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About Jersey Dresses

Did you know that the term “jersey” originated from The Channel Islands, which were famous for trading knitted clothes in the olden days? The same term applies to this type of clothing even today. And shortly after they rose to fame, the concept of jersey dresses came into existence.

Wherever you go, you can find a lot of stylish jersey dresses that will perfectly complement your street style. Unique and iconic, these dresses have the power to make you look great in any scenario. Whether you style them professionally or casually, they still end up giving you that chic vibe! Add in some cute shoes and accessories, and you have a stunning outfit ready without having to give it too much thought.

Different types of jersey dresses you can select from

With so many different choices available, shopping online can get too overwhelming. And the trickiest part is picking the proper attire to match the occasion or season. However, it doesn’t have to be. You can come up with a different look every time by understanding the various types of dresses , their fitting, and how you can mix and match them. Good thing, jersey dresses are so versatile that you can easily personalise your style while wearing them. Being a little creative also helps in experimenting with your fashion statement. Let’s check out below some great finds that you can add to your closet.

Jersey dresses with sleeves

These are popular among women across the world. What makes them special is that they are perfect for everyday wear and work well both as a casual outfit and office wear. Plus, they don’t need a lot of accessorising, and their knitted fabric keeps you warm. Jersey dresses with sleeves are the perfect type if you’ve never worn them before and wish to give them a try. They suit most body types; however, it is best to try on a couple of options to get a better idea. Plus, they are the most modest of all looks, so you will love them. To up your style game, wear the right makeup shades and use simple accessories.

Jersey summer dress

Perfect for the summer, jersey summer dresses come in a thinner fabric than the regular wool ones. Go for cotton if you want the best kind. These dresses are light and flowy, and you can easily choose from different colours, types, designs, and materials that they’re available. To up your look, you can accessorise them with a cool sling bag, peep-toe shoes or flip flops, cute earrings, and so much more. Just like any summer dress, jerseys look simple, are light, and work well with all body types. They perfectly keep you cool and make you look stunning, even when the temperatures are soaring.

Designer jersey dresses

Another fantastic alternative, designer jersey outfits look stunning as a semi-casual option or for workwear. They come in various styles like off-shoulder, spaghetti straps, tube outfits, and halter, to name a few. What’s more, you can choose the right designer jersey dress that suits your body type. You can also be creative with it by layering it up with a shrug, blazer, or bolero. Not to mention, scarves do a great job adding a wow factor to your style statement. But wait. Do you need edgy evening wear for a gala or formal event? Jersey dresses will never let you down with good shoes, makeup, and well-done hair, of course.

Sports jersey dresses

These are simple and may feature numbers or sport-themed additions and designs. Hence, they are perfect when you’re going to a game, bowling, or just stepping out for a coffee date. Sports jersey dresses look great with classic white sneakers, and you can be as creative with them as you like. They generally end at the knees or a little above them. And the best part? You can choose from different colours, printed numbers, and other variations. Thus, a sports jersey dress is perfect if you can’t decide between formal and casual wear dress. It adds a beautiful sporty touch to your look.

Short jersey dresses

Great for the summer, these work well for any occasion. They are available in varying styles to suit every taste. Moreover, there are several ways to slay them. You can wear a short dress with heels or sneakers, carry a backpack or sling, and add some accessories too. And the best part is that you can wear them to a party! The length of a jersey dress is 2-3 inches above the knee. However, take note that this isn’t the standard length, and you may choose one as per your comfort factor. You can pretty much style this any way you wish. Although it is not recommended for a formal setting, it works for most casual scenarios.

Tips on how to buy Jersey Dresses

Making your jersey dress work is not a challenge at all. It just takes a spark of creativity to make it better. However, it is imperative to choose the right one that suits the venue or occasion. We have compiled below some quick tips to make your online shopping experience a breeze. Follow them to get your hands on the one that perfectly suits your personal taste and needs.

  • Go for daily wear options – Jersey dresses and tops are a fantastic option for everyday wear. The latter is a comfortable outfit for work as long as they are simple. They should also be in colours that work with your skin tone.
  • Buy warmer ones for the winter – Jersey dresses are great, especially in the winter and work well with long shrugs too. Since these come with sleeves, they are a modest choice. Pair them with the right shoes, and you have a no-fuss outfit ready in minutes! You can wear elegant jersey dresses and tops for picnics and outings as well.
  • Ask for specific plus-size jersey dresses – Ideal for heavy women, plus-size jersey dresses work well as a single outfit, without any inclusions. To make your frame seem leaner, opt for one that is slightly loose and doesn’t have a high neck. Low or V-neck is a great choice.
  • Get a few for formal wear – These outfits are also ideal for office wear. You can pair them with a jacket or a semi-formal blazer to make them look even more stylish. Complete your look with pumps or closed flats, and you’re ready to rule the world.
  • Pick as per the shoes you wear – Be it a jersey dress or something else, ensure that you pair it with some stylish shoes. They’re the first things people notice in your outfit. So, it helps to give it a second thought. You can also be as creative as you wish.
  • Add a touch of creativity – Every outfit will work if you put in a little effort to make it stand out. The same goes for jersey dresses. A little bit of effort will take you a long way. So, experiment with some accessories.

Don’t forget to add your little touch to make your outfit different. Although there are always do’s and don’ts when it comes to fashion, there is a thin line between standing out and going downhill. Keep experimenting with your looks and choices, and you’re bound to come up with something spectacular!

Question & Answer

What is a jersey dress?

In the purest sense, a jersey outfit is one that is made from wool or cotton, with sleeves, and generally has no buttons. With the popularity of this simple outfit, designers across the world have introduced several stylish jersey dresses. These simple, casual dresses are perfect when there is a nip in the air or when you’re out of choices. With a knitted outfit, you can always stand out in the crowd. It looks great even on its own, with simple footwear and minimal accessories.

Which is the most-flattering jersey dress for your body type?

Like all other dresses, jersey dresses also require a little thought. Although we highly recommend online shopping, it is best to go to a physical store first to get a fitting. Once you know your size, place an order online to save more on your purchase. Try on a few styles and see which one looks good. The outfit should neither be too tight near the bust or hips region nor too short. Choose a slightly long outfit and pair it with heels to give you an illusion of height. H&M, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, ASOS, Chanel, Next, and Debenhams have some fantastic styles.

Can you dye a jersey dress?

Dress dyeing is a popular trend that a lot of people love. It allows them to add a personal touch to their clothing in the comfort of their own home. If you wish to try it out, choose a white dress first. Your dye can be of any colour as per your preference. To get started, prepare a water mixture or as per the instructions on the dye package. Then, leave the dress in the dye for some time, remove it, rinse, wash, and dry. And there you go, you have an edgy jersey dress oozing with style!

Where can you buy jersey dresses online?

Online stores have the best styles and choices for all body types. Well, where else can you find 500+ brands and styles than here on This superfast product search engine helps filter your searches as per your requirements. It houses thousands of products at the best prices. Therefore, indulging in a shopping spree is easy, fun, and convenient. On top of that, it gives you the best value for your money. So, check it out today and explore your options!

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