Polo Dresses

About Polo Dresses

Polo shirts and dresses are timeless trends for both men and women. They are flattering and one can effortlessly dress them up or down for any occasion and weather. The polos are no more limited to men’s wardrobes; women are now equally enjoying the comfort and unique style that a polo master’s in. From retro styles and patterned versions to plain polo dresses, be sure to have a women’s polo dress that you will adore. 

We all know that a polo shirt is sophisticated and classy. But polo-style dresses are elongated and straight styles that flatter the legs. Choose dresses with different features like button necks and belts. Or pick polo dresses with pockets that can add versatility to your daily wardrobe. With the right pick, you can add complementary shoes and a cute bag to enjoy perfection for any event. You can get a long polo dress from branded shops for a more classic look. If you opt for a retro look, choose a striped polo dress in white, navy or black. You can wear them with wedge or block heels and a sunhat to rock a nautical style. Let’s explore further the possibilities of how to style your Polo t-shirt or dress for a unique appearance. 

Ideas to spice up your polo t-shirts and dresses

Polo shirts may summon the image of a stuffy preppy or golf course wardrobe. But in reality, they are more versatile than that. Without a doubt, there are some special tips on how to style men’s polo shirts. But, the female version of polo brings unlimited fun and versatility. The key to wearing a polo in style is pairing it with items that can be more feminine and contemporary. Star by ditching sneakers and khakis. Dare to get creative by combining your polo dress with unusual pieces. Make sure your dress is admiring and highlights your curves properly. Here are some fantastic style ideas to wear long polo dresses or Tees.  

Button up your polo dress and t-shirt

Looking for a fresh and athletic look? Leave a few buttons of your polo shirt undone and look as if you have just stepped out of the golf course. However, if you are looking for a more polished look button, the polo tops up. You can also pair it with flirty scalloped shorts. Or swingy floral print skirt is best if you wish to give a playful feel to your outfit. Tuck your polo t-shirt into the skirt or trousers, and you are set to rock a contemporary style. Important is to tap into your inner artist by carefully synchronizing the colours from head to toe. You can give an upgrade to your neutral tone wardrobe with bright and clean polos. From weekend to work, tennis courts to downtown, careful hue contrasts can help you look fresh and reminisced.

Pair your polo neck jumper dresses with sexy chunks

Polo shirts and polo neck jumper dress both can be body-hugging to showcase your curves or boxy enough to hide your curves and give you a masculine vibe. To balance the look for a shapeless polo, pair it with accessories that can give you some sex appeal. For a polo shirt, a body-hugging pencil skirt could be an ideal companion to your polo especially when you want to look polished and flirty at the same time. You can also pair this shirt with skinny jeans in cobalt or red hues. However, if you are opted to wear a polo neck jumper dress elegantly, pair it with a statement jewellery item. Preferably a neckless, with stylish ankle boots, knee length boots or high heels. You can also add a layer of leather jacket to have a chic style.

Laying your polo t-shirts and dresses

There is a reason why ladies never put their polo away. When the chilly winds replace the sunny summer or when a happy hour cocktail replaces their morning coffee. Polos are ideal for layering. You can wear them under a blazer or a sweater or even a leather jacket. Dare to mix and match patterns and texture to reflect the mood and showcase the best of you every time. However, be careful while playing with your polos. For a casual look, you can wear it under well-fitted denim or a corduroy jacket. For a polished office look, wear it under a blazer. Otherwise, replace the button-down shirt with a polo under a crew neck sweater if you want the collar to peak from the neckline. The baseline for layering a polo is not to go for bulk but to let each piece stand out.

Adding accessories to your polo dresses with pockets

The best rule to style even a cheap polo dress is to attach accessories. Accessories help to tie your outfit together, and the top-recommended include shades, hats, shoes, scarves, belts and your confidence. These accessories not only complete your outfit but help to define your style and personality. Though polo has a casual feel, it doesn’t mean you cannot add some jewellery for a contemporary flair. You can button it with a radiant bib-style neckless or can layer it with several strands of beads. If you are planning to wear a polo unbuttoned, go for a long pendant style necklace. In some cases, bold earrings could also be your pick as they help you look more modern. Just pull up your hair, wear a pair of hoop earrings or chandelier and spice up your entire look. 

Get edgy with your polo dress for plus size.

Being plus sizes doesn’t mean you could only wear it like a parent’s dress- dull, out of fashion and boring. You can play edgy with your polo outfit as it is the easiest thing for both men and women. Let your polo dress for plus size make you look fashion-forward with-it limitless styling options. Better is to play around with monochromatic tones or vertical lines to flatter your body and make you look smarter. However, if you wish to showcase your bold size, go for bold patterns with caring colour combinations. Never forget to add accessories to this edgy look. You can consider a statement jacket or a metallic bracelet. If otherwise, find a dress with piping on the collar and placket and eye-catching graphics that are worthy details, especially when you are heading for a business meeting.

Tips on how to buy Polo Dress online in Dubai

Considering the ease of access, the ability to explore and the freedom to satisfy one’s doubts, women of this age are more inclined toward the concept of online shopping. For the same reason, more and more businesses are helping women to get access to global brands that sell products of a female’s interest. However, with the amazing opportunities to shop online, there are some things a woman must consider when she opts to buy a specific dress in any online store. Though the list is quite comprehensive, here are some of the most important points women keep in mind while they head to buy polo dresses online in UAE.

  • Don’t buy just for a specific occasion – Some styles like polo dresses for women are everlasting. You can layer and style them uniquely for different seasons. Buying a polo dress and keeping a specific style or event in mind could book your money forever. Thus, it better is to buy fewer desired pieces. However, buy the form, fit and colour that can be used in many different ways.
  • Don’t buy something that doesn’t fit – The rule is specific for plus size ladies. You may get attracted to a polo neck slim fitted jumper dress, but it will surely not keep you comfortable. Get tempted to buy something just because it looks good on someone you saw, despite the fact that it will not fit you? You will end up piling it in your closet rather than serving you.
  • Don’t buy something that doesn’t suit you – Here comes the time to talk about lean ladies. Although the polo dress styles are flattering, do not go for it if you have nothing on your chest and hip areas. For ladies with extremely flat body types, it better is to stick to a polo t-shirt with a pair of loose bottoms or flared skirts to help them look fuller and healthier.
  • Buying polo in the bargain – We agree that every woman loves to shop for her dream style while saving some bucks. Being too much picky on price could end up as a disaster. Not every website offers quality products at a competitive price. Better to pay a bit more to brands like Lacoste or Zara to buy polo shirts or dresses. Otherwise, visit ae to find sales on products from top brands.
  • Do market research & search – To do some research, consult social media, Instagram, Pinterest, or fashion talks. Know the latest styles, colours and trendy details of polo shirts and dresses. Once done, visit the product search engine online to explore the shortlisted products and compare the prices offered by different brands. Pick what suits your taste and budget.
  • Make efforts to find new brands – Well, technically speaking with ae, you won’t call that an effort. It is the most comprehensive yet user-friendly product comparison site that offers you access to more than 500 brands and unlimited products in just one click. Just type polo dresses on sale, and you will find a whole new universe of brands that offers the best to you. have made it easy for ladies to search for and shop for polo wear online in the UAE. Ere, you can explore products from top brands like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Burberry, Hermes, Zara, Polo, Ted Baker, Lipsy, Asos, and many more. Search and compare products based on your preference of price or brands. Read the product description and get to know the products in detail before placing an order and getting your most awaited style delivered right at your doorstep.

Question & Answer

Are polo dresses in style?

The answer is an absolute yes. This 90s fashion has impressively made its way back to the fashion world and has successfully become a preferred chic look for Americans as well as fashion lovers from around the globe. Leaving the limitation of a ramp far behind, it has now taken over the street style with plaid prints, striped style, polka dots and button-down polo dresses for women of all ages and sizes. With each passing day, the style is getting better, and every sun is rising with new styling ad layering options for polo shirts and dresses for women.

What to wear with a polo dress?

Both polo shirts are dresses versatile and can be paired with different types of upper layers and bottoms. You can pair them with skinny jeans, tailored shorts, cargo pants, legging or even pencil skirts that fit well on your silhouette. These tops can confidently be paired with a statement blazer, leather jacket or cardigan etc. While the same goes for matching footwear with the polo. You can wear loafers or sneakers with some styles of polo shirts and pants. At the same time, you can pick ankle or know length boots when you wish to look chic and attractive in your polo dress for women.

When to wear polo dresses?

An honest answer to this question is that the right occasion for a polo dress depends on how you style, layer or pair them with other clothing items. If paired and styled properly, these dresses can be used on a day out with girls for shopping or as office attire. You can wear a polo shirt to a casual dinner or can carry a fitted polo dress for a cocktail night. Pairing a bootcut, straight or flared trousers with a subtle or natural tones polo shirt and blazer can be ideal for a casual business meeting in summer.

Where to buy polo dresses?

Right here! Click on the and get into the universe of the most versatile and quality products for men, women and kids. Here you can explore polo shirts and dresses from more than 500 stores. You can also compare a product from different brands and look into sales to find branded products at economical rates with easy access. Likewise, you can read the product descriptions to understand more about the products and make a sensible shopping decision online.