, however, like to include them in their everyday clothing, even if it doesn’t include office wear. Their unique comfort level has a lot to do with this fact.

However, one of the most common problems that most people face when it comes to socks is that hosiery & socks begin to lose their grip very fast. Wear them a couple of times, and you already start to notice the grip on the pair starts getting awful. There are many reasons why you could be facing this issue. Buying from a non-reputed brand, not taking care of the socks or subjecting them to rough washing cycles can be a few of them. However, with care and attention, this problem is bound to arise. The issues, however, appears with some of the best brands too. Hold-up socks are the best solution for all these problems.

Different types of stockings and hold-ups

Wearing socks or stockings is addictive. They make you feel comfortable and cosy. You can wear them with pretty much anything, and you always feel like adding more of them to your collection. A great way to ensure your socks and stockings stay up is to opt for hold-up socks. Just like garter belts or suspenders, these work on the same principle and help in keeping your pants from riding down. They’re a significant investment and work with all kinds of universally sized socks or stockings. You can easily find them at malls, stores or online, and it’s always good to go with one before investing in a couple. They may need a little adjusting since you’re not used to wearing them. Hold-up socks are pretty convenient and work with any attire.

Thigh-high stockings

The perfect type for women, thigh-high stockings are as popular even today as they were back in the day. They look great with both short and long outfits. However, they’re often worn with short attires like dresses and shirts. In this type, the stockings are generally suspended with hold-up socks. This makes it less prone to any accidents, tearing etc. It also makes the woman more comfortable. It is highly recommended to include hold-ups with your stockings, especially if you’re using them for long wear, like in the office. The best way to care for your socks is to minimise overuse. You can do this by possibly investing in a couple of pairs if you use them frequently. Also, ensure you don’t subject them to frequent washing cycles.

Knee-high stockings

Another popular choice, knee-high stockings, look pretty great with many outfits. Although they’re old-school, this type is pretty classic. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for knee-high stockings or socks, as needed. They are especially significant when it comes to shorter outfits. You can also wear these stockings multiple ways, depending on their material. Cotton, netted fabric are some common materials. Knee-high socks are also more comfortable as compared to other types. They’re easy to wear while travelling and it is also convenient to take care of them. You can include them with your lingerie or other delicate wear while subjecting them to washing cycles in the washing machine.

Lace top hold-ups

For those looking to include a little something extra as part of their socks or stockings, the lace hold-up socks are here. Great for any occasion or special event, these come in many different colours and types and look stunning. The hold-ups look especially great with short socks or stockings where the rim and hem of the socks can be seen. You can get them in a large variety of choices. Although you can also include them as part of workwear, it is essential to be cautious with your preferences here. It is best to stick to light coloured or, better yet, white lace hold-ups as they may sometimes be seen as a little unprofessional, depending on the type of work culture you have.

Tips on how to buy Hold-Up Socks

Buying hold-ups are not strictly advised; however, since they’re a newer concept, people may make a few bad choices if they are their initial purchase. Thigh-high stockings and hold-up tights are more advanced options in the context, and it is essential to know a few basics before you invest. The concept of wearing both socks and stockings is not a new one. However, if you don’t know where to start, these tips can be of great help.

  • Pay close attention to the fit – If the hold-ups don’t do an excellent job holding the stockings, they’re of no use. Always carry the pair while shopping for hold-ups to make the right choice.
  • Match them with your socks or stockings – If you’re wearing knee level or lower socks or stockings, they will be visible, especially if your outfit isn’t long. The best way to go about it is to have them along when you go shopping.
  • Keep it simple – Don’t ruin the beauty and simplicity of your hold-ups by adding too many colours or elements to them. If they’re visible, it is best to keep the purchase simple.
  • Don’t invest in too many – If this is your first buy, take time to adjust and adapt this additional item. Once you know what suits you more, you can get more of such styles and colours. Get one or two, see how they work for a couple of weeks and then go for more.
  • Colour choice – It’s a great way to show your uniqueness. However, colourful hold-ups may not look professional for every occasion. Choose wisely.
  • The fabric – Ensure you go for something breathable and allow you to wear it for long. It should have a good grip and work in context with the stockings.

No matter how you choose to go about with it, it is essential to ensure that your stockings or socks are comfortable, look great and serve the purpose. The best way you can extend the life of any socks is to make sure they’re not overused. Also, many delicate garments like lingerie and hosiery don’t last long because of heavy wash cycles. So, handwashing them or washing them in a special bag through which water and detergent can flow is a good tip.

Question & Answer

Why are hold-ups for socks popular?

Hold-ups are the best way to ensure your socks stay put and don’t ride low. It can be not very pleasant if your socks come down, especially if you’re wearing a short outfit or an attire in which they’re visible. In this case, using the right hold-ups will give you confidence. They are especially recommended for those who use socks or stockings regularly. Adidas, H&M, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, Givenchy, Jobst, Calvin Klein, Nordstrom and ASOS are good brands to start.

Should I buy cheap hold-ups for socks?

Although cheap hold-ups will save you a good chunk of money, they may not last as long. Thus, you will end up putting in an amount again to buy new ones and then again. Therefore, putting in a little more to buy good quality hold-ups in the first place itself saves you both time and money. Poor quality stuff may also impact the health of your skin in the long run if you use it frequently. Hold-ups, for example, may dig into your skin if they’re not of good quality. Their elastic etc., may cause bruising after prolonged wear. Thus, it is better to stick to sound quality, even if they’re expensive, hold-ups.

When can you wear socks?

With the modernisation of fashion, the possibilities of many combinations are now in the open. This means you don’t have to stick to rules and certain things when dressing. You can easily do as you please – as long as it looks appealing. You can create your own rules and ways of doing things. Thus, you can easily wear them anywhere with just about any outfit with socks. The only rule is – keep it as simple as possible.

Where can you buy hold-up socks online in the UAE?

With so many online stores, you don’t have to worry about choices at all. You can easily shop online from the best brands and have them shipped to your home. You also have easy return and exchange policies on most websites, and it can all be conveniently done from the comfort of your home. So, no more parking woes, long lines for billing, and arguing over who found it first. It’s as simple as a few clicks to get your favourite products at home. If you still don’t know how to go ahead with it, this UAE search engine will be your best friend! It helps to sort and refine results as per your preferences to get the best products for you.