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About Casual Dresses

An invitation says— ‘dress code: casual.’ So, what are you supposed to wear? Dressing casual is easy because most of us do it every day. But decoding what really ‘casual dresses’ are is a little bit different. That’s because casual dressing doesn’t always mean “wear whatever you feel like.” They do imply “whatever you’d like—as long they are occasion appropriate.” It is like a business casual that is prescribed in part by the nature of the event.

You can wear anything that’s nice, which includes sweaters, T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and so much more. And it’s a no-brainer to exclude gym clothes, flip-flops, revealing garments, and heavily distressed or ripped jeans. What’s even more challenging is that some workplaces here in the UAE have a ‘casual’ dress code on Thursdays, given that it’s the last working day of the week. However, employees always end up wearing what they like. If you are one of those who don’t have a clue on what to put on for special occasions, then you are in the right place. We will reveal everything you need to know about casual dressing. From what to wear on the streets to how to style your business casuals, we have them all here. So, read on.

Reinvent your style statement with these casual dresses

Your image is a powerful tool, and clothing is a crucial part of it. Therefore, dressing right for the occasion is imperative. Empowering dresses can catapult you to the fast track of success. However, you need to be aware of their types to know which one will suit you best. Well, below are some of the casual dresses that you can experiment with.

Smart casual

Are you going to dine out with your friends in an upscale restaurant? Then you need to look as fabulous as possible. In this case, smart casuals such as long casual dresses or short casual dresses will do the trick. They’ll make you look clean and spontaneous. If you are a man and want to rock a smart casual attire, go for a long sleeve shirt. Pair it with a tie, crisp jeans or trousers, and a dressy slip-on. You can also opt for leather loafers with patterned socks or a solid coloured one. Alternatively, if you are a woman, you can wear slacks, crisp jeans, a skirt and a blouse, or a turtleneck. Accessorise with a fashionable belt, a jacket, a vest, or a sweater that is well-coordinated with your outfit. Then, finish it off with boots, flats, or mid-heel shoes.

Dressy casual

Going to an art gallery’s opening event is exciting, especially if you are an ardent fanatic of everything related to the arts. But how do you dress appropriately when you head out to such a place? Well, a dressy casual is your answer. The level of ‘casual’ for such an occasion is slightly different from others. It implies a pantsuit, a dress, or coordinated separates in semi-classic attire for women. Sequined casual maxi dresses can be a great option. However, for men, this category calls for a dress-shirt or a silk sport. You can pair them with a tie and jacket or a sport coat. What’s more, dressy casuals can be worn at casual weddings. However, make sure that you go for a dress-down look to respect the ceremonial nature of weddings.

Business casual

Often, offices allow wearing an informal dress on particular days. In such a scenario, you can wear business casuals. A business casual is a derivative of smart and dressy casual with several variations. A true business casual attire is a consolidated product of tailored garments from the above-mentioned casual types. Therefore, for men, wearing business casual attire means a button-down shirt with slacks or chinos and dress shoes. Do not wear jeans or shorts. Also, stick to neutral colour dresses. On the other hand, for women, skirts, dress slacks, sweaters, and blouses are considered business casuals. Some offices might even allow peep-toe shoes or sandals. But always double-check before you show up in the office with such footwear.

Rugged casuals

It’s a lazy day, and brr, it’s cold! You’ll be having lunch with your friends later. But don’t you want to wear something that wouldn’t require you to change frequently? Well, go for rugged casuals by dressing in a flannel shirt and jeans. You can also go for heavy khakis or a camouflage shirt. Then top it with an insulated parka or a sweater. Of course, finish off your look with socks and hiking boots. And lo, you are dressed in a perfect rugged casual! Usually, this includes outdoor sports apparel for hunting, rock climbing, backpacking, and more. Remember that unless your job is related to these types of industries, you shouldn’t wear them in the workplace. These are generally for men; however, women can also give a try only if they perform such jobs or visit such places that require physical strain.

Sporty casuals

You probably spend your day off running, biking, rollerblading, or engaging in any kind of sport. But have you ever thought about the clothes you wear while doing these? Like, are they appropriate, comfortable or even stylish? Well, sporty casuals are the real deal. These include cotton pants, jeans or shorts, a heavyweight T- or sweatshirt, and a button-down or polo-style shirt. Match them with a belt and tennis shoes to complete your look. If you are wearing sneaker-style shoes, walking shorts, khakis, or skirts and are not playing sports, then you are donning sporty casuals. Most sports require clothing specifically designed for them. Hence, these cannot be counted as casuals. But you as a spectator gets to have a sporty look with sporty casuals.

Tips on how to buy Casual Dresses online in UAE

The clothing you put on is going to be the face of your image. Therefore, dressing appropriately for different occasions is essential. And it gets even harder when you have to dress casually, as there are endless varieties of casual dresses out there. Plus, wearing them correctly is a daunting task. Well, here are a few tips and tricks, that’ll guide you in finding your perfect casual dress.

  • Consider the occasion – Different occasions require various casual dresses. For example, a sporty activity may require you to wear a different kind of casual than the one you’ll wear for a relaxed office day. Therefore, ensure that you purchase the correct apparel depending on the event you are wearing them for.
  • Know your measurements – Knowing your measurements is the key to getting a casual dress that fits. Just imagine wearing a slouchy T-shirt while out with your friends for an informal meeting. Horrible, isn’t it? Well, if you do not want to end up in such a situation, know your body type and measurements. This way, you’ll pick a dress that fits you aptly.
  • Understand your style preference – Don’t buy something just because it is on-trend. Understand what your style preference is. This is because feeling comfortable in a casual dress is the key to looking stylish. While buying a dress, think about it for a minute and see if it matches your fashion statement, and then go for it.
  • Review what you have – Don’t just buy anything and everything because it seems casual to you. People tend to accumulate a lot and hold onto things they never really use. Take some time to check your closet and see if you have garments that you can mix and match to make an awesome casual dress.
  • Shop for the classics – A large closet full of crappy clothes is of no use! Alternatively, a small wardrobe full of quality casual dresses is what you need. Therefore, shop for dresses that are of high quality and come with a longer life span. Probably, you might have to spend an extra few bucks, but you’ll have the best among the lot.
  • Accessorise wisely – Accessories further emphasise your overall look. And that’s why they are highly important, even for a casual dress. Belts, jewellery, scarves, and handbags all play a crucial role in creating that perfect casual look for you. Them being eye-catchy is essential when you are dressing casually for formal and informal events alike.

A tremendous amount of focus is put on looking polished for formal occasions, and creating a personalised, stylish casual look falls by the wayside. Casual dresses are as crucial as formals. This is because most people want to be comfy whenever they’re outside or at work. Nobody wants to trade comfort for fashion. The great news is, a casual dress scrapes your burden in crafting sassy weekend outfits. So, check out your options today here on!

Question & Answer

Can you dress casually for a wedding?

Weddings call for an extravagant yet elegant look. But how do you balance and make sure you don’t overdo the attire? The catch is to add casualness to it. You can either go for a playful look and that will be an entire casual theme. Other than that, you can add a touch of cool quotient like contrasting or bold colours. For example, go for lace fabrics and bold colours and then match them with dressy shoes and beautiful accessories. So, yes, you can dress casually for a wedding. But make sure that you do not stand out and look weird.

What is a casual dress for work?

Casual dresses for work are business casuals. Sounds like a breeze? Well, they aren’t. Not quite. This is because business casual can mean different things in different companies, industries, and even cities. But one thing is clear: you definitely cannot dress in shorts, sundresses, or T-shirts. So basically, business casuals are anything clean and sophisticated. For example, men can wear chinos, shirts, and loafers while women can go for khaki pants and knit shirts. Other than shirts, you can also wear solid collar tees tucked under wide trousers. There are many outfits you can plan this way.

What is a casual dress for a party?

Every party has a dress code. But how about ‘party casual’? Quite intriguing, isn’t it? Well, you can consider dresses that are comfy yet dressy in such a category. In short, go for smart casuals. For example, a sweater dress paired with boots is perfect for party casual attire if you are a woman. Meanwhile, a bright shirt and a pair of cute pants without a tie or leather loafers could be an ideal party casual outfit for men. Let’s just say you can wear the same casual outfit you wore for your workplace but perk it up with bold accessories and shoes. Sounds like a perfect party casual outfit!

Are casual dresses in style this year?

Casual is comfortable yet pleasing. Do not get mistaken for casual outfits as loungewear or something you can wear to relax. And if you get it right and wear the attire the right way, casual dresses can and will never go out of fashion. In fact, it never does, this year or last year. The history of casual dresses dates back to the olden days. And until today, they are still a crucial part of our lives. Each event, place, or situation requires you to wear a casual dress at some point. So, yes, they are very much in fashion.

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