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About Maternity Dresses

Beautiful, glowing, and radiant are a few words that people usually use to describe a pregnant woman. But often, it is easy to feel less stunning when you are tumefied, and your waistline increases day by day. Luckily, there are maternity dresses in which you can show off your favourite assets while playing down those parts you do not want to show.

Most women can wear their regular clothing, such as jeans and shirts, during the first trimester. However, tighter, form-fitting dresses may be uncomfortable. As soon as your clothes start getting tight, you must shop for maternity dresses so that you won’t wake up one day realising that nothing fits your silhouette anymore. Most maternity dresses have stretchy belly lines with fabric tricks that allow you to wear them throughout your pregnancy. Usually, you can find these dresses in various sizes. Apart from size variations, these clothes also come in diverse styles, cuts, and patterns. Thus, choosing the ideal one becomes even more difficult. We understand that struggle, so we are here to help.

Dress up elegantly with these stylish maternity dresses

You are pregnant, hooray! But what about your wardrobe? Should you replace your old maternity dresses, or should you buy new ones that fit? Well, do not fret. As months pass by, you will have the opportunity to explore a whole new dimension of maternity fashion. Thus, you will look fabulous throughout the most important phase of your life as a woman. Are you still hesitant about buying maternity clothes, as you do not know which one will suit you best? Expecting mums deserve the best, so we will help you throughout the decision-making process. Below are some of the stylish types that you can select from.

Maxi maternity dress

Loose and slouchy are some terms that instantly pop into your mind when you think about maternity dresses. Well, then it is time you rewire your thinking because they are one of the most stylish pieces of clothing a mom-to-be will ever encounter. They are available in almost all sizes. But, for ladies who do not like showing off their legs to the world while they are pregnant, maxi dresses are undoubtedly a saviour. We know that it is essential to feel comfortable during your pregnancy, and undoubtedly, these dresses offer the required style and comfort. Aside from being modest, maxi dresses are stylish and unique in every aspect.

Formal maternity dress

It is hard to drag yourself to the office, especially when you are pregnant. And it is even harder to pick the right clothes every morning. Well, here’s the good news—you can still put on trendy maternity clothes that are formal without replacing your entire wardrobe. The key is to pick a few signature pieces that are versatile enough to take you from executive meetings to laid-back workdays. For instance, a pretty flowy patterned maternity blouse is both practical and versatile. You can wear it with blazers and slacks for an office-ready outfit. If you want a more relaxed look, you can wear maternity blouses alone with jeans.

Maternity dress for special occasions

The party must not stop just because you are pregnant. Indeed, you are wearing outfits that are a little different from what you used to wear. But it is a whole new scenario if you have invites for parties coming up. Wearing that perfect party dress becomes a daunting task. Well, worry not, mum-to-be! Whether you are going to a baby shower, a work event, a wedding or a gala, there is a fantastic outfit for every occasion. This includes maternity evening dresses, maternity party dresses, and maternity wedding dresses. Just keep your outfit comfortable like a wrap dress can be the choice. It is even office-appropriate and gives you a sophisticated look.

Plus-size maternity clothes

Are you on the plump side? Do you feel that finding a maternity dress is nearly impossible? Well, welcome to the world of plus-size, my friend. Being pregnant and shopping is already hard enough. How much more being on the plump side? Thanks to shops that have bothered to design something extraordinary— shopping for plus-size maternity clothes will now become easy-breezy even if you are hefty. Amongst the vast range of garments that you can choose from include tops, jumpers, and long dresses. You can also find beautiful dresses such as gowns, midis and mins, which you can wear on special occasions.

Lace maternity dress

If you want to conceal your fat on the arms and legs during pregnancy, then you can opt for maternity dresses that come with laces on them. Lace dresses generally look bold and sexy. With this, you can boldly flaunt your baby bump and look sensual at the same time. Since lace dresses are available in different styles, you can opt for maxis if you are not a fan of flashing a leg. Alternatively, if you want to show off some skin, then wear a midi length lace maternity dress. It is great for informal occasions, but you can wear it formally if styled wisely. Lace dresses are also extremely comfortable, as they help you stay relaxed and comfortable in those hot seasons.

Tips on how to buy Maternity Dresses

Being pregnant is beautiful and even gaining weight this time is a special experience. You may not think about wearing a perfect dress that would harm your child. However, what if you can grab a perfect dress that is comfortable and sensual and hit all your chords? You can be pregnant and yet still look stylish. These comfy clothes can get you through the whole nine months with ease. We have put together a few tips on buying maternity dresses that will keep you chic and comfortable.

  • Look for clothes with friendly features – When shopping, go for belly-friendly options that are easy to put on and off. These include shorts, skirts, and pants with an adjustable or elastic band for your growing tummy. When buying tops, look for ruching or the ones that gather to the side. This will accommodate you until the delivery day. Also, consider the length of your dress.
  • Buy breastfeeding-friendly dresses – If you are buying new clothes, you might as well use them as much as possible. However, they must be something that can be worn before and after the baby‘s arrival. Therefore, when buying tops, look for ones that give you easy nursing access. Some have buttons down the front and are designed to make feeding as comfortable as possible.
  • Consider purchasing reversible clothing – “What is reversible clothing”, you may ask? Well, they are clothing pieces that you can wear both ways. Since you will get two items in one single piece of clothing, you can get the best value for your money. On top of that, they are also a great space–saver and can lessen your laundry work.
  • Buy the right fit – This seems simple. Isn’t it? But many women end up buying maternity dresses that are a size or two bigger or smaller, thinking they will need more or less room. Do not do this, as you will end up having maternity dresses that will not flatter your figure or baby bump at all. Keep in mind that investing in clothes that are your standard size is the key to experiencing comfort and convenience.
  • Fake it till you make it – Shopping for maternity clothes before you have ‘popped’ is not a good idea. That is because you will likely end up buying maternity dresses that are not the right fit for you. If you mistakenly bought something tight, it will not fit you at the later stages of your pregnancy. Therefore, consider buying sizes that are a tad loose to ensure your comfort throughout the pregnancy phase.
  • Stay cool – You are less likely to feel cold when you are pregnant. That is because you have all that extra blood pumped around your body. As a result, your body temperatures always stay a degree higher than the average body temperature. This calls for dresses that keep you cool. Make sure you have sleeveless tops too!
  • Shop for all seasons – Given that you are pregnant, you will be going through nine months of struggle. Since there may be profound weather changes during your pregnancy, go for clothes that keep you and your baby bump warm in the cold months. Alternatively, wear something that cools down your body temperature in the summer. Though it may seem weird buying summer clothes in winter, plan ahead to save money.
  • Go for cotton – With the extra heat that your body will be generating, you will want to have a breathable fabric close to your body. Therefore, cotton materials are one of the best picks for maternity clothes. You also need fabrics that stretch to accommodate your growing belly. So, when shopping online, consider apparels that contain spandex in them.

If you are a first-time mum, it is exciting to show off your beautiful baby bump. However, remember that only the right clothes can do that. Wear an awkward one, and you will look disastrous. So, if you want to flaunt your perfectly shaped belly, then wear stylish maternity dresses. Those that fit and flatter you can make your journey to motherhood a breeze. Thus, choose wisely by following our tips and pointers above.

Question & Answer

Can anyone wear a maternity dress?

Though it is weird to wear maternity dresses when you are not pregnant, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them anymore. Some of them are so stylish that you cannot help but add them to your online cart. Particularly, they are ideal for body-conscious women who want to conceal their large tummy. However, if you wear them indeed, brace yourself for a lot of awkward questions from your family, relatives, and friends. But if you think you can handle them, then wear maternity dresses.

How to wear a maternity dress in winter?

When you are dressing for two, keeping a winter outfit that is both cosy and cute can get a little tricky. Rather than buying heavy–weighted jackets and tops, go for layering. Layering is always a smart strategy for cold winters. However, remember that this applies when you are out in the chilly winds. We also recommend you get yourself ponchos, which are wearable blankets that you can put on and take off without any hassle.

How to wear a maternity dress?

Dressing during your pregnancy can be a considerable challenge even if you are the trendiest mom to be. That is because your body changes constantly, and you usually do not know which clothes will fit you right. However, bear in mind to invest in dresses that fit and suit you best. Put comfort and style on top of your priority list. You can also experiment with prints, colours, and designs to look as fabulous as ever.

Are maternity dresses in style this year?

Maternity clothes started being available to women of the upper class in the early 1900s. Since then, they have played a vital role in women’s pregnancies. From the 20s to the 40s, they were primarily designed to conceal the baby bump. But, later on, pregnant women started embracing their bodies with the help of new styles. Today, maternity dresses are more geared towards making you a stylish mum-to-be.

Where to buy maternity wear?

With all the physical and emotional changes that you experience, pregnancy can surely make you feel as if you are going through the phase of puberty again. Unless of course, you keep your mental health in check. Looking good and feeling comfortable are some of the things you should consider. You can check out some exquisite collections of maternity dresses in Dubai only here on Shops. ae. With more than 500 online stores and brands, searching for cheap maternity clothes deals will always be hassle-free on our product search engine. Plus, you can also indulge in the snazzy collection of popular brands such as ASOS, Zara, H&M, Forever 21, Next, and Debenhams.