About Caftans

It is strange how a lot of people are still unfamiliar with the idea of a caftan. There was a time when the now favourite dress remained hidden from the eyes of the world except for the Arab world and its neighbouring countries. It is so refined and simple yet elegant but wasn’t getting the acclamation it deserved.   

However, over the years, it was recognised by brands and designers who obviously did their best to get it forward. Today, a caftan dress is not only worn by celebs and icons across the globe but loved by people everywhere. It is one of the most popular casual dress choices, owing to its simplicity, uniqueness, and style. However, it’s not a very popular choice because people don’t know about it. Excluding India, Pakistan, and some of the Gulf countries, this style is not famous or even recognised in other parts of the world. So, the next time you head shopping for another LBD or a tube, maxi, or anything else, why not try the caftan? It is modest yet sophisticated, and you never have to worry about someone else wearing the same thing!   

Different types of caftans to choose from   

Although a caftan has a unique shape and similar designs to most traditional ones, choosing the right one can still be a daunting task. This is because you’re probably not used to shopping for it. There are very few things that can go wrong when you consider wearing a caftan. So, choose one that is slightly longer. It gives the illusion of being tall and also looks much more graceful. You can also opt for traditional printed or embroidered caftans, as they look delightful. This way, you can tone down on the accessories. If you wish to up your look, long earrings or a heavy neckpiece will look simply stunning!    

The classic caftan   

This traditional type is readily available and great for any occasion. Pure cotton outfits work best, especially in the summer. They’re a modest choice due to their length and perfect for older women as well. You can also pair them with flats or slip-on for a day at the beach or when catching up with friends at the neighbourhood café. Not to mention, adding a scarf or a shrug enables you to further experiment with your style. Of course, you can also adorn yourself with some funky accessories. However, since caftan is very different from other kinds of dresses, it is best to let it be simple. You can pair it up with traditional accessories and makeup if you wish to. But a caftan looks elegant and fabulous just on its own.   

Cotton caftan dresses   

Close to the classic type, a simple cotton caftan dress won’t let you down. It is super versatile and comfortable. If you like the shorter variations, pairing them with leggings or tights for workwear is a good idea. You can invest in a couple of caftans since there are multiple ways to include them in your outfits. We recommend you choose different prints and textures, so you can add variety to your wardrobe. Want to wear simple ones? You can use them as a cover-up at the beach, for an evening walk, for brunch, or even for a casual party. It all comes down to how you carry them off and choose to style them.   

The beach caftan   

Why not switch the bikini or sarong with another stylish option? Well, beach caftans make for stunning beach outfits too. They are generally short and made of sheer, delicate cotton fabric. Newer options like the netted and crocheted styles are also fabulous beachwear. If you’re still unsure, throw one over your bikini or wear it instead of the cover-up that you use at the beach. Caftans also look classy with an oversized beach hat, sunglasses, and flip-flops. You can even include some chunky beach jewellery like neckpieces and rings to complete your look. However, avoid caftans that are too short, as they look awkward. An inch or two above the knees is suitable and allows stepping into the water without wetting your outfit.   

The maxi dress style caftan   

This is the latest caftan trend. While the general ones reach an inch or two above the ankle, the maxi outfit is floor-length. The additional length adds a flowy touch to it. This type is great for tall women and makes the wearer appear slimmer. It also looks suitable as elegant non-formal evening wear. You can do this with heels or flats, depending on your comfort level. Since it adds height to the wearer’s body, this would be the ideal type for you if you’re short. Long maxi caftans also allow you the possibility of wearing heels or wedges as you fancy. However, ensure the length is just enough so you can walk comfortably.    

The plus-size caftan   

Perfect for heavier women, this type looks magnificent and adds charisma to the wearers’ overall appearance. A good plus-size caftan works well to hide curves and looks great on its own. However, plus-size women should opt for the full-length caftan dress and not the shorter ones. Elbow-length sleeves are ideal for such outfits. If you’re buying them for the summer or as beachwear, opt for shorter sleeves, though. Again, cotton is the best fabric for caftans if you’re plus-size. You can pair it with slingback shoes and jewellery as you fancy. It is never restricted to one occasion or season, and you can flaunt it wherever you wish.    

Tips on how to buy Caftans

Definitely, a choice that everybody can flaunt, caftan dresses are chic, elegant, and look stunning no matter the season. Whether you’ve been wearing caftans for years or want to give them a try for the first time, modern caftans can add a little spice to your outfit. Although the original is always the best, something pushing things up isn’t bad. Here are some tricks that will help you choose the right one when shopping online.

  • Pick a short caftan dress for the summer –  If the full-length or maxi-style outfit isn’t your style, how about a shorter one? Great for pool and beach parties or just for chilling out at home, this is beautiful in its own way. It generally ends at the knee, while some may even be shorter.
  • A knee-length caftan makes for a modest choice – You can wear the knee-length one with comfy open shoes, slippers or wedge heels. For an authentic look, use Kohl for some dramatic makeup while keeping the rest of your face simple. You can also add some chunky neckpieces or bangles to take your style up a notch.
  • Pick a Moroccan caftan dress for parties and events – The Moroccan caftan dress is perfect for a party or as a cocktail dress replacement. This one comes from the rich culture of Morocco and has a charm unlike any other. It generally features heavy embroidery work, sequins, and designs that take it to another level altogether.
  • Go for a full-embroidered caftan for festivities – This one usually comes in full length but can be customised. A lot of designers make custom-made full embroidered caftans for special occasions. These outfits are heavy, beautiful, and pricey too. You can reserve them for fancy events, and they will turn you into a queen!
  • The plunge neck caftan is perfect beachwear – Do you love a little skin show? Then this one is for you! The caftan has a plunging neckline and looks stunning as a casual wear option. Opt for a printed or sequinned bandeau bikini or a tube top on the inside. You can also choose a dramatic neckpiece as an option with this outfit.

You can choose to go as far or keep it completely simple with a caftan. We highly recommend getting comfortable with the simple type when you begin and then going ahead. Over time, you can keep adding different styles and colours to your collection.

Question & Answer

Why should you choose a caftan?

Caftans are different from regular dresses. They’re more comfortable roomy and make you stand out in the crowd. Plus, they are ideal to be worn at work or at a party, as they look great and suit the occasion. You can also choose to keep them as simple or trendy as you want. Ideally, long caftans look elegant and pleasing to the eye. They suit all body types and are especially great for plus-size women. Most importantly, there is so much you can do with them. You can wear them just about anywhere and style them as much as you want. Since there are no set rules for wearing a caftan, they work in various ways. The best part is that no matter how you style them, they always make you look lovely, feminine, and fresh!

Are caftans in style?

Well, caftans are not well-known all over the world, but this hasn’t made them any less popular or stylish. In and around the Gulf countries is where you’ll be able to find caftans in abundance. Caftans were regular clothing pieces at one point in time for the women living in these areas, and they still wear them regularly. So yes, caftans are always in style, but they are still undiscovered in many parts of the world today. This fact makes them unique, intriguing, and beautiful. You will generally have many compliments coming your way if you flaunt a caftan.

Where can you buy caftans in Dubai?

A good number of online stores have varied choices when it comes to these. Both caftans and kimonos are readily available, and you can choose as per your preference. When it comes to brands, check out options like H&M, Zara, ASOS, Gucci, River Island, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana, Ted Baker, Versace and Forever 21. Caftans are very popular in the UAE, and hence, a lot of designers and stores offer many variations to select from.

Which are the best picks for cheap caftan dresses in Dubai?

Well, it is a must to check out the best stores here on Since we’ve got everything you need under one roof, forget about having to visit multiple sites to compare products and prices. Shopping on this superfast product search engine means you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. You can find the best and most reliable brands here. In addition to that, you can filter and sort products for quick shopping. So, what else are you waiting for? Explore what we have here today!

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