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About Compression Socks

There are times when so many of us foresee medical issues. At times like this, along with medication, comfortable clothing gear is another thing that keeps us going. Medical science has made so many advancements now that it is entirely possible to benefit from other things than medicines, which changes a lot for us.

One of the best inventions in the medical field has been compression socks. Ideally used to treat oedema, phlebitis and thrombosis, this hosiery & socks are sturdy and secure and help immensely. Compression socks offer comfort to people who suffer from such conditions. The compression hose has a unique design to prevent certain conditions. However, if the patient already suffers from it, these helpful compression hoses can help make the situation better. They are worn around the leg and tightened to provide relief. Patients can wear it throughout the day with a break only at night-time. Those recovering or having some leg ailments can also use them to see immediate results. It is best to get advice from your doctor before considering any medical aid.

Different types of compression socks

Compression socks and stockings are helpful for a lot of different reasons! Along with medical benefits, they also provide support and grip to those who suffer from lower body conditions. They are perfect for post-surgery therapy when the legs are healing and still very fragile. However, the critical part here is the duration of wearing them. A lot of people forget to remove them after a specific advised term, and this way, it makes the situation worse. Although many doctors recommend wearing them for longer durations, it depends on individuals’ needs. It is best left to the doctor treating you. Here, it is also important to remember that the effect of compression socks or stockings is long-lasting only when worn in continuation. Or, let’s say, however long the doctor has advised.

Medical compression socks

The most common type is probably medical compression socks. People with varying conditions can use the socks. Those who have undergone surgeries can use them as the need arises. They also improve blood flow to the legs, thighs and especially the lower part of the body. Thus, people who may have suffered any leg injury greatly benefit from these socks. However, a doctor’s advice and guidance are required to wear this. Even after an advisable period, wearing them can do more harm than good and should not be done. It is also not a good idea to self-diagnose if you need compression socks or not. With so many medical blunders, it is good to get the best help from a doctor, including his suggestions, before you go ahead with something.

Thigh-high compression stockings

Another necessary type is thigh-high compression stockings. These are similar to regular medical compression socks, except just like stockings, they are thigh-high. The stockings have an open space near the toes, so it doesn’t end up feeling too compact. One can comfortably wear and remove them without any issues. The reason why some people consider this one is to give better support to the knee and thighs. Many medical conditions comprise these two central regions, and thigh-high stockings make the healing a lot better and faster. Again, considering this choice with a doctor is the first step. In many cases, the stockings also help in healing and making spider and varicose veins better. They also work on eliminating and reducing strain on the legs by ensuring excellent and regular blood flow.

Compression stockings for varicose veins

Varicose veins are common and are common in women than in men. However, their occurrence looks unpleasant. Mainly restricted to the legs, these veins are blood vessels that have turned blue. They may darken in colour, cause pain and discomfort if not treated. The condition is still prevalent, and not many people have had them treated rightly in the past. However, wearing good compression stockings for varicose veins are highly recommended by most doctors to speed up their healing process. Many different reasons like obesity, trauma and accidents may be the cause of them. Although they are not dangerous in the long run, they may look unpleasant and cause occasional discomfort after long hours of standing or travelling.

Tips on how to buy Compression Stockings

ver the years, people have educated themselves about the benefits of using compressions socks. It is no longer looked up as the “medical socks.” Choosing compressions socks has also become difficult since they are so many medical brands that do it. However, since it is one of those purchases that are related to your health and well-being, you want it to be the best. Here’s what you should keep in mind while looking out for the best compression socks.

  • Ask your doctor for recommendations – A lot of doctors would be happy to suggest some medical compression socks. Since they’re the best people to know about this, it is a good idea to ask him which brands and types he would suggest for your condition.
  • Know the type of compression socks – Knee-high, medical compression socks, half, thigh-high, pantyhose and maternity are a few of the several different types of therapeutic socks available today. Check with your doctor which one is the best for you.
  • Understand the length and how it helps – Varying lengths have different uses and ways on how they affect your body. It is essential to understand how a particular range of compression socks will also change your daily routine slightly.
  • Ask around and check reviews – If you know friends or family who use or have used them in the past, always speak to them before putting in your money. Also, reading reviews on a good e-commerce site is a good thing.
  • Do an online search – Check different websites to see what they’re offering, and if you catch a newer product, check with your doctor. Most sites also ship from abroad and specialised medical centres.
  • Understand the price range – Don’t get fooled by the pricing only because you’re new to it. Check with doctors and search online about the pricing. A lot of brands and websites will try and make more, especially on medical equipment’s where people don’t think twice about putting in extra.
  • Wear for sizing – Check the stockings for size before buying them. If you’re purchasing them online, you can try them after they come and return or exchange them if needed.

Don’t be in a hurry when it comes to zeroing it down on this although the medical staff is essential to get as soon as the doctor advises; it’s even worse if you make a wrong decision while in a hurry. Take time to get it all together. The best thing is that there are no ill effects of using these socks. Be it a sprain or injury, you can conveniently make use of a good pair of compression socks until you start feeling better.

Question & Answer

Are compression socks for men different from women’s?

No, except for variations in size, stockings are too of one make and unisex. You can choose whichever you want because they are the right size and will help in your suffering condition. With women, most of them prefer options like compression stockings over the knee. Men, however, prefer the shorter ones that reach below the knee. Here, it is always essential to go with what the doctor has suggested. Compression socks or stockings are not based upon one’s gender and can be worn with ease.

Are compression stockings worn at night?

Many doctors do not suggest this as the blood flow can get affected during the night without the wearer’s knowledge. However, this entirely depends on the doctor and the type of compression socks. Some of them, designed according to the latest in medical science, are safe to wear throughout the day. Based on your condition as well, you could or couldn’t be asked to wear them regularly throughout the day and also at night. Always take your doctor’s help and advice when it comes to medical guidance.

Can you travel while wearing compression stockings?

Yes, of course, you can! With so many easy-to-use options, even in terms of medical compressions, it is essential to make sure you can wear them while travelling too. Also, over some time, your body gets used to wearing a sure thing, even if they’re slightly uncomfortable. However, always check with your doctor if wearing it during travels is a good idea. However, as far as most stockings go, you can wear them over extended periods, including travelling. Sigvaris, Jobst, Covidien, Mediven, Dr Scholl’s, Bluetree, Duomed, Juzo, Tynor And Belsana are some pretty good brands.

Where can you buy compression stockings online in the UAE?

A lot of useful online websites have some of the best medical-grade stockings. You can do a quick search to find out which are the ones that ship to your country. Similarly, they also provide good return policies that are easy and hassle-free. If you’re still unsure, this UAE shopping site that is a search engine will help you out! have more than 500+ stores under it and are the best way to make your shopping simplified. It will help you to quickly sort and make a choice from amongst the many options that you have.