Vintage dresses

About Vintage dresses

Do you love the past era of fashion or perhaps enjoy dressing distinctively? Then you are a vintage girl! Well, this isn’t entirely true. Because everyone can tap their vintage-loving gene. That is because buying vintage dresses can be quite a rush. Especially when you find a designer piece that you can’t live without. That said, aren’t you curious about what exactly is vintage?

Technically speaking vintage clothing is dresses that date back from the year 1920 to 1998 (20 years old is the standard starting point). Are there old tees in your parent’s attic? Yep! They are all vintage. So, the initial step in understanding what a vintage dress is is to accept the fact that, a vintage is not necessarily an old Victorian dress. It can also be the dress that you wore to prom! In a world of ever-evolving fashion, these vintage style dresses allow you to have a unique style. For serious vintage fashionistas, shopping for them can be one of life’s greatest joys. However, purchasing a perfect one can be tricky and, frankly, overwhelming. Therefore, to buy these unique vintage clothing, you need to plan, search and be prepared to rummage. Here are a few of their types, tips and suggestions to help navigate your way through the retro dressing.

Experience a spirit of new wearing with these vintage dresses

We know that history repeats itself. The fact is too accurate for fashion to tell. The styles and cuts that were popular back in the 70s and 80 are making a strong comeback in the 20s now. Although there are certain modifications or changes, the core of the style remains the same. Items such as tucker jackets, pieces of denim or tracksuits are all seen on today’s catwalks. Well, such is the case with vintage dresses as well. The vintage fanatics will be familiar with the thrill of finding that perfect piece-one that fits well looks good and tells a story. But the key is in understanding their types and making a pre-loved retro piece your own. Here are a few of their models that you can wear for various occasions. Keep reading to find out.

Vintage evening dress

Being clueless about what to wear for an upcoming party is not something new. Rummaging through your wardrobe left and right—we’ve all been there, done that! But, let us give you a heads up. Nothing can be better than wearing a beautiful vintage gown for an evening party or a ball. They add a twist to your usual boring gowns. These stunning retro dresses come in all styles such as party frocks, long gowns, sequin dresses, maxi vintage dresses and many more. So, you’ll never run out of their options. There are also endless options for those who would love to add a bold touch to their vintage collection. Miniskirts, backless and low-cut vintage dresses are now trending. With such versatility, it is needless to state that they are indeed bursting with whimsical details which can rarely be reproduced.

Vintage prom dresses

Weren’t you pumped up when you got a prom invite? But now that you must start shopping for a dress, you are sweating over the great Gatsby. Isn’t it? Fret not, friend! Even if you are not into over-the-top sequins or flapper fringe you can pull off a vintage vibe. Why? Because there is a plethora of them available, for proms. Off- the shoulder velvet dress is one of the best to keep you looking chic and young like Hillary Clinton. Aren’t you a fan of velvets? You could go for teal beaded flappers too. These ankle-length gowns are all-in-ones that will undoubtedly glam up your look. For those who want to flaunt those sexy legs, a lace midi dress is all you need. By the way, don’t get worked up if you are on the plump side. There are plus size fringe vintage dresses too!

Bridesmaid Vintage dresses

Well, we usually say that a bridesmaid should never outshine the bride. But gone are those days! You could flaunt your charms as much as you want at your best friend’s wedding. And what can be better than a vintage dress for doing so? With the onset of unique, stylish and elegant vintage clothing for weddings, you could say goodbye to faddy-buddy bridesmaid dresses. Say hello to the gorgeous vintage gowns designed to make people say wow! And the best part, they are versatile and are available in different types to suit all your needs. Some gowns flaunt your silhouette, midis show off beautiful legs, and there are mini vintage dresses for those who want to go bold and sexy. So, with these many options of vintage dresses for weddings, wowing the crowd is now easy as a breeze.

Plus size vintage dresses

There is something about vintage dresses that makes you feel that you’ve conquered it all. Probably it has something to do with the history of women in the past. The revolution in the fashion industry somehow reminds us how women were curvy, and plus-size and weren’t always accepted. But slowly this trend has been changing and so has the fashion for plus size women. The vintage plus-size clothes are great because they are known for their feminine yet striking styles. They have the power to give a feminine touch to the boyish body. Moreover, vintage dresses can flatter any body type and shape. And the fact that they are made to hug your body in all the right places makes them ideal wear for the plus size women. Therefore, they are one of the few styles that are flirty yet daring.

Tips on how to buy Vintage Clothing online

Gone are the days, when you could pick up a vintage dress from a nearby thrift store. It rarely happens now. This is mainly because more and more collectors enter the vintage dress market, which has resulted in a vintage surge of fashionistas. But if you are a beginner, then you must wisely shop for one. Here we offer some tips to buy vintage clothing online as a pro and score killer high-style finds.

  • Think about the purpose of the piece – Searching for an excellent party piece? Or look out for that winter coat which you can wear anywhere and everywhere? Well, think about when and where you would be wearing these stylish vintage dresses. If it is for a party, ensure that the condition is good and not too delicate. The same applies to any vintage accessories you choose, such as bags or jewellery.
  • Know your measurements – The sizes of vintage dresses are nothing like the modern ones. They are often much smaller than what we buy in the store. Therefore, before hitting the shops for retro shopping, measure yourself. By having an idea of the size of your bust, hips and waist, you can assess the width of the dress and know whether they’ll fit properly. Not sure how to measure yourself? Use a flexible measuring tape and wrap it directly on the required spots.
  • Start with your priority items – Know what exactly you are looking for. Is it a gown, a simple t-shirt or perhaps a chic jacket? Start at your favourite section, because this eases you into the experience. Make your way around the store section by section; even if it is an online store. Try focusing on the part you love the most. This will help you memorise all the unique items you want to look through.
  • Know how to identify the era – Most the vintage dresses can be identified using their names, tags, styles or fabrics. Furthermore, the prints are also helpful in determining an item’s era. For example, a vintage dress from the 1950s often focuses on silky fabrics and delicate floral prints. Whereas the one in the 1970s used a lot of faded, muted tones and textures such as suede, leather or lace. The 1980s are all about intense jewel tones, sequins and neon colour fabrics.
  • Assess the fabric – You may fall in love with the beautiful sequined gown or a beaded dress but check to see if the material is in the right condition. Vintage pieces often get dry, brittle and shatter. There is nothing more heartbreaking than investing a fortune in your favourite vintage piece and having it all fall apart. Therefore, always look and touch the fabric to make sure that it still has life in it. If the garment looks like it is going to pull or fall apart, it’s probably best to leave it.
  • Rework or tailor them – This without a doubt a fun thing to do. Why ask? Because reworking vintage with DIY projects is a great way to make them modern if you feel this suit you the best. Sometimes, when you buy a retro dress, you might love its style and fabric, but the sequins on them might put you off. In such cases, reworking them is the best option. However, please, make sure that you know exactly what you are doing to avoid spoiling your vintage dress.
  • Do not forget the accessories – As for the final step, hit up the accessories. They can seriously make an outfit. Therefore, choosing them wisely is highly recommended. Vintage knick-knacks seem too tacky, but, are great for spicing up your gear and the overall look. For example, bejewelled floral brooches instantly upgrade your blazer or winter coat.

Choosing vintage dresses means that you’ll never see anyone else wearing the same dress as yours. Therefore, they are a great choice for special events. You’ll find everything from bags, to shoes in vintage style. This is why shopping for them is much more thrilling than rummaging through your old stuff. And there is nothing like stumbling upon that perfect vintage treasure that fits you just right. Therefore, we certainly recommend you own these old pieces to define the new you!

Question & Answer

What are vintage dress clips?

Vintage dresses clip is like brooches and pins. People in the early 1920s loved wearing dresses and fur clips that often accentuated an alluring detail to the outfit. These are worn in pairs and often opposite one another on the neckline or straps of a dress. For a precise time, these dresses were considered a style and status icon. But just like any other fashion trend, it was added soon. This style fell out of fashion in the 1950s when classic regained popularity.

What to wear with vintage dresses?

This is a common concern of people who plunge into the world of vintage fashion. Well, let us help you with this! If you want to look modern wearing a retro dress, then avoid wearing vintage head to toe. It is simple; don’t be afraid to mix the eras. You could combine a 90s jacket with a 60’s skirt. And, yes, do not over accessorise. Let your outfit be the star. If you are still not sure how to step out in a vintage, the best is to consult any expert friend or look for trends and styles online.

What are casual vintage dresses?

Casual vintage is those dresses that you can wear every time of the day. As compared to any other style in the vintage line, casual vintage dresses are versatile. Hence you can hear them anywhere. A cotton tunic dress or a Capri overall can make a tremendous casual vintage dress. You could also go for a 70s maxi dress that comes with stylish floral prints. You could also go for a simple 70s style top and casual denim at the bottom.

Are vintage dresses in style this year?

With the rise of vintage style, the old is the new trend. The stylish vintage clothes have now become a wardrobe staple for both men and women alike. Vintage prints such as silk scarf prints and heritage checks add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. There is also vintage mush up ideas which the designers have taken and made as their own. Plus they are also an easier way to reuse old clothes and save a lot of money. So yes, these dresses are still in style.

Where can I buy vintage dresses online in the UAE?

So, now you agree that vintage shopping is much more pleasurable than shopping for ‘modern’ apparel. However, the question remains, do we recommend a vintage dress? Well Yes! Go for them! However, a bit of work is involved in getting the right clothing. So, if you want to buy vintage clothes online in Dubai, you should head off to – the largest product search engine . It features a vast collection of cheap vintage clothing from Gap, Nass, Mango, Needle and Thread and more. So, buy at and dress with panache and style!