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About Bodycon Dresses

Do you know that the name ‘bodycon’ is derived from “body confidence’? Thus, a bodycon dress means a figure-hugging attire, normally made of stretchy material. The real name for bodycon dresses is bandage dresses.  

The bodycon dress is a gift to the fashion world from the 1990s, presented by designer Herve Leger. However, the real origin of bodycon dress dates to 1986 when a famous designer Azzedine Alaia released a collection of form-fitted dresses that showed off every bit of a feminine profile. Today’ these body-hugging fashion trends have gained immense appreciation from fashion ramps and celebrities on our streets. From Tina Turner to Madonna and from style icons like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift can be seen flaunting their bod in these dresses on both special occasions and in casual life. And so make it an important part of your clothing collection. There is nothing these women hold that you don’t. All you need to do is learn how to rock this body-hugging dress on different occasions. Let’s explore and understand some ground rules for making the best of you with stylish dresses.  

A beginner’s guide to style a bodycon mini dresses   

For all the confident and ambitious women who do not hesitate to flaunt their true feminine selves, the obvious is to have one of these stunning dresses. When it comes to finding a dress to wear on a night out, one can find endless options. Many options can flatter certain body types, occasions and weather. This vast collection of stylish, layered, sequin dresses online makes it overwhelming to try and tackle choices like a pro. To help ladies find a perfect fit and flattering bodycon dress online, we present a beginner’s guide to bodycon mini dress styling for different situations. This guide will help you understand how to look stunning and love wearing a bodycon dress effortlessly. 

Bodycon dresses – Cuts, style and your body shape  

Do you know that 90% of your dressing problems get solved with the right fit? The rule doesn’t change when we speak of feminine styling. We know that femininity comes in all sizes and shapes, and all of you are free to celebrate it in your favourite dress. All you need to do is pick a dress according to your size. When heading to do some bodycon dress shopping online, look for the print, fabric and colour that helps you look flattering and covers your body flaws. For women with apple shape or heavy bodies, it recommended is to go for a dress made of loose fabric with details on the shoulder. While, the Petite women must look for prints or patterns that are bold and help them look fuller. 

Belt up your cheap bodycon dresses for gracious vogue 

The solid colour dresses can be styled in different ways, but they also run a risk of looking monotonous. Although hiding your curvy dress with shawls or layers won’t be your wish, adding belts could be a great idea to break this monotony. A Stylish belt on a solid colour bodycon dress helps to flaunt a slim waistline while hiding extra pounds in the tummy area. It will also create an illusion of curves on a petite woman with a straight waist. If you are looking forward to playing with the belt without overdoing it, try a leopard print belt on a black dress or plain bodycon dresses with long sleeves. Contrary, you can go for a solid colour belt with a jacquard or a printed dress for a classy look.  

Bodycon dresses for plus size ladies 

It is the right time to break the myth that ladies with perfect figures could only wear body-hugging dresses. Every girl must enjoy the freedom to wear whatever she wants, and society needs to stop judging based on appearance. Breaking such rules of the fashion world for plus size women has helped bulky women to love, admire and style every inch of their bodies. Head’s up, ladies; it’s time to wear a positive attitude, confidence and a bodycon dress to highlight your curves. Go online and choose a printed bodycon dress. If you need some camouflage take the help of a belt. But if you want your waistline to be slimmer, layer it up to enjoy a perfect proportion. 

Layering a satin bodycon dress on a cold eve  

Just like freedom of body type and size, these dresses are free from the restrictions of weather. Whether it be winters or summer, the bodycon has always rocked the floor. However, care is also important with style. At the times when you head for an evening party in winter, you will need something to keep your style quota high while keeping you safe from harsh weather. Winters are the times to pair your bodycon party dresses with matching coats. But, be sure your knee-length coats are enhancing the look rather than adding unnecessary pounds to the silhouette. You can consider pairing your dress with cropped jackets, faux fur coats and jackets or denim coats, whatever suits the style.  

Tips on how to buy Bodycon Dresses in Dubai 

A bodycon dress can be stylishly modest for a fashionista if she can pick the right fit and fabric. When it comes to buying a bodycon dress online, important is to get hands-on thicker fabric with the stretching ability to support your figure without revealing too much of it. The midi length and sleeve styles of bodycon dress are important to enjoy the classy style. Moreover, wearing perfect innerwear ensures an elegant and smooth silhouette and helps the wearer to avoid panty lines. Let’s explore what points you need to keep in mind while heading to buy a perfectly flawless bodycon dress online.

  • Shop by occasion –  Knowing your need is the most important thing when it comes to buying a dress online. With lots of style options, you may get confused about where to start. Thus, know if you need to buy a cocktail dress or need a formal bodycon dress, search accordingly.
  • Shop by style –  The online market is full of different types, lengths and styles of body-fitted dresses. This is why, before heading to any product search engine online, you must do some research and homework to finalize your style.
  • Shop by make –  When it comes to party wear or body-hugging dresses for women, different types of fabric are used. Every fabric works differently on a female body. You can consider any fabric like denim or natural fibre as your choice when finding a dress online.
  • Determine dress size –  These dresses come in different lengths, necklines and sleeves sizes. You can either choose a dress with a length somewhere around the knee or can go for a dress that ends above the knee. Likewise, decide the neckline and sleeve length you need.
  • Determine the body shape –  Not every style and cut of the bodycon dress will look good on you. This aspect is important to consider if you are too slim or stand in the plus-size. Always look for a dress that can flatter your body shape rather than destroy it.
  • Look for deals in fashion –  Although many stores claim to offer cheap dresses, suggested is to look for a discount on top brands online – they don’t compromise on quality. Online brand stores are where you can find trendy and stylish and economical options.

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Question & Answer

How to wear bodycon dresses in plus size? 

The right size and style of dress and the undergarments used beneath are the key to enjoying the flattering look in a bodycon dress for plus size females. Moreover, it is important to pick a dress that can be paired with a wide belt to camouflage the tummy and create a slimming effect. To do so, ladies can also go for a dress with a printed fabric. For a solid colour dress, the females can consider paring with a layered top to cover the mid-section. Another option is to go with a plain black colour and pair it will statement jewellery. Plus size women can also consider panelled dresses that could help them look thinner and give a slim-fitted waistline illusion. However, for each style, important is to pair them with heeled shoes for additional elongation.

How to style bodycon dress in winters?

The key to wearing a bodycon dress in winter is to style it well with proper layering. You can pair your bodycon dress with a long coat and knee-length boots for extreme winter. In case you need more warmth, go for a thick scarf that complements the base colour of your dress. For mild winters you can carry a knee-length boot or ankle boots and statement jewellery items to complete the look. Those who need cover and warmth on the legs can go for sleek tights, either in black or skin tones.

How to wear a bodycon dress formally?

If you want to carry a formal look with your bodycon dress, start with choosing an outfit that reveals minimal skin. The structure of bodycon natural draws attention to the wearer. Thus, you must focus on wearing a style that does not make any additional efforts to expose your body parts. You can consider picking up a dress with full sleeves and a maximum length. Moreover, you can complement the look and needs by wearing a neutral tone long cardigan to get it a formal look.

Where to buy bodycon dresses online in the UAE? 

Right here! brings top brands from around the globe that are known as a trendsetter in the fashion world. These brands offer stylish dresses for females that you can see on the ramps, on social media and celebrities on the news. Remember at a product search engine, you can explore and compare the price and other features of a dress to make better decisions. With more than 500 stores start your online shopping venture to get hands-on with a flattering dress to transform the look.