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Msgm Kids tie-dye denim dress - Blue
Msgm Kids tie-dye denim dress - Blue
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Alexander Wang denim-panelled dress - White
Alexander Wang denim-panelled dress - White
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About Denim Dresses

Denim is a clothing material that has survived many ups and downs. It even completely went out of fashion for a few years. But here is the happy news for all the denim lovers out there; right now, denim dresses and other denim apparels are very much in trend.

Denim is probably the toughest clothing material since hiding. But, for most people, denim is synonymous with jeans. While it is true that the most popular denim clothing item has always been jeans, there are other apparel made of denim as well. Denim dresses are one of them. Recently we have started seeing denim dresses all over the place, from fashion magazines to the streets. But before you start shopping for them, read this article to get a better understanding of them. This will help you make the right decisions while you are making the purchase.

Types of denim dresses

There is no shortage of designs when it comes to denim dresses. There are denim dresses that follow the traditional meaning of the word to a tee to more experimental varieties that blend different styles from across the world. Everybody agrees that having a good understanding of available dress designs is incredibly helpful when you go shopping. That’s what this article will give you. In this article, you will also find some really helpful tips that will help you in the process. Here is the list of the four most popular types of denim dresses that are trending right now.

Denim shirt dress

A denim shirt dress, as you can probably tell from the name, is a combination of both a shirt and a dress. There are buttons in the front, large collars, and long sleeves with buttons just like a shirt. You can also roll up the sleeves. However, the fitting of it is very similar to that of a regular dress. One notable addition is the belt that you can tie around the waist. Interestingly, this too is made of the same material as the rest of the dress. This belt is a great feature as it can ensure that it fits all body types without any trouble.

Denim tunic dress

If you like dressing a little bit unconventionally, then the denim tunic dress is a great choice. There is nothing new about wearing a tunic. It has been around since the time of Romans. Furthermore, you will find ladies donning all kinds of tunics. But denim tunics are not that common. It is better to keep everything minimal if you are wearing denim tunics. Flamboyant jewellery or accessories do not go well with them. A round neck denim tunic dress will make everything look even more simplistic. Though these dresses have pockets, they are not something that is very useful.

Maxi denim dress

This dress is an option that you cannot go wrong choosing. This is a long dress that comes with buttons and long sleeves like that of a shirt dress. But buttons do not extend all the way from top to bottom. Instead, there is a long slit from the middle of the dress to the bottom. The other notable difference is that the sleeves of this dress cannot be rolled up like that of a shirt dress. Around the waist, there is a denim belt that you can tie to make the dress fit better. However, the best part is that you can wear this dress to any kind of event, be it a casual evening outing or an event.

Embroidered denim dress

If you think all denim dresses look plain and simple, you are wrong. The embroidered dress is a stunning example of how you can make a denim dress look classy and stunning. Choose the type of embroidery you want, whether it be an elaborate traditional embroidery or a modern minimalistic style. The edges of the hem of the dress flaunt a wavy pattern that makes it even more attractive. You can find such dresses with or without sleeves. Instead of a belt, these dresses have a remarkably large bow that has a really long tail.

Tips on how to buy Denim Dresses Online

Buying a dress does not sound like a difficult task. But in reality, it can be harder than you think. There are a lot of things to look for in order to make sure that the dress actually fits your style and also body type. And as there are unlimited varieties of them to choose from, it is easy to make the wrong choice. But it can be easier if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips that you can follow while shopping for denim dresses.

  • Type of dress – By now, you know that there are so many different types of denim dresses, from maxi dresses to shirt dresses and more. So, the first step to finding a dress that looks great on you is to choose the type.
  • Colour – A few decades ago, all the denim dresses used to be the same faded blue colour. But that is not true today. These days, you will find denim dresses in so many different shades of blue, grey and even black.
  • Find the right fit – Finding the right fit is probably the hardest part. This includes making sure that the waist, length, inseam, chest, neck size, and sleeve length are all of the right measurements. You will be able to find the measurement of the dresses online. But first, you should know what the right measurement for you is. To find that out, you can measure your dress that fits you well.
  • Consider your body changes – One more thing that you have to consider while shopping for clothes online is that your body will not stay the same all throughout the year so if you are buying the dress for a particular event that comes a few months later.

One more thing to think about while shopping for denim dresses is the climate. Some types of denim fabrics are not suitable for hot weather. So, look for synthetic denim that is breathable to wear during the summertime. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the clothing category. Use the product search engine to find the dresses that you are looking for. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering dresses here on These include brands like Zara, H&M, Lee Cooper, Ralph Lauren, Levis, River Island, Okaidi, Dr Denim, and Boyish Jeans.

Question & Answer

What shoes to wear with a denim dress?

One reason why denim dresses are so popular is because of their versatility. That means you have a lot of footwear options to pair with a denim dress. Everything about denim dresses is the novelty that it offers. So, you can experiment a little bit on your own. Cowboy hats and knee-high boots look very attractive with a denim dress. If it is a denim maxi dress, you can try to achieve a throwback vibe with cute shoes and a thin belt. To add a bit of edge to your denim dress, wear combat boots with it. Finally, you have to remember that these are not the only options you have.

What jacket to wear with a denim dress?

Usually, people wear denim jackets with designer dresses. But this time, it is quite the reverse. So, is it harder to find jackets that go well with a denim dress? Well, yes and no. In reality, you can wear most denim dresses without a jacket, and they will still look good on you. But if you insist on wearing one, there are still options. If you are looking for a classy casual look, pair a long denim dress with a black or tan leather jacket. Other options are fur jackets and boxy jackets. However, fur jackets only work if it is the peak of the winter as it can get quite hot inside.

Can you wear trainers with a denim dress?

Some time ago, trainers were what people only wore in gyms. But all that convention is now gone. These days, you can even wear trainers with a dress. That being said, you have to be a bit more selective while pairing trainers with a denim dress. Although there are all kinds of trainers out there, in this case, it is better to stick with a more modest one that is not too bulky. The colour of the trainers is something that you should think about. White trainers will work with almost all types. But if you are confident, try a pair of trainers that match the colour of the embroidery of the dress.