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About Halter Dresses

The classic halter dress is the definition of elegance. It is charming, simple yet looks stunning. Specifically, the halter neck dress doesn’t need a lot of accessorising. It works on its own or with a few simple additions.

This clothing has probably been around for as long as we can remember. Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, and even Rihanna have rocked a halter dress. And the good news is it is one of the most promising styles that keep getting better over the years. The fact that it works with almost all body types makes it a great pick. Thus, you can slay it with confidence during those scorching summer months. Are you planning to get yourself a halter dress for the very first time? Then, read on to discover how to do style experiments with this one.   

Different types of halter outfits to up your style game 

Of course, a halter is one of the classics and looks incredibly great when styled well. If you don’t like dresses, how about a halter top or jumpsuit? Yes, the halter is simply a style and not restricted to any one piece of clothing. This gives you the comfort of experimenting with it all you like. Don’t like tops? How about something else? You’re sure to find your favourite outfits in a halter style, and it doesn’t stop there! Fashionistas and designers have gone one step ahead to twist the halter with their creations. Be it satin, sparkles, or halters with tassels, there are so many choices, and it makes the whole shopping and flaunting experience a whole lot better!  


A halter top dress is one of the simplest and most common variations of the classic style. You can comfortably wear it to any occasion, depending on what type of dress it is. Dresses with ruffles, beads, sequins, and sparkles work for parties and clubbing. Meanwhile, solid-coloured or chequered dresses with a straight fit are ideal for office wear. Casual wear has endless options. You can select from short and fun halter top dresses, as well as those with belts, tie-up strappy shoulder ties, and peter pan collars. And of course, don’t forget to have fun with the classic style. Although most people would suggest never to bother with an obsolete style, you can always add your unique, little touch to it!

Summer halter dresses 

Halter dresses for the summer are a superb option. Since they bare the shoulders and back, they won’t let you feel sweaty or irritable. You can match your dresses with flip flops, beach hats, earrings or bracelets, neckpieces, sling bags, totes, and so much more. They’re the perfect option to step out on a weekend or a day at the beach. You can comfortably wear your swimsuit underneath the dress and top it with a summery outfit. Summer is the perfect time to flaunt your body, and a halter allows you to do that with ease. You can’t have a clothing collection for this season without making halters a part of it.  

Halter cocktail dresses 

For those special evenings, you need an equally unique dress. Why choose any other kind when you can have your favourite style in a classy look? Yes, the halter cocktail dress works beautifully well for an elegant evening or an office party. It is best to keep your overall look simple with a classy evening gown. If the neck has beads or diamonds adorned to it, refrain from wearing a neckpiece. A bracelet, chic earrings and shoes should do the trick. You can never really go wrong with a classic halter type. Your shoes are also an essential part of fabulous cocktail dresses. If your halter dress is a tad short and allows you to reveal your shoes, go for something that looks great and is comfortable at the same time.

Plus-size halter clothes 

A plus-size halter dress is a safe pick. You can opt for a strapless bra with transparent no-see straps for an additional comfort factor. Alternatively, you can also check for plus-size options in tops, summer dresses, and many more. Although women with a heavy bust line are often told not to wear halter outfits, it’s okay as long as you feel comfortable in them. If you love them and still face this issue, invest in halter clothing that is a little deep on your chest. This creates an illusion and will surely put your plus-size woes to rest. So, we recommend you make the right choice when shopping online.  

Halter tops & blouses 

A halter top or shirt works well with shorts, skirts, or pants. However, you should carefully choose depending on the type of top. The crop top variation is perfect for the summer. A lot of blouse variations also feature cut-out, lace, embroidered, and crocheted styles, all of which look stunning. It is a good idea to invest in tops and blouses in different patterns, designs, and more. This way, you can mix and match them with shorts, pants, capris, trousers, chinos and much more. If you want to wear them to work, carry a shrug, jacket or blazer, so the halter outfit looks a little modest. 

Tips on how to buy Halter Dresses

Women love the classic halter! It is fun, feminine and perfect for the summer. And the best part is, you can still possibly wear it with a jacket or shrug, even in winter. All in all, it’s the ideal all-purpose outfit. Add to that, it being a classic makes it even better! Let’s find out below how to choose the right one when shopping online.

  • Let the dress be the main element – Be it a halter gown or a summer dress, let the idea be simple to allow the outfit to stand out. Halters are beautiful on their own, and too many unnecessary accessories can lure away their charm. So, focus on buying the right halter outfit, and you won’t need anything to complete it. However, if you choose to accessorise, keep it minimal and in a way that does not overpower the dress or top.
  • Pick one that is comfortable with your lingerie – With a bareback, a regular bra won’t work with this style. If your dress features a lower back, a strapless won’t work either. At times like this, go for the silicone bra devoid of straps or back support. For heavier women who may not feel comfortable in this choice, choose an outfit with an attached bra.
  • Pick between a low-neck or a daring back – The halter-style comes in two styles, so you can choose the one that is comfortable for you. Elegant evening gowns generally have a deeper back design, while casual styles are higher. With your back on full display, go for a facial or back scrub to ensure your skin is glowing. Also, make sure that no bra or tan lines are visible. On top of that, moisturise your back and shoulders before you put the dress on.
  • Choose according to your body type – Different types of dresses work for different body types. While the V-neck is excellent for heavier women, slim women should stick to the classic high-neck halters. Full-length gowns and outfits add height, while the shorter ones focus on your hips and legs. Those with a heavy bustline should stay away from fitted tops and blouses.

The halter dress is one of the classic favourites which retain its appeal even today. It comes in various types to select from, and you will look stunning on anything if you know how to carry it off. Remember, however, not to go too overboard with the halter. It is essential to realise that it is a classic style on its own. Adding a few accessories every now and then is fine. However, don’t ruin its inherent simplicity.

Question & Answer

What is a halter style?

This is characterised by straps or ties that start near the chest and wrap around the neck, to be tied securely. Also, the shoulders and back remain bare. You can see this style commonly in dresses, blouses, tops, jumpsuits & pantsuits, tank tops, and more. The fact that this style has made it through the years and has been seen on many celebrities has made it one of the “GOLDEN STYLES” of the centuries. In fact, you can find halter wedding dresses too!

How to tie a halter dress?

It is not at all tricky to tie the halter dress. However, ensuring you pay attention to its tie-ups is essential. To start, wear the garment by stepping into it and pulling it up until your shoulders. Now, take the two tie-ups and tie them behind the neck to form a secure knot. Before you do this, determine how high or low you want the dress to be. You can also shape it into a bow for a better appearance. It’s a good thing to ask someone to help you out, especially if it’s your first time wearing a halter.

When can you wear a halter dress?

Well, the classic halter style is a summer favourite. However, you can wear it any time of the year. With variations like wool and knitted halter dresses, they’re suitable for chilly months too. Given the basic style of a halter, which leaves your shoulders and a good part of your back exposed, it is good to carry a wrap, shrug, or jacket if you’re wearing it in the winter months. A halter dress, otherwise, works perfectly for any occasion like a picnic, party, gala, or any gathering.

Where can you buy the best halter dresses online?

A lot of options, including plus-size halter dresses and halter neck evening dresses, are readily available online. To get even better results while shopping online, explore It’s a wonderful UAE search engine that allows you to choose thousands of products from 500+ brands and shops under one roof. Some of the unique brands you can consider are ASOS, Forever 21, ZARA, Denim, H&M, Nordstrom, Next, Victoria’s Secret, Marks & Spencer, Ralph Lauren, and a whole lot more.

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