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Sophistication, fun, cuts, embellishments and accessories – A cocktail dress is tastefully dressing for a semi-formal occasion in late afternoons. Cocktail attire is a recommended dress code for evening parties and functions. For women, standard cocktail attire is a flared dress that ends just above the knees and is preferably paired with high heels.

At the moment when special events are always exciting, deciding your look can be stressful, particularly when the dress codes are involved. So, when you get an invitation with the words “Cocktail attire” on it, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed. After all, choosing an appropriate yet fabulous dress can be a challenge. This is the reason why today’s discussion is about helping you define your style in these dresses. To turn heads on you, we have created a handy yet easy to understand guide to cocktail attire for women. This guide will help you understand the different styles, cuts and lengths of cocktail style dresses and their appropriacy for occasions.

A beginner’s style guide for cocktail style for women

Since the inception of the phenomenon, fashion trends have always been of high importance among girls. No women want to miss a chance to look elegant and beautiful. Which is the reason why women spend a large part of their lives, energy and money on looking awesome? Among all, cocktail parties have remained one of the core concerns for females when it comes to dressing distinctively. An elegant and sleek cocktail style dress is suitable for all formal and semi-formal occasions. The dress varies in length, style, print, fabric, and cuts with knee-length. Today, we will help you understand the different styles of cocktail dresses for evening wear to know the dos and don’ts of wearing them like a pro.

Elegant cocktail for any party

Ladies, when it comes to cocktail style dresses, never wear anything too revealing. Keeping your neckline and hemline appropriate is a rule of thumb for wearing this dress. Styling cocktail wear at an office party must be different than a night out with your girl gang. Additionally, always choose fabric carefully as these dresses come in various materials, including satin, silk or layered chiffon. For a vibrant look at events other than a work party, you can go for multi-coloured dresses with fabric like crepe, brocade, silk or velvet etc. Moreover, always pair your dress with nude colour hosiery, high heels and statement jewellery to complete the look and feel.

Cocktail for plus-size

Are you willing to dress for a special occasion? Afraid you are not going to find one that compliments the heavy body shape? Don’t worry; you are not alone in a mess. Many women get stressed when it comes to buying perfect party wear because of a little extra weight. With online shopping, it is not as tough as it seems. However, while going for evening dresses online shopping, have faith in the fact that fashion clothes come in all shapes and are stylish. All you need to do is to pick the right cut and accurate size as per your measurements. Layering your dress with shapewear can help you offer support to your tummy and can help you enjoy the dress.

The sophisticated midi cocktail

Being a little daring with your dress can add a unique spice to your personality. Showing off legs with the high neckline of a mini cocktail dress with sleeves is perfect for party wear – both sexy and sophisticated. For a hot look, pick an off-shoulder high-low cocktail party dress in dark hues like burgundy or black. Pairing such dresses with designer high heels and metallic statement jewellery can give you a classy chic style for the night. Otherwise, you can dress in bright brassy shades with unique cuts to grab eyes from all over. If you don’t like being flashy, try a dress with softer hues and subtle designs to showcase your style sense.

Cocktail style with sleeves and unique cuts

Not a dress girl, but the evening calls for a cocktail style dress code? The cocktail pants must be your pick. It is the right time to ditch your skinny jeans and opt for chic wide-leg pants. To make it relevant to the dress code and enhance the required polish, add a blazer with the right jewellery to dress your pants up. For a non-dress girl, the sky is the limit to style a cocktail pants style. Those who have attractive arms must not hesitate to accentuate them. In such a case, viable options include; cap sleeves to show skin or fitted sleeves for the better shape of the arm. However, if your arms are a bit lankier, offer them an oomph with Dolman, Bishop or Gibson sleeves.

Cocktail for weddings

From the entire list of occasions where you can wear a cocktail, weddings are high up on the list. When it comes to choosing a dress for a wedding, a few things need to be kept in mind. If you have a white cocktail dress forget about it, only brides get to wear white. Likewise, black is sombre. This is why among all wedding dress codes to adhere to, the cocktail falls into a golden realm of price and style. This is where you do not have to drain your savings. Moreover, you don’t need to wobble around in those long skill maxi dresses. Just pick the right print, colours and cut from a semi-formal summer dress and style it with your existing wardrobe.

Tips on how to buy Cocktail Dresses for any party online  

Among all styling options for females, the cocktail comes with the most variety of colours and styles. All these styles are readily available at major clothing retailers, dress shops and boutiques. However, in the online market, you can find most of the colour, fabric, style and price variations.  With many others, cocktail-style dresses are one of the top sold items in the online market. With online shopping, you can explore larger catalogues containing quality images of these dresses . Online shops help to get an idea of how they will look so that you can make a wise buying decision before placing any order. Here are tips to consider while buying the next cocktail style dress in Dubai.

  • Do your homework – Being unclear about your needs while shopping will inevitably lead to a decision that you will regret later. Before you head for shopping, spend some time brainstorming and knowing what are current trends in the fashion world.  You can visit social media, and fashion shows and look into style magazines to know trending styles.
  • Know the occasion – As discussed earlier, considering the event is of core importance when it comes to wearing a cocktail style dress. Likewise, to check if there is any dress code for the evening. Even without any dress code, you must keep the event attendees and overall atmosphere in mind. Always choose the cut, colour and length of the dress accordingly.
  • Know your body – A style that fits well on a petite lady might not suit a plus-size lady the same way. It is thus important to choose a dress according to your body shape. Moreover, consider your height as it contributes to the length of the dress. Also, consider tones, prints and patterns, always choose a dress that can complement your skin tone and size.
  • Go Online – Once you have a clear idea of what is trending, what the occasion calls for, and what will suit your body, pick up your credit card and go online. For smart shopping, look for cheap cocktail style dresses from designer brands that you can mostly find in sales or discount deals online.
  • Read product description – Online shopping gives you the facility to dig every product in detail and take as much time as you want before you pay for anything. The product description section helps you know about the size, style specifications, the material used, and caring instructions. It gives a better idea of each product.
  • Check shopping policies – There is a time when a dress that looks fabulous on a mannequin or model doesn’t suit you the same way. For such issues, many suppliers and brands online are offering their products with easy return and exchange policies. It is important to read the product exchange terms and conditions before placing an order online. is known for offering all the perks of online shopping one can consider. With more than 500 brands on our panel, we offer a wide range of dresses ranging from long maxi to Bebe cocktail wear online in the UAE. Visit us to review trending products from brands like Debenhams, Zara, Calvin Klein, Versace, Forever 21, H&M, Armani, Victoria’s Secret, Dolce and Gabbana, Alex Evenings, Nordstrom and many more.

Question & Answer

Is the cocktail style dress formally?

No, it is not a formal dress code for women. However, it can confidently be placed under the category of semi-formal dresses. These dresses are made of subdued colours, which make them different from formal dresses that come with commanding and bright tones. Another significant difference between formal and cocktail attire is the material used. The cocktails are made of soft, sleek fabric. At the same time, formal is generally made of heavy components like velvet and taffeta. Thus the fabric is another differentiating element for both styles of dresses.

Can the cocktail style dress be in full length?

The appropriate length of a cocktail style dress varies from one fashion designer to another. Typically, these dresses fall somewhere from just above to just below the knee for long dresses on a formal event. For semi-formal events, the cocktail tops are even shorter. However, if we speak of the cocktail pantsuits, we can see them in full length below or around the ankle. The pants of a cocktail are wider and much more formal in feel and look. For more ideas on how to style a long cocktail dress, explore the social media of top fashion influencers.

How to wear a cocktail style dress in winter?

For those looking to nail winter cocktail attire, it is recommended to select a dress in dark colours like navy, black or burgundy. The dress should be knee-length with a sophisticated yet appealing outlook paired with high heeled sandals or pumps. It is also important to stay warm while baring the legs. You can keep warm by adding a tailored style of dress and sleeves in thick material. Moreover, for the icy situation, you must consider pairing it with a stylish coat.

Where to buy a cocktail style dress online?

With more than 500 brands, including Zara, H&M, and Armani, is trusted for offering the trendiest and wide range of cocktail style dresses online in Dubai. You can visit the website and explore stores to get hands-on with a cheap cocktail style dress in high quality and services. Here, you can also compare products’ prices from different brands to enjoy the most economical option within your budget. Now that you have a clear idea of how to style these attire and pair them to create new looks, step up to shop, dress and impress others. Click the clothing section on our product search engine and start checking the dresses matching the style you wish for.

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