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About Ankle Socks

We have been wearing socks for a very long time now. It has become one of the essential clothing items, especially when you consider professional scenarios. Ensuring our feet don’t stink and keeping the body warm is only a few of the many benefits that socks have.

Most people are unaware that cold travels to a person’s body through their feet and head. Thus, while caps are worn during winters, most people ignore wearing socks and ultimately catch a cold, all the while wondering how it happened. Therefore, hosiery & socks during winters, or even otherwise for various purposes and occasions, are a must. Many people don’t like socks because it makes them feel hot and stuffy since they need to be wearing them the whole day. Ankle socks are the best option to make things easier. These short socks end just near your ankles and fit exactly like a regular pair of socks would do, without the unnecessary additional length of them. You can wear them with pants, shorts or a dress and they end up looking great! Brands have also come up with trendy prints and neon socks that take them to another level altogether.

Different types of socks for every kind of outfit

Choosing stockings has never been a shopper’s concern. However, believe it or not, it has become one of the necessities while shopping today. With so many options available, even when it comes to socks, you need to give in time to ensure you pick the right ones. The good part of this is that you now have a type of sock to suit your outfit. Think shorts, skirts and pants with narrow lengths. So, these are pretty challenging to team with stockings. However, when you add ankle socks to that equation, it works out just right. Since these socks are smaller in height, they’re simpler to wear and are so much more comfortable. Also known as short socks, you can find them easily in most stores today. The best part is that these socks work with just about anything – skirts, shorts, jeans, dresses, just about anything you fancy.

Thick ankle socks

Perfect for when it gets a little too chilly, you can forget your stockings while considering these. They are warm, cosy and super-soft. It is best to go for the ones made with wool than the cloth or cotton ones unless you wish to wear them to work. They are also great to wear at home with pyjamas, and they’ll keep you comfortable and feeling warm for a long duration. The thick ankle socks are available in most stores and malls, so finding them won’t be difficult. Another thing to keep in mind is to wash these socks carefully to end up lasting longer. They’re also a little pricier than other variations, and it’s better to take care of them. Hence, they continue for a considerable period. Always use a mesh while putting them in the washing machine, so the cycles don’t get too rough on them.

Ankle support socks

For those who suffer from an ankle issue, be it a past surgery or a naturally delicate ankle since birth, ankle support socks are the best choice! The stockings have a specialised structure to provide a stable system. The ankle doesn’t bear too much pressure while walking, running or playing. They are widely used by professional players or those who have recently undergone any surgery or medical aid relevant to the lower part of their body. Choose a good pair from a branded store that will last you long. More importantly, it is essential to go for something that will provide excellent grip and support to the bone structure of your foot. So, try on the socks to see how they fit. If you order online, always do this the minute they arrive so you can return or exchange as needed.

Footie socks

Another fantastic new addition to the ever-growing stockings list is the footie socks. These are thin socks that barely cover the lining of your feet and are meant to be worn not to show that you’re wearing socks in the first place. They include the heel, toes and fit just right, even if you wear ballerina shoes! Yes, they’re snug and work well for office or professional meetings etc., where you don’t wish to wear covered shoes. Also called sneaker stockings, you can wear them conveniently with most shoes. They are perfect for people who don’t like socks but hate wearing shoes without them since it can lead to foul odour and mean frequent washing of the shoes to eliminate them. They are also called “no-shows” because of their appearance.

Tips on how to buy Ankle Socks

Whether it is ankle-length socks, full-length, no show or something else, there are a few things to bear in mind to avoid picking the wrong ones. Many people notice that the socks they have purchased are crazy only after wearing them for a day or two, after which it becomes difficult to do anything. So, ensuring you know about stockings is the best way to prepare. While it is one of the essential things, you can end up picking up the wrong ones very easily too.

  • The right fit – Ensuring the stockings fit you right is probably the first thing to consider. The fitting should be just proper. Too loose will tend to get loose in the months ahead, and too tight will leave you feeling uncomfortable. This way, it also hurts your health since tight stockings can obstruct blood flow.
  • The colour – Depending on the need, you also need to pay attention to the socks’ colour you pick. Black and white are probably the best for workwear. While black is best to conceal the look, it also absorbs more heat and may cause you to feel stuffy. You can go for fun colours for anything except office wear.
  • The padding – Some socks have additional padding to add to the comfort factor. As needed, they may be placed along the heel or distributed along the toes’ lines and heel. They help significantly in the long run and are especially helpful if you’re recovering.
  • Type of socks – Ankle socks for boots, long stockings, medical stockings or compression stockings – all goes a great way to create small changes to your lifestyle. While the right pair can make it better, the wrong one can make you uncomfortable, so ensure you choose suitably.
  • The fabric – Cotton stockings are the most common type; however, the breathable, light mesh is also in trend because it is easier and lighter on the skin. Depending on your needs, you can make a choice accordingly.

Make sure you pick the right ones. It is also a good idea to research online to check with the ones that will work well for you, depending on some unique inclusions. You should also check on some basic ones before going for the trendier types. The internet is a wonderful place to find what you need. Be it types or styles of socks; you’ll be able to get every answer out there. This also includes tips on wearing them with different outfits.

Question & Answer

How to wear ankle socks with sneakers?

The best way to do this is to pick the right kind of ankle stockings. Since sneakers are entirely closed shoes, always ensure you choose the lightest socks category because anything thick will make you feel stuffy. Another important thing here is to ensure they don’t show. Depending on the type of sneaker you’re wearing, choose either “no-show” stockings or the ones with a thin hemline that won’t be too visible. The thinner socks are more comfortable; however, the thicker ones provide better warmth.

Are men’s ankle socks in style?

Yes, men’s ankle-length stockings are loved and worn by many guys, especially for office wear. They’re super comfortable for long periods of use and go well with anything. Say trousers or shorts, they look equally great with them and are easy to wash and store as well. Long hours of travelling are especially very convenient if you have a pair of good ankle stockings to go with them. Today, men’s socks are also available in different styles and types for other uses.

How can women wear ankle socks?

Women can quickly wear ankle-length stockings with just about anything. They look great in sport’s shoes and sneakers. Team them with pants, trousers, dresses or skirts. For women especially, many brands have some attractive and colourful options to choose from, making it even more fun. However, primary, solid colours are best when thinking of professional wear. Today, the aspect of style has completely changed and made way for some interesting combinations.

Where can you buy ankle stockings online in the UAE?

Many great brands have some stunning varieties in ankle-length stockings in the UAE. For the best picks, you can choose to shop online. Our Dubai search engine makes it easy for you to compare products and prices. We feature more than 500+ stores that offer an array of brands, such as Adidas, PUMA, Hanes, Skechers, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

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