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About Sequin Dresses

Surely curling up in your PJs is a beautiful thing after a long day. But nothing gives more pleasure than wearing some flashy attires and heading out for an awesome night out with your girl gang. Though this holds, a poor-quality outfit can play a spoilsport in your land of enjoyment. Now, this is where the sequin dresses come to the rescue. There’s nothing better than wearing these sparkly dresses to your favourite party spots.

Sequins are small disc-shaped shiny things that are coloured metal foil. They are often sewn to the clothing for decoration, and the dresses that bear them are called the sequin dresses. Sequin outfits make a big statement, and if you wear them, you are surely going to be turning heads in a crowd. But from where on earth did these shimmery little pieces emerge and come to fashion. Was Michael Jackson to be held responsible? Or perhaps an 80s era designer? Well, not even close! A sequin dress can be dated back to the one and only King tut, who lived from 1341 to 1323B.C. When his tomb was discovered in 1922, all his garments had shiny disc-shaped sequins. Eventually, they became purely decorative. This article will set you up for buying those perfect sparkly dresses for Christmas, New Year’s Eve and just about anything you have in mind.

Add some shine to your wardrobe with these types of sequins dresses

If you think sequin dresses are just for parties and proms, then you are wrong, folks! There are a variety of these dresses that are available in different breeds and genres. Just to give you a heads up, you’ll find them in different colours, patterns, and designs. Besides, you also find different sequin shapes that add a twist to the regular disc-shaped ones. However, just like any other piece of clothing, there will always be a handful of them that outdo the others. Below, we’ve compiled those fashionable sequin pieces on-trend now, which will make sure you’ll sparkle at the New year and Christmas parties. Keep reading to find them out.

Sequin gowns for a formal ball

What can be perfect for a formal ball or a party than a sequin gown? These gowns come with flowy fabrics embedded with some pretty little sequins that’ll make you shine and shimmer at the party that you step in. The gowns and the sequined cocktail dresses come in various styles and hemlines. Some come with V-necklines, while the others are backless. By the way, if you want to take your sequined look a notch higher, go for intricately detailed sequin-print dresses. They come in various fabrics and colours too. However, ensure that you choose one that best suits your look.

Go clubbing with mini sequin dresses

What could be a perfect dress for a clubbing night? Well, it is none other than the mini sequins dresses. However, it takes some nerve to wear those little sparkly things. But, if you are someone bold enough to flaunt those curves, then these dresses will surely make you stand out in the crowd. These short sparkly dresses usually come in bright colours such as black, red, purple, pink, green, yellow, and blue. They come in materials such as nylon, rayon or spandex with sequin decorations. Also, the cuts of such dresses are a bit revealing. Therefore, you need to be well aware of the occasion you intend to wear these sequin dresses short for.

Plus size sparkly dresses to conceal those extra pounds

We are built differently with varying yet beautiful body types. However, finding that perfect dress for a night out or party is always stressful. But there is a dress that you’ll be ecstatic to shimmy into and take out onto the dance floor during the next event. Well, it is none other than a plus-size sequin dress, which is undoubtedly a shiny saviour when it comes to opting for sequin party dresses. From boat necks to sweetheart cuts, strapless and body-hugging forms, they are available in a variety of types and styles. With so many options to choose from, they are indeed the best sequin dresses for plus size and curvy fashionistas.

Add a zing to your look with a long sleeve sequin dress

When you think about a night or parties, your mind usually wanders rapidly to strapless or spaghettis-strap mini dresses. However, it is high time that you rewire what you believe a party dress should be and consider adding a long sleeve to the equation. Whether midi, mini or maxi, the sequined long sleeve dresses have the same flair and excitement as your favourite goes to dresses. There are classy silk wrap dresses, foolproof lace and mesh bodycon options that come with puffy sleeves. Often there are frocks too that embrace sequins and velvet to the max. Some of these make perfect sequin prom dresses.

Tips on how to buy Sequins Dresses online

When you are wearing these sparkly dresses, all eyes are sure to be on you. This makes it essential to choose the right apparel for the right occasion. Though sequin dresses are one impressive sparkly piece of outfits, they must be purchased wisely. Consider these few factors before you buy sparkly evening dresses online. Here we’ve compiled a few styling tips as well as factors to look for in the sequin dress.

  • Know your body type — Whether you are attending a dinner party or a gala, picking out a sequin dress can be particularly tricky. Therefore, you should know the measurements of your body thoroughly. For example, the widest part of the body, the hips, ideally defines a pear-shaped body. So, you need to pick the sequins dresses that flatter your silhouette in the best possible way.
  • Experiment with colours — Every fashionista knows that style and fit are two essential aspects of selecting any outfit. Equally important is their colour. This holds for the sequin dresses too. Always fog or colours that are soft on your look if you have warmer skin tones. Go for flashy and colourful ones if you have cooler colour tones.
  • Go for a good fabric — The heart and soul of every dress is its fabric, and it is no different for a sequin dress too. The plastic sequins are attached to the fabric, and hence the fabric they are attached to must be strong enough to hold them. Moreover, the quality of the fabric is the key to making the outfit look refined and classy.
  • Check for their durability — When purchasing a garment, you must be well aware of its durability. It is no different for a sequin dress too. Though these dresses are likely to be worn a couple of times in a year, their durability is of immense importance as you’ll be investing a fortune in them.
  • Accessorise wisely — Remember that the sequins are already highly embellished. Therefore, bold statement earrings or necklaces will easily make your apparel a little too much. Therefore, choose something understated. Pair them with the right pair of footwear and style your hair well so that you do not look too blingy when you head out for an event.
  • Keep them simple — It is quite evident that when you wear a sequin dress, its shine and sparkle inevitably make them a focal point. Loading up more can easily break your look. Therefore, keep your overall look simple and balance them with the accessories. For example, you could skip a necklace and wear a single cocktail ring.
  • Add elegance — Some sequins are classy, whereas some may give you a Vegas girl look. Thus, to ensure that you look elegant and not trashy, incorporate added ins that give the dress a classier feel. For example, you could include pearls in your look, especially when you are wearing a V-neck dress or a strapless.
  • Go causal — It is quite apparent that you’ll save up these sequin dresses for special occasions and evenings out. However, you’ll get more use out of your dress if you find a casual way to style them. For example, you can pair a soft coloured sequined dress with a denim jacket and textured tights to get an everyday look.

There are precious few occasions where you are not only allowed but encouraged to go all out in what you are wearing. Well, a sequin dress is an excellent choice in such scenarios. But it all depends on the way you style them for different occasions. After looking at the above, we are quite sure that you now know these pretty sparkling things very well. You need to consider the place or event and make sure you dress appropriately. Sequins for party seasons are equivalent to florals for spring. So why stay behind the trend? Shop for essential sequins dresses online at – the best product search engine out there! We feature products from your favourite brands like Elisabetta Franchi, In the Mood for Love, Özgür Masur, Elle Zeitoune, Needle & Thread, Badgley Mischka, Retrofete, H&M, Gucci, Next, and many more.

Question & Answer

How to wear sequins dresses?

Nothing makes a fashion statement as a sequin dress. They are bright, eye-catchy and sparkly. However, it is extremely important to select and style them wisely so that you gain attention for all the right reasons when you wear them. Checkout for the cut, the length, your body frame, the colour, fabric, sequin detailing and also the accessories to get your dress right. By selecting a faltering sequined dress and styling them correctly, you sparkle just right. So, go for them but consider some factors like picking the right fit, right brand and colours.

How to style a sequins dress?

Sequins are a tricky piece of clothing. They are already flashy; therefore, the accompanying parts are even more critical and challenging to style. However, keep in mind that you need to go with add-ins that are simple and should allow the dress to stand on its own by keeping the rest of the look more low-key. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun styling them. You can! But remember to consider the occasion you are styling them for. Since they come in a wide assortment of options, it can be tricky to choose one. However, considering some factors like your budget, preferred brands, and sellers would help you.

Where to wear the sequins dresses?

Sequins are usually for parties and other special occasions. But styling them right will allow you to use them as casual wear as well. Keeping them simple is key to making them ideal wear for formal occasions. Pair them with pieces of denim to achieve a casual look. You could also wear your sequin dresses as skirts by adding in a simple top above. So, you can carry them in a lot of ways you want. However, that also depends on the place you are visiting carrying them.

What to wear with the sequins dresses?

These sparkly dresses are all shimmery and shiny; therefore, accessorising them is a tricky task. But remember that a patterned or multi-coloured sequin can be an eyesore and might ruin your look. So, choose the dress in only one colour. Make sure you keep your hairstyle simple and fun, and add in minimalistic metal jewellery. You could add in pearls for elegance. Play with textures! Since the sequin dresses are already shimmery, it is suggested to keep other things minimalistic. However, what you wear also depends on your personal preferences.