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About Knitted Dresses

Dresses add a feminine touch to your otherwise traditional wardrobe. This clothing can instantly change how you look, complement your body type, and work well for several occasions. Moreover, you can wear them just about anywhere—at the office, at a club, at a party, on a trip, on the beach, and much more.

There are a gazillion types of dresses that you can choose from! No wonder they can be considered women’s best friends. They come in a wide array of styles and varieties, such as short, long, midi, ultra-short, knee-length, and more. Thus, there’s something for everyone. A knitted dress is one that stands out for various reasons among so many different types. It comes with an old-school charm that makes it truly special. Since you have a lot of varieties to choose from, you need to carefully consider some factors to choose the right one. So, here is the guide that will assist you in choosing the best.

Various types of knitted wear to add to your closet

The classic knitted dress is a style that has wowed women over the years. Fashion soon stepped in, and designers took this simple dress to become a beautiful style statement. Today, women all over the world love and wear knitted dresses. They are super versatile, making them apt for both formal and casual events. In fact, they are also a modest choice. So, you can never go wrong wearing them to work. The critical part is identifying how to wear them, including some accessories thrown in for good measure. Let us explore some of the popular knitted dresses like jumper dresses, knit sweaters and knit day dresses.

The knitted jumper dress

Perfect for fashionistas, the knitted jumper dress works for just about any occasion. It does a great job and keeps you warm. With this one, you get to wear a dress and not worry about the cold. So, you can easily pair a jumper dress with a crop top, simple tee, or cotton semi-casual shirt. If the cold is still going to be an issue, then wear thigh-high socks or leg warmers. To finish off your look, rock a pair of boots or white canvas shoes. With something so classic and simple, a lot of accessories are not needed. The dress makes an apt style statement on its own. Simply put, you can wear knitted jumper dresses for both workwear and as a casual dress option.

The knit sweater dress

Another fantastic and versatile option, this one is very close to the jumper style. A sweater dress is entirely made of wool and doesn’t need anything else to complete your get-up. You can carry it to work or when meeting a bunch of friends. And to finish off your look, slay a pair of closed shoes or canvas shoes. And because a knit sweater dress is perfect to wear in the winter, you no longer have to carry a jacket, muffler, or socks. It does an excellent job of keeping you warm and cosy on its own. You can find this type in most stores. However, you won’t be able to find it as quickly during the non-winter months.

The knitted day dress

Perfect for work, the knitted day dress is simple, uncomplicated, and looks excellent overall. You can comfortably wear it to a conference or a travel meeting with a jacket since it is designed just like a regular dress, except that it is woven. And, of course, you can rock your style statement with pumps or kitten heels. Flats, too, look lovely with it. However, keep accessories simple and ensure that everything is colour-coordinated. Go for a solid, dark shade. Later, of course, you can keep adding a pop of colour to your outfit. And for this, a good scarf or muffler will never disappoint.

The knitted jersey dress

Another classic type, the knitted jersey dress, looks modern and classy. Although it is best to keep it simple for a regular workday, don’t forget to up your look every now and then. You can wear a basic neckpiece, danglers, or a finger ring to make your outfit stand out. Strappy sandals, pumps, wedges, and boots also work well with this kind. For office wear, carry a tote bag or a clutch when you’re stepping out. There are no hard rules with a knitted jersey dress. Whatever you choose, the outfit will always shine in the end. However, remember that a tasteful mix and match is the key.

Knitted loungewear

Think of a cold evening—you have a cup of steaming coffee and the most comfortable clothing that feels soft against your skin. Doesn’t it sound heavenly? Well, knitted loungewear is precisely that. A knitted dress is never limited to one type. Knitted loungewear is undoubtedly one of the best and most relaxed types. It may comprise soft tees, sleep-in shorts and pyjamas, robes, camisoles, slips, and more. All of these give you warmth and are cosy during those cold weekends, making them a nice addition to your wardrobe.

Tips on how to buy Knitwear Online

Knitted wear is not restricted to a particular type of clothing. You can be spoilt for choices given that there are endless options available. Since knitwear is so versatile, you can easily pair it with just about anything. You can also wear knitted dresses in autumn and winter. Come summer, do for a lightweight option to prevent sweating. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy your online shopping spree:

  • Start with skirts and tops – You can opt for a knitted dress or tee with a regular top and bottom wear if a complete knitwear outfit feels too much for you. It also works well when the weather isn’t too harsh. Want something comfy? Skirts and tees are great when paired with a light jacket or leg warmer. These are good options for casual wear.
  • Invest in knitted pullovers that fit  – A fantastic substitute for the jacket or coat, a knitted pullover is comfortable, warm, and adds character to your outfit. It also does a great job of keeping the cold out. However, it is essential to know your most recent measurement to get something that fits nicely.
  • Explore the varied options for guys – Men too can choose from a wide variety when it comes to knitwear. Cardigans, knitted pants, sweaters, coats, T-shirts, pullovers, and jerseys all work great. New brands also offer several options like jumpers and trench coats for men in knitted styles.
  • Pick high-quality knitted socks to wear while you snooze – These are some of the most common types of knitted clothing that we have seen since our childhood, and there’s still no better replacement for them. Just make sure, though, that you choose those made of high-quality fabric when shopping online.
  • Go for knitted nightdresses with heat-trapping capacity – Of course, wearing knitted clothes to bed is the most comfortable option ever. Cosy nightclothes promotes good sleep, and if they have the capacity of trapping heat, they make everything even better.

Knitted clothing is by itself extremely comfortable. And having them in your closet means enjoying the winter season in the UAE to the fullest. However, it would be great to try a few garments in your favourite physical store before you shop online. Fit and fabric quality make all the difference. So, once you’ve found something that’s perfect for you, go ahead and place an order to save much on your purchase.

Question & Answer

Where can you buy knitted dresses online?

A lot of good brands and online stores have a fantastic selection when it comes to knitted dresses for ladies. And where else can you find them but here on This superfast shopping search engine offers you the best choices at incredible prices under one roof. It features results from 500+ online stores and gives you the best value for your money. If you have some budget restrictions, then you can compare the costs of different dresses here. So, check it out!

Which are the best brands for knitted dresses in the UAE?

The UAE features some of the best brands and stores in the world. Thus, you have an array of knitted dresses for ladies to select from. For some great options, check out ZARA, Forever 21, H&M, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Ted Baker, Polo, Gucci, and Adidas, to name a few. Most of them offer sweat deals all year round, so you are in for a treat! If you are in search of these brands, you can find them here. So, go nowhere else and quickly pick the styles you love.

What can you wear with a knitted dress?

Being such a simple yet classy option, you don’t need a lot to go with your knitted dress. However, pairing it with some fancy accessories every once in a while is an excellent idea! You can go for flats and simple heels. A small clutch or tote bag also serves as a good style statement. However, ensure you keep your accessories eye-catchy yet straightforward. Your selection also depends upon the place you are carrying them too. Also, it depends upon the kind of knitted dress you are wearing.

Can you shorten a knitted dress?

Well, technically speaking, no. A knitted dress is made of wool. This fabric comprises tiny threads that are sewn together to give it a thick and bulky appearance. This also keeps the wearer’s body warm. Trying to alter it will cut the tiny threads, and unlike fabric that can be cut and hemmed back, wool cannot. So, it is better to avoid cutting and shortening anything that is made of wool. Hence, you should not cut or shorten it; else, you might ruin your whole dress.

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