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About Tricot Dresses

The tricot dress is one of the simplest kinds of dress. It’s neither designer clothing nor something that you usually see in a magazine. Also, it is not something that has been around for the last decade or so. But yes, a tricot dress stands out in all its simplicity.

If your wardrobe doesn’t have anything in tricot, then you’re missing out. If it doesn’t have a tricot dress, you’re more than missing out. Tricot is a one-of-a-kind material. It is thin, smooth, and made of single yarns that run in one direction. The resultant fabric is soft to touch, sleek, and shiny and mostly used for sportswear, swimwear, and more. So, what about tricot dresses? How are these different, and why should they be part of your wardrobe? Well, before we get there, it is essential to understand the primary tricot material. Even with its description of a “shiny, smooth, and crease-free appearance”, it becomes difficult to put an image into our minds. So, we recommend you look at a picture of the fabric or dress to have an understanding.  

Different types of tricot dresses 

The concept of a tricot outfit is not new or different. It hasn’t been around for very long, but the style still works its way into the collections of many brands all over the world. It is a different kind of material that people love to work with and try something unique. You may have seen the fabric in your cupboard but mistook it for nylon or polyester. However, a tricot fabric is an entirely different blend. It is light but also sturdy, which means it can take a lot of strain before it shows signs of wear and tear. There is a wide range of tricot dresses you can pick from. Let us explore the popular ones.

The classic tricot dress 

Who doesn’t love a classic? Be it an outfit, suit, or skirt; the classic is the best way to go when you can’t make up your mind, are running late, or just enjoy its versatility of it. Like all classics, the classic tricot dress is also a favourite of many women who love wearing it to just about any occasion. Be it formal, casual, or just something at home, you can wear a classic tricot dress to it. This one can be in varying colours and styles, but it’s important to remember that beauty lies in simplicity when it comes to classics. To let it stand out, ensure you keep the simplicity and elegance of this classic dress intact. Styling it with minimal accessories is enough to slay it.

The chic tricot dress 

If you love to add a special touch to your style, then the chic tricot dress is just for you. This one comes in varying types depending on the brand. Amongst its vast styles include halter, mini, midi, dresses in sequins, capes, trails, and so much more. The best part is that you can pick what works for your taste and body type. For example, a halter tricot dress is best avoided by a busty woman, while a V-neck will surely work wonders for her body type. Not only that, choosing a dress that works well for your personality and style is also equally important.  

The knit tricot dress  

The knitted dress, often known as a forgotten style, is a classic that is best for the winter. Have you had an experience where you end up layering your outfit with so many cardigans and shawls that the whole point of wearing fashionable attire goes to waste? Well, a knitted dress is perfect for times like this. Made of tricot with the elements of wool and vice versa, this one is great to wear just on its own. Although it doesn’t really create a big style statement, it does add a certain charm to the wearer’s personality.

The tricot maxi dress 

Who doesn’t love maxi dresses? They’re flowy, feminine, and beautiful. Moreover, they work for most body types and are perfect to wear during the winter when skirts or short dresses don’t do the trick. A tricot maxi dress is especially the best kind. Since the nature of the material in itself is smooth and soft, it comes with a natural flow. You might want to pay close attention to your innerwear in this case, though. The ultra-sleek effect of the tricot maxi dress means that any creases or lines are instantly visible. So, always stick to the seamless kind. The darker shades give the illusion of a taller physique and also showcase a slimmer body. Win-win!  

Tips on how to buy Tricot Dress

Tricot dresses have never failed to wow women. Although it is one of the simplest choices, it has always made an appearance every now and then. Whether it is your first tricot dress or not, it is always reasonable to be guided with tips to get you ahead of the buying game. Since this is a fabric that many designers and brands use frequently, there may be a few confusions when it comes to shopping for it. Here’s how to make it easier.

  • Check the length – The length of the dress should be something that you’re comfortable with. While some women love shorter dresses, midis or maxis work fine for others. Depending on your level of comfort, there are several types of tricot outfits available today.
  • The fabric is crucial – It helps to take a close look at the material. Yes, although it is tricot, there are several variations of the cloth available in the market. So, feel it and run your fingers through it. It should feel soft and silky; however, your hand should not be visible through it when you hold the material.
  • Have a budget set – How much is the amount you’re willing to put in for the dress? Deciding on this will help you narrow down your choices. As a result, shopping becomes a whole lot easier.
  • Have a look at the reviews – Try on the dresses if you’re shopping at a local store. If you are buying online, check out the product description and customer reviews. This will help you determine how it works for your body type.
  • Check for additions – Today; you can buy dresses with pockets, hoods, belts, and so much more. Most of these make it more convenient to wear the outfit. So, check for the latest improvements, and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.
  • Be different – Don’t stick to the regulars. Fashion is continually evolving, and if you go with what you have so far, nothing will ever change. So, have an open mind and go for exciting types of clothing after conducting research.

It is important to remember that however you dress and whatever you choose to wear, it should reflect your own style. Taking inspiration is one thing, but never replicating. With so many choices like a tricot party dress, tricot tank dress, and tricot skirt, you honestly won’t know which one to grab. Once you’re comfortable with the fabric, you can slowly and eventually add variations to your collection. Check out the best options here on!

Question & Answer

Which is the best tricot dress for winter?

You can comfortably wear anything with a blend of tricot and a warm fabric like wool or suede. This way, you feel warm, and the charm of the outfit is not lost either. The knitted tricot dress is a fantastic option that is widely available in most brands. If you can’t find one, then you can use some accessories, such as mufflers, scarves, earmuffs, and socks. Just make sure they go well with the dress you’re wearing. If you are looking for the best options for winter, you can find many varieties here on

What kind of tricot dress is suitable for little girls?

For girls, the original tricot is the perfect option. The dress is simple, flowy, and looks cute. Ensure the length is appropriate, that is, not too short or long. Tricot, in itself, is a natural fabric that is soft on the skin. Thus,  your little girl will be super comfortable. Although cotton and linen are best for the summer, you can use tricot when it starts to get slightly breezy or chilly. Hence, the one which is simple, cute and flowy is good for little girls. You have so many options to pick from.

Is a tricot dress still in style this year?

Of course! The tricot fabric in itself is an excellent choice for dresses, skirts, and other outfits. Most designers love it because it is versatile. Today, you can find so many outfits made with this material that you wouldn’t know where to shop. If it’s your first time shopping for the tricot dress, worry not! Our tips here on will make your buying journey a breeze. ZARA, ASOS, Nordstrom, and Adidas are some pretty good brands you can count on.

Where can you buy tricot dresses online in the UAE?

On, you can find some of the best online stores. To make things even easier for you, explore our product search engine! It is super fast and reliable because you can find millions of products under one roof. Plus, it is easy to use with a clean interface. What’s more, it boasts 500+ online stores and brands under one roof, ensuring you get access to only the best! Here, you also get to choose from a wide array of varieties. You can also sort products based on your preferences.