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Every girl dreams about the perfect wedding—beautiful venue, sumptuous food, fantastic gifts, exquisite cake, and loving friends and family. And of course, the most important addition to this list is the perfect wedding dress. 

The hype around finding the sublime wedding clothing isn’t new. Brides have been known to travel across countries, put in a truckload of cash, and do even the impossible to have their dream dress for the big day. And you have to look splendid, since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event where all eyes will be on you 24×7. Making the final decision has become more confusing than ever with the increasing designs and choices available in the market today. However, it has become easier too. That’s because you can easily buy Kate Middleton’s attire online or even Priyanka Chopra’s gown, which took the original makers some 1,826 hours to make. Yes, women go great lengths to have that perfect dress for their special day, and there’s no stopping with endless the options we have today. 

Four fabulous wedding dresses to make your day special 

Whoever said that beauty is in simplicity certainly wasn’t talking about a wedding dress! Designers and labels today leave no stone unturned while designing it, and the results speak for themselves. You may have often witnessed a room full of people left spellbound when the bride walks in. It is the type of impact that a beautiful dress can have. Add to it a pair of beautiful shoes, a tiara, a bag, a trail, and a headgear, and it’s a jaw-dropping combination. The evolution of wedding dresses has indeed been remarkable, from turning a simple white dress to something fit for a red carpet. However, when it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be spectacular—right from the bridesmaids’ dresses to even what your mum is wearing. Well, the wedding industry is a big one, so you’ll always find something much better than you were aiming for! 

The ballgown dress 

Want the perfect fairy-tale moment when it comes to your wedding day? The ball gown dress is just the right one for you! This vintage wedding dress is fitted until your waist. It then flows into a large skirt that reaches until the floor. You can choose how large you want the skirt to be. The larger it is, the more character it adds to your overall look. However, it may also make walking quite difficult, so choose wisely. A lot of brides also play smart by having a second layer inside. This way, they can do away with the outer skirt after the nuptials, and enjoy being in the dress alone for the rest of the evening. Of course, don’t forget about the beautiful bridesmaid dresses to match, as they make for a stunning wedding attire altogether.  

The mermaid dress 

This is a new concept in the world of wedding dresses, and it looks modern, chic, and beautiful. This is the one to go for if you love something simple yet trendy. From the name itself, a mermaid dress is fitted from the top until it ends. This way, your bustline and hips are highlighted to display a thin, sleek frame. It is an excellent choice for slim women and those with an hourglass shape. With this one, you can go all out on your trail since the outfit is sleek and simple. However, designers have made this one flamboyant too. However, plus-size women and those with a heavy bust or hips may want to stay away from this style. That’s because it does not do a very good job of concealing their problem areas. So, it’s better for them to opt for the right plus-size wedding dress.  

The A-line dress 

Another classic style, this one is between the mermaid and the ballgown wedding dress. It is not as simple as the former, but not as dramatic as the latter either. If you love both and can’t make up your mind, this one will probably do the trick for you. As the name says, it looks like an ‘A’ and falls from a fitted waist to the floor, without spreading out too much. It is simple to walk in and looks beautiful too, so you can wear it for longer durations. The A-line dress is also the most common type, since it looks marvellous, comfortable, and works with most body types. There are many variations of the A-line dress available with lace, satin, sequins, pearls, and more. This one also features a relaxed fit and works as a dress for themed weddings like beach, floral, garden, and more.  

The fit and flare 

Another lovely variation of the mermaid, you’ll love the fit and flare if the mermaid is a bit too simple for you. This wedding outfit starts as a regular mermaid type. However, just before it ends near the knees, it starts to flare out. There are pleats with a lot of fabric that flow until the end of the dress. This way, it looks terrific. It also helps take away the attention from your hips if your body type is pear-shaped. What’s more, it adds a bit of drama to an otherwise simple mermaid dress and looks stunning with a long veil. Not to mention, you can walk leisurely with it since your legs aren’t restricted. However, with this type of outfit, pay close attention to your shoes, as they will be seen as you walk. 

Tips on how to buy Wedding Dress

Be it a short wedding dress, a two-piece wedding dress, or a high street wedding dress, you want it to be just right for you. If you’ve been on the lookout for one, you would’ve known by now that it is not an easy task. This is true even if you know exactly what you want. In the end, you’ll always question your choices and think about your decision, time and time again. So, make sure you always give it time and consider all the factors before making the final decision.

  • Start early – It is best to get started shopping for a dress at least a good nine months before your wedding day. This way, you know your size won’t change much, and you have plenty of time to make appointments for trials, fitting, and more. At least four to six months before the wedding is when you should have your dress selected.
  • Put time into research – Don’t blindly shop online or walk into the next bridal store to pick dresses. You’ll make it both challenging and time-consuming to decide. Instead, seek advice from your mum, sister, and friends and research online to get an idea about something you like. You’ll be better off while shopping with a particular style in mind.
  • Set a budget – Wedding dresses cost a bomb, so be prepared! Having a budget is the first thing you should do. Always mention this when you go to a store so you don’t end up choosing dresses that you can’t afford.
  • Take the wedding location and other details into consideration – Depending on the spot, pick the outfit. A ball gown or A-line won’t be comfortable on the beach or a hot day. Likewise, a fit and flare or mermaid might not work well, and so on.
  • Have someone to rely on – Have your mum, sister, or friend go along with you when you go for trials. This way, you have someone guide and advise you on what works and what doesn’t. Sales executives often tend to be positive about a lot of things, so it’s not the best way to take opinions.
  • Wear it several times before the D-day – Wear the gown a couple of times to see if it needs some minute alterations before the big day. Try being in it and walking around to get an idea of how it feels.

Getting the perfect dress won’t be a daunting task if you know exactly what you want. Sometimes the more you search, the more confused you’re likely to get. To make it easy, check out the websites of stores and get an idea of things like budget, collection, choices and more. If they don’t meet yours, then don’t waste time. It is important to be practical with the dress, even though you may want several things in it, that you’ve always longed for.

Question & Answer

Can a wedding dress be altered?

Most designers and stores themselves have an option for alteration. In the case of most labels, there are no one-size dresses. As you must have seen, wedding dresses generally have a corset style fitting in the back that allows you to make it loose or tight as needed. This way, dresses in themselves are only fitted to a specific limit, and once you finalise on one, the store will be happy to make it as per your size. Some particular designers do have sizes like 10, 12, 14, and more. If an in-between size fits you, they will happily alter the dress, without harming its style.

Can I pick a second-hand wedding dress?

When brides are on a budget, the best thing is to opt for a second-hand dress. Many e-commerce websites and physical stores do this. You may sometimes find a dress at a fraction of its original price, and if you get something that is still in good condition, go for it! You can have the dress dry cleaned and steamed to make it look brand new. If need be, you can also borrow it from a friend or someone you know, if they’re willing to share. This is both economical and eco-friendly, as wedding dresses are worn only once in a lifetime. This way, it can be re-worn and used for the second time.

How can I donate my wedding dress?

Find a place that accepts your wedding dress if you feel it can help someone else. A few brands receive old wedding dresses that they sell at lower prices. Sometimes, they may change certain things about the dress to create a new style before putting it on their shelves again. You can go for whatever suits you best depending on your choices.

Where can I buy wedding dresses online?

Shopping online for a wedding dress is the best thing to do since it helps you weigh your options and pick the best ones that you like. Dior, ASOS, Ralph Lauren, Debenhams, H&M, and Nordstrom have a fantastic collection that you can count on. If you want to have an easy-breezy and amazing shopping experience, then you are in the right place. is a superfast product search engine that will help you sort and filter your picks in an instant from across 500+ brands and online stores including Newchic and Brands for Less. If you haven’t tried it out yet, then this is your opportunity.

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